Saturday, April 01, 2006

Not So Convenient.

Had so much in my mind when I was musing to myself during assembly and church yesterday. it's not that I wasn't paying any attention, but rather, things get into my mind quite unnnoticed. Alot of thoughts swam through that brain of mine seated carefully under the protection of the skull (God's great design of the human thinking central) never taking a break of thinking. But now, as usual (I'm not sure if this only happens to me or to every blogger as well), when I come face to face with the "Create Post" page, all those marvellous thoughts that I had in my mind - that I mentally keep in a treasure box - seemed to make themselves disappear, leaving me with blankness of a white paper to blog about. Hate it when that happens.

I know that if I pen down anything interesting that comes across my "great" mind, I might remember it at the end of the day. As much as I'd agree to that, it's kind of a difficult thing to do. I can't carry my full scap paper parading it around in public placs holding it up to my chest like I was an artist or something. It'll definitely look awkward!! I also can't carry a tiny notepad around in my shirt (collared and needs buttoning shirt) pocket cause I don't where shirt all the time. And why bother to even carry it in one of my numerous pockets of my khakis cause it'll turned up mashed and wet by the time I could remove it from my pocket cause I sweat alot and paper materials are the last things I want in my pockets. So it turns out to be not so convenient after all to be penning down everything that floats into my mind when I'm sitting queitly, while my mind floats to either one of 7Wonders of the World, thinking about how man built the pyramids.

I've also tried typing everything down into my mobile and saving them as drafts. But it doesn't help alot cause my mobile is not one of those high-end mobiles which can create Word documents easily and the number of text in my mobile is limited. Conclusion : Most of the time, I let my thoughts slip right through my mind. As ironic as it sounds, yes!!

Any other suggestions?

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