Saturday, January 21, 2006

got my mobile back!! i'm so relieved. although, it's not the best mobile that i could ask for now, but still, it means alot to me. i guess it's because dad bought new batteries for me without even me asking for it. i was moved a little bit by his gesture. he was like, he came back in the afternoon and he passed me my mobile and told me to try to switch it on, and he told me he got new batteries already. in a, "i got new batteries for you adi lah," kinda way. LOL. i could only say thank you. *smiles*. and then i started personalising it and stuff. as usual. later that night, i started taking photos from my mobile, and it really made me realise how much i missed taking photographs. i miss my camera. it has now turned to mush. Fuji told dad that it's damage it beyond repair. and it's going to be a long long time for me to get a new one. so now, i can only live with sucky picture qualities and amature skills. *sighs*

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