Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hungry Sunday Afternoon.

I walked out of my room to the kitchen, scavenging for food like a little rat. Earlier, I made myself a cup of instant noodles - the ones that comes in plastic cups that basically reads "Instant Noodles" - which are definitely not recommended by me due to the fact that it's instant and who might know what kind of chemicals are contained in it (this is me when it's about knowledge of health factor or nutritional values when it comes to the shit I put in my mouth). I saw it sitting on the shiny marble surface covered with clear plastic of the table, looking as tempting as ever. Grace brought it home after her rendezvous bungalow stay with her old classmates (boyfriends along) which only lasted a night, I think. Had that cup o'noodle (sounds cowboy-ish, aight?) in front of the TV, accidentally stumbling upon re-run Stepford Wives on HBO and was just in time for it. Obviously the whole cup o'noodle couldn't last me throughout the movies itself. By the end of the movie, I was saying to myself, "Ohmygawd, what a freaky movie! Scary isn't it?" while holding the emptied cup in my hand watching the credits go by. LOL. Until I realise that I still had homework.

And now, I'm back to scavenging in the kitchen after letting my pen down on my History Essay (yes, in Malaysia, we're still using the old pen and paper). Opened the refrigerator (bottom part, what do you call that??) and only saw a few items like
  1. Cut up jambu (intended for rojak, I think).
  2. Couple of bottles of carbonated drinks.
  3. Freddos (frog-shaped chocolates sent back by my cousins from Perth, Aus. Totally dairy milk! Very useful to satisfy the occasional chocolate craving).
  4. A bottle of mayonnaise.
  5. Medications (paracetamol, cough mixture etc.).
  6. Spices (the once that are required for curries and stuff and are usually left there after being used till it rots and will usually find its way to the bin when fungus appears to grow).
  7. Fruits.
  8. Exactly 4 egss on the eggs tray.
  9. A weeks supply of green vegetable at the bottom compartment of the refridgerator.
So I'm left with nothing in the fridge. It's probably the start of the new month and last month's supply of high-cholestrolled goodies and junks and tidbits ran out by the mid of the month. Devoured, mostly, by me and my other pest siblings, not to mention visiting cousins and relatives.

Digging deep into the depths of the cupboards a foot above my head and the ones at my foot turns out to be tiring enough to make me hungrier than I was before. I have no idea to what is causing my hunger. I'm suspecting that it's because I'm working on my History Essay, Moral Assignment and B.M. literature, that's causing me all the hunger and frustration. I wanna eat something and I was definitely not in the mood for Freddos considering my frequent bad breath lately which, to the Chinese, indicates that one is going to fall sick soon with excessive heat in the system. After a minute's find, I gave up and went back into my room and got back on with my History Essay on Rome. I just got 3 paragraphs, anyone willing to help me??
And just for the record, I don't consume instant noodle sin cup often. Only when it comes up, which is like about once a year?? Or sometimes, never. I was really hungry just now! =P. Cup Instant noodles are very unhealthy. I prefer the packed ones that actually needs to be cooked when it comes to instant noodles.

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