Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My Life : Updates

i don't know where to start. i mean, i'm literally blank now. there was so many things i wanted to pour, wanted to share for the past 2 weeks. so many things, narrated in my own mind. comforting myself every single time that i'll be able to write it all down soon. soon. and now, i can only hear the sound of nothingness, ringing in my ears. beating the hell out of my ear drums. *groans*. i hate this. i couldn't get online for the past 2 weeks, cause there was something really wrong with the wiring in my renovated house. oh ya, i just moved back in. as the saying goes, "there's no place like home", as real as you're reading it, it's true. comfort is the word. =). this whole renovation really made me appreciate my home more. there's not a single moment that passed by in school that i don't feel like going home. i'm not sure if it's just a temporary feeling (the kind of feeling you get when you get something new and you just had to find reasons to try it out) or i'm really bored at school. either way, it's still good to think of home. anyway, i just got it fixed today. the problem was with the wires and my modem. dad took me straight to nearest computer shop just to purchase a modem. it wasn't a normal thing for him to do, but i guess he understood how i felt (not to mention how patient i was) for the past 2 weeks, getting all stucked up.

spent the rest of the afternoon just now, reading my emails and running online errands. LOL. well, my online errands consists of getting the latest celebs gossip here, checking my Flickr account, downloading the latest music, getting the latest updates on my softwares, getting online on MSN and of course, updating my beloved blog. i only had time to do this now, and i'm feeling pretty worn out already. i'm still waiting for grace to come back from work. well, this is her lifestyle now, since she started working. there's no definite time of closing at the place she's working, it just depends on the crowd. if there's still people drinking at 2 a.m., grace still had to be there. life's like that. and i had taken the liberty myself to wait up for her on weekend nights and holidays, of course. that'll provide me a reason for staying up late to watch TV or waste my time online. but if it's weeknights, i'll most probably go to sleep at 12 a.m., and by that time, i still have difficulties in waking up for school the next day. so i had planned to go to sleep at the most, by 11 p.m. then mom or dad will probably wait for her return.

speaking about school, i've been dying to tell you my expreiences. to be honest, i really found my experience quite different this year, and i've made silly notes of my encounters just to prevent me from forgetting all the good stuff. i guess i'll just have to create a new post then, it'll be too long if i put it down here. all i could say now is that, the students in my school should not look down on the students at arts stream at all. not because i'm there. because they're also all human. spending the first few days of school with my class has made me learn alot of stuff. for instance, i learn that they're not stupid at all. i mean, as i silently watched (just because i don't understand any bit of what the teacher was saying, i decided to study the people around me) them, i found that they were actually quite tactful and fast on answering their questions. no doubt about they're understandings on the subject itself. honestly, i myself can't even do it that fast. and i thought to myself, "the whole school has got the wrong perception about these 2 classes (of only 26 students altogether)". shame on them to think that this is a class for failures and losers. well, it's not. with a little concentration and determination, it'll send them sparking off to sweet victory!!

another thing is, i've been doing a little bit reading lately (considering all the free time i've got in my hands since the internet wasn't available). i'm glad to announce that i just finished a book entitled "The World Of Suzie Wong" by Richard Mason. the book is as ancient as the name itself, mind you. i found the book in one of the boxes containing other thousands of books while i was moving. i was looking for a short summary of the book at the back cover or at the last page or something but to my disappointment, i couldn't find any. so i had to read an abstract from the book on the first page of the book. it wasn't long though. nothing special came to my attention at the sight of this book, except for it's old ancient book smell that you most probably will discover in King Tut's tomb. you most probably can't find it in the market anymore. and the only people who might have have this book would probably be your british educated great grandpa. anyway for some reasons, i couldn't take my eyes away from the book, once i started reading the first page. and naturally, the human mind will somehow take the liberty to supply endless positive reasons of doing something that you know is wrong or worthless. but you want to do it. and i've never let go of that book until today. it's basically a love story between an ordinary guy and a "whore". and this was my first time reading such a delightful book on romance. i find the entire story cute and twinkling with excitement, although there were sad parts in the story. it was beyond my voacubalary of description. i kept thinking to myself the whole time i was reading that's it'd a blockbuster hit if they made a movie out of this!! anyway, i've gotten off track about what i was going to say. back to the subject, i really admired the author!! there was no picture of him in the book, but i guess he'll probably be in his grave now, turning, cause he found out that i read his book. LOL. i loved the way he writes. his endless description of the tinniest thing that mattered to him. it was like watching a movie, virtually playing in your head when you read his book. it was so detailed. so fine. well, i know you can do that with most books, but i've never felt any closer to the characters, to the atmosphere, other than this book. it's kind of hard to believe that he wrote this whole thing, right out of mere imagination. i mean, it was so detailed that it might've been his own exprience that he's typing all the time as it happened along the way. i just love the way he writes!! if i could ever meet him, i'll fall on my knees to respect him!! i'm not quite sure if he has other works, but i hope he does. i mean, i barely know anything about this book to begin reading it. it was as if i walked up to a complete stranger and asked her to be my wife. i only know the author and the contents of the book, that's all. but i'm slowly searching more about it. there are a few abstracts that i find spectacular, and i've typed it out myself. i'll be posting them soon!!

but for now, i can't take it anymore, my eyes are slowly shutting down on me. and my senses are only 35% working. i still got to wake up early tomorrow, cause mom and other aunts are making kuih kapit tomorrow. and they're gonna start very early. oh well, it's a little tradition we carry out every year before the Chinese Lunar New Year arrives. it's the chinese way of merrymaking and getting all ready for the new year. it's a delicacy that we can only get this time of the year around. and i have to boast that my fmaily makes the best kuih kapit in town!!it's technically true!! there was one year that my great-grandpa passed away, and according to the chinese, we're not allowed merrymaking that year. so we decided to buy from other people and it tastes as bad as the people who sold it to us. and my aunt searched the whole penang for it and none of theirs tastes as good and looks as pretty as the ones we do. i'm the one who usually folds them as soon as they get out from the fire pit. so mine is always the prettiest amongst other cousins, of course. i guess the reasong behind all these is just to get the family back together right before CNY. unity. cause all my aunts from around Malaysia will make an effort to come back to Penang just to anticipate in the making of this delicacy. most people do it for business. cause there'll be a great demand for stuff like this during CNY. but we make it just for the sake of giving it to people. it's a tradition to bring gifts of prosperity and fortune to a house you're visiting and our tins of kuih kapit and some chinese oranges always manages to get our relatives going and asking for more!! LOL. i'm bragging too much now. i've gotta retreat, or else, it's gonna take the whole night.

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