Thursday, January 26, 2006

Visit To The Market.

these are pictures about the wet market trip i was going to last sunday. again, please forgive me for the poor quality. the only camera i have is my mobile. i gotta live with it. there were so many pictures. so i decided to make them into a collage. it's been so long since i went to the market. and there were just so many interesting to see. too many. too much! LOL. if only i had my camera with me.

My Home.

i just remembered that i haven't actually posted anything about my old new home. well, it's about time. the only pictures i can take now are from my mobile. so please forgive me for the poor quality. i figured that there's so many pictures, so i made them into a collage with Picasa 2, really easy, i know. and this is just half of it. mainly, my room.

and at the end of the day, this is what we get!! veautiful production, eh?

it's not an easy job. it takes a very long tim

this is when we insert the cookies into plastci bottles to be given out to ppl we know.

and then, when it's laid out on the oil paper or whatever you call it, waiting for insertion into the bottles.

another tray of goodies. it's just that this has little cracks all over the place.

this is what it looks like when it's raw. just moulded into shape from the mould.

and this is what it looks like when it's out of the oven and ready for insertion into the bottle. if only i could post the smell as well. LOL.

doing it with gentle care...

it was like a little break i took, so i gotta take pics fast. hey, i was there doing it also, ya know!! as the matter of fact, i started doing it last nite.

and mum kept pushing us and the trays into the oven also!

this is mum, applying a thin layer of egg over the cookies before putting them into h\the oven which goes "ting" "ting" when times up.

this is the "toh tau kuih" i've been telling you ppl about! let's just use peanut cookies...

akak. she was feeling damn sleepy. me too. it was about 12a.m. and we still havent finish.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Eliza Dushku is C.H.E.A.P!! she shows off her thang in public by either wearing her G-strings the opposite way or not wearing them at all. i'm thinking she just got laid from dat woman in red. so much for "Help Me!".

Scarlett Johanssen has jagged teeth!! which retard celebrity doesn't know you can get them fixed for about a million dollars?? or at least go get some braces and isolate yourself for the next two years!! noone needs to see too much of that humps of yours!!

Kelly Clarkson has a bad face!! ewe!! she has such a bad face!! go get some moisturiser or something!! take the time you spent banning your songs from being used in merican Idol to go get a facial. a plastic surgery would do. you making me hate you!!

Mariah Carey is F.A.T!! i wonder what the hell is wrong with her!! she's putting on so much weight!! is she on drugs?? and which idiot doesn't know those boobies are fake??

Spice Girls have new look!! S.C.A.R.Y!!
this is what i'll imagine when i tell carina that i did the peanut cookies :

Me : Check this out, i made this myself, looks nice doesn't it??
Carina : LOL, you kidding me??
Me : Serious ler. Try and see if it tastes as good as it looks.
Carina : Wah, not bad hor. (takes one from the jar and puts it in her mouth)
Me : So? What do you think??
Carina : (Munching). Hmm... not bad...
Me : Duh, of course la, i sneezed in it, my sweat dropped in it and my mucus fell in it also. Cause i
was sick when i did this. (smile)
Carina : Yea, right. LOL.
Me : No, i'm actually quite serious about it.
Carina : (Spits it out).
Carina : What the hell is wrong with you?? (disgusted look)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

i still have a line of homework waiting for my attention now. i'm so lazy. maybe it's because of the CNY holiday fever. conscious knows it's gonna be the holidays soon, and i'm all lazy. i hope this doesn't drag on after CNY.
i just woke up from an afternoon nap. i had to sleep, waking up at 6.00 to the market was tiring enough than to walk the whole market with an overflowing crowd. i'm still sleepy and i feel like a piece of crap now. i feel lousy. i was helping mom with the peanut cookies just now, cause she had to do her work from office on the comp. so i started doing making the mould for the cookie myself. straight after two hours, dad came in and helped. and for no reasons, eh started talking about me. he said its funny how the way i use my electronics cause everything that crosses my hands, it's wrecked. i was like, what the hell? it's not freaking true. then he made an example of the camera. he said, "let's say that a camera was built for a 1000 pics, and users most probably use a 1000 pics over three years and if it's in my case, i'd have taken a 100 pics over three months." i was like, "oh puhlease, where in the world do people build cameras depending on the amount of pics it can take??". and then, both of us argued for our own points. "fine, i'm not gonna argue with you about this stupid topin anyway, it doesn't make sense. this is what happens when both of us talk about electronics. the other always thinks they know more about the other," i shot at him. "see, that's why you don't ever learn a thing, you're so stubborn. i'm gonna go ask an experienced photographer," he shot back at me. and the whole environment melted into silence. and me being there around the table felt awkward. so i decided to take off, in the most polite way that i possibly could. my sleepines was overpowering me, anyway. i got up, washed my hands, went into the room, and went straight to bed. and now, i feel like mush. i'm feeling sorry. ugh, this always happens. the feeling sucks now.

CNY Shopping - The Other Side.

*yawns*. look at the time now. i'm still not asleep. i should be. i have to wake up like, 6.00 in the morning tomorrow to go to the market. CNY food supply shopping. and we're picking amah up at abt 6.30 (she knows what to buy, especially her joss sticks and religious stuff). it's most probably done at this time around every year. you can't buy the food too late cause most shops will be closed by then. everyone closes for CNY. so this is the week before CNY and i'm thinking there'll be a flood of crowd tomorrow at the market. *sighs*. once again, i hope i had my camera with me. i'm gonna eat so much tomorrow. it's been like a year since the last time i visited the wet market downtown. all my favourite food like "char koay kak", "curry mee", "euu cha kuih", and "nasi lemak". i grew up at that area of town and i grew up with that kinda food. so you can't blame for the craving after all these years. *yawns*. i'd better go now. good nite.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Chinese New Year - Around The Corner.

*sighs*. it's the time of the year again, Chinese New Year. everyone i know would be busy preparing for the day. whether its shopping, baking, cooking, decorating or earning money (so that there'll be ang paus), this is the time of the year where all these stuff come alive. what i know is, mom and dad are really busy during CNY. mom has been busy a month ago. busy making kuih kapit, "toh-tau-kuih" (peanut cookies), ribbon cookies and her best potato chips. it's such a waste that i don't have a camera to take photographs and show you what i'm talking about. mom makes the best potato chips, ribbon cookies, kuih kapit and "toh-tau-kuih". honestly, she does!! her colleauges are making orders to buy from her, that's why she's making so much of them. we don't have a business or anything. her colleagues offered money for her cookies and chips. her kuih kapit is strictly not for sale but for giving away to relatives during CNY itself. it's been a tradition. i'll just call it merrymaking. anyway, when friends and other family members ask for the recipes from mom, she won't say a word. she got the recipes from my great-grandmother, i think. i hope she passes this down to my wife or grace. LOL. i'll keep the tradition going. it's really good. i'm usually the one who gets sick at this time of the year, cause i'll always be the first one who tries all of the production. and i'll usually get down with fever and sore throat. they're either fried or baked, so chances of a sore throat are obviously high. LOL.

and during this this time of the year also, we should be rather busy shopping. getting new clothes and stuff. but not this year, because of the tight budget after the house renovation. but i still have new clothes!! LOL. cause the chinese people believe that wearing new apparel on CNY brings good luck. CNY is all about luck, if you think of it. there's so many do's and dont's just because one wants to get luck and not push it away during CNY. LOL. i really am fascinated with these kinda stuff. for instance, we're not allowed to sweep the floor on the 1st day of CNY, caause we believe that you're sweeping away good luck. another one, it's best to wear red on the 1st day of CNY also. cause in mandarin, red is called as "hong" and it rhymes with the hokkien word "ong" which means good luck. LOL. funny, yet, we believe.

usually, for me, i'd be busy decorationg houseS, by now. i'd start with my own house, and then amah's house and then poh poh's house. i just find decorationg alot of fun!! especially with all the reds you get to see during CNY. so bright and radiant. but this year, i wasn't much in the mood for decorating. maybe because i'm in a new renovated home and living it as the way it is would be best for me and my family. so, no decorations this year. and it the year of the dog this year, and decorations of canines and dogs are selling like cup cakes. try visiting the morning or night market at this time, and you'll find yourself face to face with uncountable number of red shops selling home decorations. but we still can enjoy the other decorations by our friendly neighbours on their balconies. it's funny, the western people see red as anger but the chinese people see red as good luck. LOL.

on the day before the New year of the Chinese Lunar Calender, all families are supposed to get together on around the table for a reunion dinner. or that's how i was thought and brought up. it's very very very important to the old folks, namely, amah. but through the years, quarrells and unforgiveness has led to a broken family. i don't wanna talk about that cause that itself would have taken the space of a whole blog. but it's definitely not mom's side and not my family itself. so no, the only people having a reunion dinner with amah is my family and dad's big brother (he comes himself and doesn't bring his family). it's sad. but that's the way it has been since the last half decade. oh well, amah has gotten kind of used to it anyways.
got my mobile back!! i'm so relieved. although, it's not the best mobile that i could ask for now, but still, it means alot to me. i guess it's because dad bought new batteries for me without even me asking for it. i was moved a little bit by his gesture. he was like, he came back in the afternoon and he passed me my mobile and told me to try to switch it on, and he told me he got new batteries already. in a, "i got new batteries for you adi lah," kinda way. LOL. i could only say thank you. *smiles*. and then i started personalising it and stuff. as usual. later that night, i started taking photos from my mobile, and it really made me realise how much i missed taking photographs. i miss my camera. it has now turned to mush. Fuji told dad that it's damage it beyond repair. and it's going to be a long long time for me to get a new one. so now, i can only live with sucky picture qualities and amature skills. *sighs*

Thursday, January 19, 2006

American Idol is Back!!

Crystal :: HIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Randy :: HEY!!!!!!!!
Crystal :: You need me to explain anything? HEY, WHAT'S UP PEOPLE! [Waves hello with both hands.]
Simon :: Yes, the tan.
Crystal :: Okay, um, my name is Crystal. Um, I just turned six-
Simon :: No, I wanna hear about your suntan.
Crystal :: Okay, I'm singing "And I'm Telling You" by Jennifer Holliday.
Simon :: No, no, no. I wanna hear about your suntan.
Crystal :: [Laughs snortishly, like a dumb blonde,
which she is.]
Simon :: Nooooooooooo!

MSN Skin : MSN Penguin

MSN Skin : MSN Penguin

MSN Skin : MSN Penguin

Signing in...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Photographer's Philosophy - Pete Orelup

"It occured to me as I was taking these long exposures, that all nature, landscape, and outdoor photographers are really astronomers. We anticipate astronomical events like sunrise, sunset, full moon, and "magic hour" all the time. Since becoming photo obsessed, I'm much more aware of the moon's cycles, and where on the horizon the sun will set today. Those at higher latitudes have much different light in December than in June.

No great revelation, I know, but before this morning, I'd never really thought of it in these terms. Photography is about light, and outdoor photography brings you in touch with nature. Light in nature: astronomy." - Pete Orelup

Well, I don't really know this guy except that he's a really really good photographer!! Maybe it's because of his nature shots that I can relate to. He is so amazing!! I met him in Flickr and I think he doesn't even know me although I added him as a friend. He's shots are just amazing!! Visit his Flikcr page here. I hoep he doesn't mind me "promoting" him here. It's just that I find his concept of photographers amazingly true!! Oh, how I wish I could actaully meet him one day. Below is a sample of his unbelievable photography skills entitled "Drop". One of the inspirational shots from him!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Chicken Little Sucks!

i just watched Chicken Little last night, and i totally didn't enjoy it. it was a stupid movie. it's such a lame production from Disney. i can't believe that Disney actually made this movie. it's so... nonsensical!! i hate the movie. i hate the characters. i hate the town. i hate everything in it!! the graphics were cheaper than ever. the voices of the characters were not suitable. Chicken Little has such a rough and low voice. and he's just to tiny for this world!! so tiny. it doesn't make any sense. so dumb! hated every bit of the show!! oh c'mon Disney, you can do better than that!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The O.C.!!

omg, i fell in love with another show, again!! this time, it's The O.C.!! omg! it's such a nice movie!! i can't get enough of it!! it's so nice!! the hot couple, Marissa and Ryan!! they're so freaking hot!! i just love the whole show!! i know it's a little bit outdated, but when it was airing on 8Tv, i didn't watch it at all. i guess i have this something (a grudge) against 8TV. i always think that they always do their best job at stealing good shows from Star World!! so i hate them. i only watch shows like Malaysian idol and Queer Eye for The Straight Guy. btw, did you watch Carson's acting debut on "The Perfect Man" (it's not a gay movie la!!) starring the one and only gorgeous Hilary Duff!! he's so funny!! LOL. so i never watched it when it was on 8TV. i mean, i pay for Star World, i'm just gonna watch it there! LOL.

I Totally Support Her!!

“What we were trying to do was bring the MTV audience into looking at the world in a different way. It’s not really a sexy topic, the earth isn’t a really sexy topic to most young people. So we tried to make it something that was fun and interesting and bring people what we thought they might like to see.”
-Cameron Diaz on why she did MTV’s Trippin-

Abstracts "The World Of Suzie Wong"

And Minnie Ho, whom on my first evening I had seen snuggling in the arms of the middle-aged matelot was the most cuddlesome and kittenish. She could not even cross the bar without flinging her arms round a sailor or two empassant and briefly nuzzling in their necks; and once ensconced with a man she could not bear to break away even to go upstairs. She could not live without cuddling, and in the absence of sailors would simply cuddle up with another girl. She would also cuddle up with me if I happened to be handy: enfolding herself round my arm, rubbing her cheek against my shoulder, and looking up at me with such pathetic appeal, such helpless adoration, that in order to keep my head I had to remind myself sternly that the same treatment was meted out indiscriminately to a dozen sailors a day.


For she had paused to wait for me a few yards along the quay in a pool of pale livid light from an electric streetlamp – a light that had the same mysterious quality as the shaft of light that thrusts like some heavenly illumination through a gap in a thunder-cloud, and that, shining on her face and hands and her legs below the skirt of her cheongsam, invested her with complete unreality; and the sight of her provoked in my mind some shadow of memory, like a flitting bird that for a moment or two I could not catch to identify. Then all at once I trapped it; it was the memory of a picture from my childhood – a rather sickly colored plate in the illustrated bible that I had been given when I first went to school, showing a miracle performed in a street of Jerusalem. In the foreground was a shoulder and a lifted hand, and beyond them a white wall with a barred window, with two ragged lepers squatting at its foot, their bodies disfigured and eaten away by disease, and in front of them a third beggar who a moment ago had been like them, but who now stood straight and whole – and illumined by this same livid, unearthly light in which Suzie stood under the street-lamp.
And I was momentarily seized by the fantastic notion that another miracle had occurred; that Suzie, who had wanted to love as a virgin, had had her innocence restored, and that she now stood there in perfect purity, miraculously cleansed of her uncle’s rape and the contamination of her trade as a leper had been cleansed of disease. For her face was luminous, it shone with a virginal beauty; and she seemed to wear that same expression that I remembered on the face of the beggar, an expression partly of humility, partly of wonderment.
And I was so moved with wonderment myself that for a while I could only stare. She did not move, but watched me as if she understood.


These are two of the few abstracts that really captured my heart with it's meaning and the way it was written! really beautiful!!

Gua Tempurung Roadtrip!!

did i ever mentioned that i spent my new year's day in a cave?? so exciting!! he's friends invited him to Gua Tempurung. he went there before, and was kind of reluctant to say yes. and i was there. he took the excuse of wanting to take me there to go for a second visit to the cave. and i tell you, the experience was amazing!! fabulous!! beyond my words of explanation!! i really enjoyed every moment of it!! it was so beautiful!! i'm sure there are other caves in the world which is much better than this, but i'll leave that in the future. the night before, i went down to upper Penang Road for the new year countdown, besides having the excuse of visiting Grace at her workplace. and reached home at about 2a.m. by the time i went to sleep, it was about 3a.m. and i had to wke up at 6a.m. in the morning. it took us 2 hours to reach there from penang. and another 2 hours to get back, of course. i was under ah chiu's care, and ah chiu's fiance, which i'm suppose to address as "jiu mu" (chinese addressing!! never really understood them!! all sorts of aunties and uncles!!) brought her friend along. four of us was in a car. and ah chiu's buddies was in another car, 3 of them. which makes us 7 altogether.

anyway, the entrance fee for the cave wasn't expensive. if i'm not mistaken it was only RM22 for adult for the Grand Tour. it's generally an adventure tour into the cave. adventure meaning up and down cliffs, underground passages, walking along the river and stuff like that. it's not for the fain-hearted!! LOL. there are other kinds of tour like Dry Tour, Wet Tour and something else, and the Grand Tour consists of everything which is about 4 hours. yeap, imagine being in a cave in total darkness for 4 hours. the only source of light was from the torchlight that one has to bring. i brought a small one, and it was so annoying. vision was narrowed to only 10% of the walkway. and i was too busy watching my steps than to enjoy my surroundings. but i still had a great time. it's a guided tour, of course. and you'll go in dry and come out absolutely soaked (of sweat and river water, including a small amount of mud)!! it was so beautiful!! but i've gotta say that the facilitators could do a better job of upkeeping the place. there was rubbish around everywhere. it was a sore to the eye. but it was rather dark, so noone might ever notice.

it was a very interesting experience. and i'll recommend it to anyone who is going to Ipoh or Perak. it's not far away from the 2 places. it's fun to be this close to nature and constantly thinking that this enormous , beautiful giant was the work of God. mothernature at it's best!! oh i love being in the outdoors doing fun stuffs like this!! exploring nature!! some might say, "Why should i pay to get myself stuck in the dark and to get myself wet?? what a waste of time!!". pity them for they do not know what is best!! LOL. nevertheless, it was rather exhausting. climbing flights of endless staircases that never leads to a halt, was pretty much enough to decribe the word tired. crawling on ur knees at some really slim areas was just one of their attractions. and the down part for me was there was no camera. ah chiu forbade me to bring it along cause he knows we're gonna get wet from head to toe. but if i had a underwater casing, it'll be magical!! well, for more information, go here or here.

oh well, the fun didn't end here. ah chiu's friends brought us right into the heart of Ipohtown for some food. guess what, only the best "bean sprout chicken rice" of ipoh!! it was so good!! it was a brilliant!! you have to go try it when you're in ipoh or something!! it tastes so good!! and after that, thet wanted to go shopping at Jaya Jusco. Jaya Jusco wouldn't survive a day in penang, but in Ipoh, it was a big hit!! it's like their own version of Gurney Plaza. and it was so crowded. after a few minutes of walking, they couldn't hide their tiredness any longer, and they decided to retreat. and from there, we parted and say our goodbyes. and at the end of the day, i just couldn't get enough of Gua Tempurung!! it's the coolest place i've ever been too so far!!


"I'll tell you what, I don't think you'll ever need any tuition for Science. Just pay attention in my class, do the work that I give and I bet you'll score in your exmanitions in no time." as those words were splurted out by Mr. Omar, my science teacher for this year, the feeling of alien-ness came rushing back again. i'm not sure what has gotten into me, but since the past few days of schooling, i've had this encounter with almost every teacher that enters my class. there i'll be, sitting in class, trying my best to pay attention to nothing except for what the teacher is saying, and i'll suddenly lose my concentration on the teacher itself. i've most probably seen every teacher and had recognised their faces that if i were to meet them in the middle of the jungle, i'd know it's one of the teachers from school. but i'm not very good with their names though. anyway, my point is, my eyes, as if disconnected from the brain, will not be able to recognise the particular teacher. and i'll go like, "Omg, who the hell is that, I've never seen him/her before!!" and i'll freak!! and as weird and fast as it comes, it'll disappear, and i'll be able to get back to reality again. it's so weird. i don't know why. is it a sickness??

Anyway, first day of school, feeling all weird and new. Fresh yet sleepy altogether. Starting my fourth year of junior high. Wasn’t at all excited on assembly. Meeting old friends was always fun. Catching up with one another and the latest issues. Endless talking, like word vomit. LOL. Being arranged into our own respective classes was strange. Being the only student who actually chose to go Arts Stream felt nevertheless, awkward. Being in a class of only 10 students, of which 8 are Malays, felt freaky. They were all kind of hostile. I'm not their bestest mate anyway. Was introduced to a few new rules. The school was scrutinising their disciplinary board. "All the changes now and those yet to come are (matter-of-factly) considered very necessary. And we don't care about what others might comment about it," said Mr. Abdul Latiff, the Head of Student Affairs Board. and we were all given the timeline till the month of February to carry out all the changes. Changes like hairstyles (almost bald), school badge, class names and etc. It doesn't bother me that much, but to others, it means a world to them!! Not necessarily though.

On the fourth day of school, was approached by one of my Malay classmates to write my name in pencil on the duty roster board so that the more artistic people in class could decorate the name better. I was shocked to be approached by one of them, nervous to be exact, since I was one of the three Chinese people in class. I’m the one who hasn’t any record of Malay friends for the past four years of school. I felt obliged to fill in the enormous space with my first name. A space which is much too big for the word “Matthew”. I don’t know what for, but I helplessly tried as my classmate holding the piece of cardboard, watched me with eyes full of judgment.

The rest of the school days was just an everyday matter. It'll slowly become a boring routine in my life. I can remember that I've wanted to say something on each day, but it's been left too long already, and now I've forgotten it. Why bother?? And I've been kinda busy lately. As I'm writing this, I've still a whole big pile of homework in my bag. I'm not very intrigued in completing it yet. Maths has been particularly hard for me to catch up. Especially today, I could barely stay awake in class. Been so sleepy. Ugh. The only time I look forward to in school was recess, where I get to hang out with my buddies Darren and Edward. Oh, and I'm usually the one who keeps talking and I blame it on the loneliness I've been feeling in my class. My classmates aren't exactly friendly towards me. And I'm trying my best to blend in. But there's like this invisible barrier between me and them. Bah, it doesn't actually matter that much.

Me : "I don't care."
Inner me : "Or do you??"
Me : "Should I??"
Inner me : "Stop fooling yourself!! I know you want friends!!"
Me : "Whatever!!"
Inner me : "Should really open up!"
Me : "Trying my best everyday!!"

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

with the chatting window or whatever you call it. LOL.

a change of mood calls for a change of skin!! Skin : MSN Wave

My Life : Updates

i don't know where to start. i mean, i'm literally blank now. there was so many things i wanted to pour, wanted to share for the past 2 weeks. so many things, narrated in my own mind. comforting myself every single time that i'll be able to write it all down soon. soon. and now, i can only hear the sound of nothingness, ringing in my ears. beating the hell out of my ear drums. *groans*. i hate this. i couldn't get online for the past 2 weeks, cause there was something really wrong with the wiring in my renovated house. oh ya, i just moved back in. as the saying goes, "there's no place like home", as real as you're reading it, it's true. comfort is the word. =). this whole renovation really made me appreciate my home more. there's not a single moment that passed by in school that i don't feel like going home. i'm not sure if it's just a temporary feeling (the kind of feeling you get when you get something new and you just had to find reasons to try it out) or i'm really bored at school. either way, it's still good to think of home. anyway, i just got it fixed today. the problem was with the wires and my modem. dad took me straight to nearest computer shop just to purchase a modem. it wasn't a normal thing for him to do, but i guess he understood how i felt (not to mention how patient i was) for the past 2 weeks, getting all stucked up.

spent the rest of the afternoon just now, reading my emails and running online errands. LOL. well, my online errands consists of getting the latest celebs gossip here, checking my Flickr account, downloading the latest music, getting the latest updates on my softwares, getting online on MSN and of course, updating my beloved blog. i only had time to do this now, and i'm feeling pretty worn out already. i'm still waiting for grace to come back from work. well, this is her lifestyle now, since she started working. there's no definite time of closing at the place she's working, it just depends on the crowd. if there's still people drinking at 2 a.m., grace still had to be there. life's like that. and i had taken the liberty myself to wait up for her on weekend nights and holidays, of course. that'll provide me a reason for staying up late to watch TV or waste my time online. but if it's weeknights, i'll most probably go to sleep at 12 a.m., and by that time, i still have difficulties in waking up for school the next day. so i had planned to go to sleep at the most, by 11 p.m. then mom or dad will probably wait for her return.

speaking about school, i've been dying to tell you my expreiences. to be honest, i really found my experience quite different this year, and i've made silly notes of my encounters just to prevent me from forgetting all the good stuff. i guess i'll just have to create a new post then, it'll be too long if i put it down here. all i could say now is that, the students in my school should not look down on the students at arts stream at all. not because i'm there. because they're also all human. spending the first few days of school with my class has made me learn alot of stuff. for instance, i learn that they're not stupid at all. i mean, as i silently watched (just because i don't understand any bit of what the teacher was saying, i decided to study the people around me) them, i found that they were actually quite tactful and fast on answering their questions. no doubt about they're understandings on the subject itself. honestly, i myself can't even do it that fast. and i thought to myself, "the whole school has got the wrong perception about these 2 classes (of only 26 students altogether)". shame on them to think that this is a class for failures and losers. well, it's not. with a little concentration and determination, it'll send them sparking off to sweet victory!!

another thing is, i've been doing a little bit reading lately (considering all the free time i've got in my hands since the internet wasn't available). i'm glad to announce that i just finished a book entitled "The World Of Suzie Wong" by Richard Mason. the book is as ancient as the name itself, mind you. i found the book in one of the boxes containing other thousands of books while i was moving. i was looking for a short summary of the book at the back cover or at the last page or something but to my disappointment, i couldn't find any. so i had to read an abstract from the book on the first page of the book. it wasn't long though. nothing special came to my attention at the sight of this book, except for it's old ancient book smell that you most probably will discover in King Tut's tomb. you most probably can't find it in the market anymore. and the only people who might have have this book would probably be your british educated great grandpa. anyway for some reasons, i couldn't take my eyes away from the book, once i started reading the first page. and naturally, the human mind will somehow take the liberty to supply endless positive reasons of doing something that you know is wrong or worthless. but you want to do it. and i've never let go of that book until today. it's basically a love story between an ordinary guy and a "whore". and this was my first time reading such a delightful book on romance. i find the entire story cute and twinkling with excitement, although there were sad parts in the story. it was beyond my voacubalary of description. i kept thinking to myself the whole time i was reading that's it'd a blockbuster hit if they made a movie out of this!! anyway, i've gotten off track about what i was going to say. back to the subject, i really admired the author!! there was no picture of him in the book, but i guess he'll probably be in his grave now, turning, cause he found out that i read his book. LOL. i loved the way he writes. his endless description of the tinniest thing that mattered to him. it was like watching a movie, virtually playing in your head when you read his book. it was so detailed. so fine. well, i know you can do that with most books, but i've never felt any closer to the characters, to the atmosphere, other than this book. it's kind of hard to believe that he wrote this whole thing, right out of mere imagination. i mean, it was so detailed that it might've been his own exprience that he's typing all the time as it happened along the way. i just love the way he writes!! if i could ever meet him, i'll fall on my knees to respect him!! i'm not quite sure if he has other works, but i hope he does. i mean, i barely know anything about this book to begin reading it. it was as if i walked up to a complete stranger and asked her to be my wife. i only know the author and the contents of the book, that's all. but i'm slowly searching more about it. there are a few abstracts that i find spectacular, and i've typed it out myself. i'll be posting them soon!!

but for now, i can't take it anymore, my eyes are slowly shutting down on me. and my senses are only 35% working. i still got to wake up early tomorrow, cause mom and other aunts are making kuih kapit tomorrow. and they're gonna start very early. oh well, it's a little tradition we carry out every year before the Chinese Lunar New Year arrives. it's the chinese way of merrymaking and getting all ready for the new year. it's a delicacy that we can only get this time of the year around. and i have to boast that my fmaily makes the best kuih kapit in town!!it's technically true!! there was one year that my great-grandpa passed away, and according to the chinese, we're not allowed merrymaking that year. so we decided to buy from other people and it tastes as bad as the people who sold it to us. and my aunt searched the whole penang for it and none of theirs tastes as good and looks as pretty as the ones we do. i'm the one who usually folds them as soon as they get out from the fire pit. so mine is always the prettiest amongst other cousins, of course. i guess the reasong behind all these is just to get the family back together right before CNY. unity. cause all my aunts from around Malaysia will make an effort to come back to Penang just to anticipate in the making of this delicacy. most people do it for business. cause there'll be a great demand for stuff like this during CNY. but we make it just for the sake of giving it to people. it's a tradition to bring gifts of prosperity and fortune to a house you're visiting and our tins of kuih kapit and some chinese oranges always manages to get our relatives going and asking for more!! LOL. i'm bragging too much now. i've gotta retreat, or else, it's gonna take the whole night.