Friday, March 31, 2006

New Principal - No Good News.

I just got news (or rumors) that the new principal of the school is going to extend our schooling hours. To me, it's already a drag to attend school every single day as it is now. Longer hours?? I don't think so. Right this moment, the idea of transferring to another school where I'd be stranger to others again seems to be the best option to get away from all of these. Battling for time constantly, I'm already not having enough of it and now (like my Mondays), and this guy just walks into our lives and suddenly decides to pull the trigger on us and change everything to his way! Who does he think he is??

Obviously, he realises that he's the principal and he has the power to do so. From what I've heard, controlled schools - meaning that the school doesn't allow any tom, dick or harry to walk right in into the school - under the Education Ministry of Malaysia are supposed to end at about 3 p.m.. So, whatever that principal has under his sleeves to change the school time, he's only just as innocent as putting things as the way it should be. Maybe it's just against his defence that he created that whole controlled school rule. Once again, I'm expressing my disapproval to the ministry if that whole mumbo jumbo about controlled school is true. Not that I know much about the ministry, but from what I'm getting, I simply dislike the ministry.

Aiman (my new found friend/classmate. The only person besides Shamsuddin whom I am able to talk to or relate to in class) seems to think of it as a disciplinary action that the school desperately needs while my opinion differs. Shamsudin - being the son of the Head of Student Affairs , however, agrees with me that school hours are long and hard enough to be sat through everyday as it is. Conversing in Malay most of the time while I try to slip in an English word or two, here and there to save me the embarrasment of wrong pronounciation of the complicated Malay language, we get across just fine. Heck, they're the only people I talk to these days.

No doubt about it, the new principal's going to make more changes in times to come. Who knows what he might come up with! As far as I know, there's a already been two. One, about the prolonging school hours and two, he's not allowing anyone else besides himself to give any forms of speeches during our weekly Monday assembly. Even the Head of Student Affairs, who usually gives talks for more thanchalf an hours or so, is being banned from doing so from now on. Which only brings to shorter assemblies and longer study times. Is he trying to increase productivity?

Maybe this whole change could be another passing matter in a flash? Like what Mr. Rani (B.M, teacher) says, "In a week or two, you'll all get used to it lah. Quit complaining,". Wait, I'm feeling sick. I think I gotta go puke myself of these horrible rumor!!

Eight Below.

As I've just mentioned about having happy weekday nights, the three of us decided to go to the movies yesterday, Thursday. It wasn't exactly a perfect night for the movies, but we went with it anyway and Mega Pavillion was definitely not in the list of cinemas at first but somehow, it made it to the bottom of the list, due to the recent petrol price hike. If it wasn't, we'd be travelling down in the midst of the dark on a school night to Golden Screen Cinemas for some movie that we're gonna decide on just by majority without going into further detailed information like reviews or casts. It wasn't any different in Mega Pavillion (B.J.).

Ice Age 2 was the only movie that seemed welcoming enough at Mega Pavillion, while having the image of spider webs hanging low from under the seats of the cinema and bubble gum stuck under the arm rest of the seats which I'll soon be discovering. Nothing much really differed when we got there. Both Graces suddenly pulled out from Ice Age 2 while I suggested something better like V for Vendetta or maybe even better, to go down a few levels and purchase some good pirated DVDs and just watch them at home. Cause undeniably, B.J. has become quite notorious with its freedom of peddling those kind of goods at a reasonable price despite the occasional police raids which never brings an end to this "problem" . It'll be much cheaper that way!!

Out of the blue, while they were observing through squinted eyes the "Now Showing" posters hanging off the wall, the image of white snow and cute fluffy puppy dogs caught their female attention. After much questioning me about that movie (cause I always happen to be the know-it-all on the entertainment industry) which only brings to more questions, myself, we gave up trying to think of a good reason to watch the movie and just got on with it. I had no idea about the movie cause (what I had in mind) I wasn't at all interested in another silly movie involving winking or talking canines without realising that Paul walker was in it and so, I didn't venture any further for more information over the internet. We finally end up purchasing 3 tickets to the 9.55p.m. movie entitled "Eight Below". Not exactly different from the first option considering all those icey motives on their posters. The only reason I had no objections against that movie was that it had Paul Walker on its poster with the Walt Disney logo together- I realised it later when I saw the real poster rather than the little tiny thumbnail pictures I come across over the net - which makes things just interesting enough for me to settle in.

Who would've thought that it was such a touching movie. Well, anyone who really knows me knows that most of the shows I watched could at least be considered (by me) as "meaningful and touching". But the movies I watched are really meaningful and touching to me. And I'm a real sucker for movies as such. I can't remember any movies instantly right now, but I could sketch out a few like Just Like Heaven, 13 Going on 30, In Her Shoes, I Not Stupid Too, Honey, Are We There Yet?, The Pacifier, The Perfect Man, Monster-In-Law, Hitch, Bridget Jones, New York Minute, Raise Your Voice and loads more which I strictly think they're meaningful!! Even Narnia to me was quite a story. I picked these titles by browsing the DVDs I own. Can't remember all the movies I've watched but can easily cry if you were to put me through another movie like Win A Date With Tad Hamilton again (of course I did the first time I watched it). By the time the we walked out of the cinema, we were like, "That was the best movie that was randomly picked out!"

Eight Below was another tale about the bond between man and dog. A tale full of courage, love, sorrow, happiness, determination, co-operation and so forth. Nevertheless, as touching as ever. I mean, for God's sake, Paul Walker cried in the movie when he thought Maya was dead and seeing him (such a MAN, usually potrayed as strong and emotionless in most of his movies) cry was moving enough for me. Even when Paul Walker kissed Maya, it was another potrayal of affections of a man to a dog, especially the part when he promised her that he'll be back to get her. Grace brought up a good fact about the movie that there was no ultimate villain in the movie and it was true. It really is solely a movie on the bond between men and dog. I couldn't get enough of the movie, if you'd ask me. Anyone up for another round?? I'll be happy to go watch it again!! I can conclude that once again, this movie has proven to its viewers that dog's are men's best friend! How I wish I had a dog now!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Autumn / Fall Collection.

These are just 13 of the 64 ( I didn't realise myself) pictures I took the other day when these flower were in bloom and they were dropping with every gush of wind. It was really beutiful and I'm not sure if anyone in that whole freaking school realises this besides me. I mean, I think I was the only lunatic who was taking pictures cherishing moments like this. I could've swear that in my past four years spent in that school, I haven't seen anything like this before. Or maybe the view has fallen on blind eyes. Whatever it is, I have them in pictures now and I'm glad to be called a lunatic-flower-picture-taking-freak for this!! The low quality of these pictures are inevitable, forgive me.

Happy School Nights.

Grace (the godsister Grace whom I also address as jie - chinese for sister) is back from KL in Penang for this whole week. According to her, this is a leisure trip. A whole week of holiday as she changed job which allowed her a week apart from the new job. Playing as host like I always do, I had to take her around despite that fact that she spent her whole life in Penang. My benefit anyway.

So we (the two Graces and I) spent our Tuesday night at Gurney. The only reason we went to gurney was to collect my long awaited Desperate Housewives Season 1 DVD. We got what we wanted, (also) despite this month's tight family budget. The peddlar threatened to give it away if I wasn't going to collect it soon. LOL. We got my DVD and had some dinner over at Fish & Co. Expenses under big Grace, of course. Surprisingly cheap and the service to me was pretty good. The food was also good and filling although it may just be made up of the occasional dory fish in flour and some chips served on a pan with side sauces like sambal, mayonnaise and garlic.

Spent the rest of the night furniture-window-shopping. LOL. Yeah, looking at furnitures and adoring those expensives ones that we normal people will never afford in a lifetime's savings. Went to Rozzini to only find a surprising fact that it was the only outlet in the whole of Peninsular Malaysia and it was situated at Gurney. It was big Grace that needed furniture as she was moving into a new bought home in K.L. We were merely chapperoning. LOL. Chapperonning. Big Grace shot probably a thousand questions to the sales lady. I couldn't be less bothered but I got around a few friendly chats
with the manager who's name was Celina to only have her commented me of being a "matured teenager" for a 16 year old.

Celina : Which school do you attend then??
Matt : Penang Free School.
Celina : Oh, PFS. Two of my sons were there. They've left school though.
Matt : Oh, I see.

Celina : But I have two nephews there. One who is also in form four. Familiar with the name, Mou Jian
(I think that's how you spell the name)?
Matt : Uhh, yeah, I think so. Short and stubby and very blur.

Celina : Yes. That one.

Matt : It's such a small world after all.

I would've asked for discounts on the latest prmotions. LOL. But I wasn't the one buying. She seemed to know alot about furnitures though and made good recomendations. I entertained my senses through touching and feeling the furnitures and sitting on the couches. One caught Grace and my attention though. Pretty nice and we thought it'll fit into our home perfectly. Celina was only kind enough to let us take shots of her furnitures although it was against company policies. I guess she relented after finding out that I was actually harmless and not a spy from other furniture companies, trying to copyright their productions.

We said our goodbyes and parted with the salesperson. We made the last customers for the day. The staff of Rozzini started switching off the lights after we came out. We headed for home and called it a day. Still, a pain in the butt to find out that I still had unfinished pieces of Maths Homework which only got me imagining what Mr. Khor would come up with with another of his bitch-fit-lectures tomorrow!! Was too tired to work it out and the image of Mr. Khor was nauseating enough to get me snoring through the night, soundly.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Homework Complaining.

You're probably bored out about it ny this time around. The amount of times I complain about my homework and assignments, respectively. But I just can't help it. It's addictive to brawl over every single piece of homework I get after a long day at school. It obviously doesn't help much in me completing it, but I really prefer complaining about it rather than to sit down and actually crack my nuts open and solve the mathematical equations, literally. Who created homework??

This time, it's Maths. Not Add-Math - although the previous pieces of homework are still sitting on my shelves, stuck in between other books, waiting for me desperately to at least have a look at it! This round of Maths isn't really that hard. But for some unknown reasons (that I've been trying to overcome the whole afternoon), I can't think straight! I was guessing it was the music and I've been changing CDs the whole afternoon from Delta Goodrem to Lee Hom to Josh Groban to Britney Spears to Simple Plan to Avril Lavigne to now, Patrick Nuo. Nothing seems to be satisfying my "yearning" for music. But it still doesn't bring me around to my Maths. It's still opened on my desk beside my scientific calculator and glasses which I have taken off due to teary eyes.

I'm supposed to pass this up tomorrow, given only a couple of days to complete it. Mr. Khor is practically out of his mind. Ask his other students, they'll agree. I mean, this is not to bitch behind this back, but some of the teachers agree too to this I-think-Mr.Khor-is-crazy statement, with their widening of eyes and smirk beneath their noses when they tend to find out the Maths teacher of our class is him.

Speaking of crazy teachers, I had an encounter with another one today. Ms. or Mrs. (I can't tell) Tan. My history teacher. She refused to give the 20marks - that I totally deserved - from the note book for my recent examinations. Remember the extra credits I told you about? Of course she has her point when she told me about the class' I-don't-care attitude but she wouldn't accept my sincere aplogies and my defence (that I was absent and that I couldn't bring it when I found out that she was collecting due to the cross country event). She ignored me and walked away mumbling under her breath with her tiny squeaky voice that she doesn't want to to go through the hassle of correcting the given grades just because of my care-less attitude!

Anyway, I just closed my Math book, incomplete. It's getting late and I'd better get some sleep. it'll be another drag to wake up tomorrow. I'll probably try to complete it in the early hours of school just before the bell rings. As usual. Mr. Khor is going to go berserk when he finds out, once again, his class has not completed his work, at all! Like he always does, and will usually turn into a lecture of high morale values and responsibilty and bla, bla, bla...


I was rummaging through my photo archives while I was trying hard to focus on my Moral homework that I came upon several photos that had people sleeping in it. LOL. All family members. They've now fallen into my hands. This is not at all a way of humiliation but rather, something to laugh about. I'm laughing, not you. =P. Like it or not, I've posted this. LOL. I bet most of them wouldn't agree if they actually saw it. Nevermind that. =P.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Students Do The Weirdest Things!

Check out the guy in yellow beside the guy in orange. See his hand??

Now, that's what I call heavy-lifting or attention-seeking!

This particular kid, reading Harry Potter under the rain in the midst of the crowd on the wet field.

This group of people playing with A gameboy during prize giving despite of the rain (and their age).

Cross Country - Shoes.

This is a little weird I know, but I had nothing to do at that time when Edward didn't show. He was the one who told me to attend that cross cuntry anyway. If it wasn't for him and my newly purchased Lee Hom album, I wouldn't even be bothered to have a htought of going there. He wanted to borrow it from me after a little pleading that I relented to. And he didn't show up! Urgh!

Anyway, he said he got up late and that he didn't hear the alarm ring. I totally believed him. It's just that, through all these years of perfect attendance I assumed that you might be absent from school at least once a year on the account of you missing the alarm. After all these years of betting with myself (this is whack), he chose today to fullfill my assumption (sort of a hope or a wish in a positive way).

I've never been bothered to attend any of these things since I got into the school, thus proving that I've been leaving Edward alone to attend it, (all these years) but I'm sure he's unlike me, a loner who doesn't have anyone to talk with when the best friend is not around. He probably has like a thousand other friends who can talk about games with him. But beggining from last year, Edward and Khye Yih (another friend of mine) made me came. Same goes to this year also, except the fact that the GUY who made me come didn't show up! Is this some sort of a revenge?? I can't see it. LOL.

The cross country was all boring as usual. It was raining and Ms. Lee (impatiently) couldn't stand the hold up from her BIG event when she ordered us to get down to the field straightaway while it was still drizzling. Hoping that the rain would go away if she did things her way and go against nature, she was wrong. The rain fell on us as gentle as ever, well of course, it was only drizzling. LOL. But everyone kind of gave her the support the old lady needed. It began with the aerobics (when all the teachers joined in the aerobics, it was hilarious!!) and ended with prize giving. You know, the usual stuff.

It was raining the whole time. By the time I finished the whole route, my feet were burning. I couldn't sit on the grass which has already been trempled by the thousands of students, all muddy and wet. I stood instead. And I noticed that most of the students (whom I might consider experienced) were wearing all sorts of different kind of shoes (nevertheless, branded) instead of normal school shoe like I was wearing. No wonder my feet were so painful after a 5kilometre walk under the rain on hard tar. Urgh.

Then I began to wonder how comfortable their shoes were and how pampered their feet were while mine felt lousy. The longer I stared at the ground, the more shoes I realised that they were wearing, all bearing different brands and styles. My head was following them around, every pair of shoes that passed by in front of me, having questions like "How much did that cost?" or "How comfortable could it be?" running through my mind, like the shoes that were crossing me. It struck me later that I should be in their shoes to find out how their feet were feeling and how comfy it was. I concluded withe the phrase "wait till you're in my shoes, then you'll know how I feel" (I know this isn't the right phrase!) or something like that. I can't remember the whole thing exactly.

I guess the creator (is that the origins of phrases, that it's created by someone or it just pops out from nowhere?) of that phrase created it with full of meaning and curiosity. Well, anyway, the event ended with the school bell. Couldn't be less bothered. There goes my beautiful Friday morning fit for sleeping.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Singing & Self Consciousness.

While I was on my way down to Gurney, somewhere in Penang (never good with road names or location, unlike the typical egoistic male would know), I spotted (from inside the car) a guy (who I think is somewhat like my age or younger or older, just a teenage), as the car took a turn to the left following the shape of the triangle, walking on the pavement while his lips moved to the rythm of a certain song amidst the busyness (how do you speel this word) of the street. He wasn't wearing any earphones though.

Then it somehow occured to me that I was one of those teenagers who had listen to too much (is music countable?) music than we should be spending time on our school work or house chores, and somehow are able to sing the song or rhyme out the tune whenever we want. Or maybe most of the time, if I think really hard. LOL. I mean, I sing most of the time if i was walking alone on the pavement to somewhere. I won't sing dramatically (which refers to singins with all those hand gestures and face expressions that would draw anybody's attention) but rather just move my lips and sing to myself. Of course, the presence of an MP3 player or an iPod may make the environment better, but people like me just can't afford either one. But I do have a discman (a childhood desire to get one after seeing it appear on alot of shows) which now proves that it's too bulky and heavy to be carried around behind your backpack for just listening purposes.

It's like when I do that (singing to myself like an insane person talking to himself) it feels as if that there's a mental radio playing on in my head. I can imagine the song running itself in my head and can do just about anything to it like rewind, forward, pause and even repeat!! LOL. I'd call it self entertainment! But nowadays, most teenagers have "gadgets" like iPods or a simple MP3 player to entertain them whereever they go, with the spotting of earphones plugged in their ears at really unecessary times, not to mention inappropriate places, i.e. the cinema. Believe it or not, I used to think of it as "cool" to have one of those things stuck in your ear while you ignore the person talking to you in public. But now, it all seems to me a sad consequence from peer pressure and the dire need to be "in and happening". Oh, I've been through that lousy stage in teenage life!! You'll never know how a wannabee I was when I was about 12 or 13. I seriously don't see myself as one now.

Although I may be a little self-conscious at times. Grace reminded me that I was. I kind of wore a jeans that was a little to "tight" - don't worry, you'll never see me again in tight jeans, I've learned my lessons. I mean, the only reason I did that was to prove to myself that I have not gained weight after all those holiday feasting. It did went up to the "thighs". That was where I had a tiny struggle to push it up the ass. Well, I was wrong as usual and by the time I reached Gurney, the jeans were killing me. The sound of the pair of jeans rubbing against each other was so obvious with my every step. So I told Grace my problem and she took a good look at THE ass and agreed with me. I kept blabbering about my condition the whole trip and she probably got tired of it. "Why the hell are you so self conscious? What has gotten into you??" she asked me exasperatingly. As what evry human will do, I denied her accusations but had a serious thought about it in myself. Guess she's right. I got carried away. I'm gonna stop being THAT self conscious from now on. Please remind me if I am.

I'm the carefree one. No worries. I don't care about what other's think of me (unless it's close friends or family members). I must keep reminding myself of that!! Urgh! it's so easy to be drifted away by the crowd!!

Cross Country Tomorrow.

It's here pretty early this year, I think. Living in a country that stresses on the importance sports in school, I don't see this going anywhere. Oh, it probably does help the country's development, but what the hell, I don't care. As most of my close ones know, I'm not a sports fan at all, not even a sport's man. To come think of it, I haven't even passed the permission slip to join the cross country yet. Omg, it's tomorrow. I'll probably end up picking rubbish in school like one of the many pupils who are either unallowed by their parents to join the walk/run or who forgot to pass their form in on time. Sick. I can totally skip this thing if I wanted to. But for some reasons, I don't feel like it.

After all, I do have an exemption letter from the doc - which dad got for me out of my complaints on not wanting to attend any sport events in school, but to find out from the doc that I was really not fit (health reasons) to be in sports - to hep me escape this thing. I'd be given no testimonial marks by the end of the year though. Urgh. Thanks to that freaky Ms. Lee (the school's "senior assistant" in co-curricular activities, as Edward might've put it) such a control freak over her work in MONOPOLISING the whole school's co-curricular activities and management.

The thing is, I don't see any benefit in sports IN school. Besides earning points for your testimonial so that everything will be picture perfect when you leave school. It will show others that you probably have sheer determination or maybe leadership through the sports you played or the uniform body you join which eventually will aid you in landing a job. Other than that, it totally doesn't say who you are. I mean, most of the people I know are joning this kind of things in school cause they have to, including me.

As I've expressed my unhappiness of living in Malaysia on certain issues especially on their education. The total obivous fact is like, umm, the major social event of the year in the school is the Sports Day and followed by stuff like cross country and Teacher's Day and so on. The major social events in the western countries, from what I see are like prom, graduation, school anniversaries (which are usually celebrated with a funfair filled with cotton candies and Ferris wheel) and so on. I know that Malaysia brings to the line "rich in culture" but it doesn't mean we need to have lame celebration or events like those. The worse thing is that, I'm not sure if it's the school or the Education Minsitry of Malaysia that's making every single damn thing a MUST (although the funny thing is that they still rewuire parents' consent over matters that they made compulsory)!! The best thing I've heard off in my place was like PFS' Annual Concert or either one of the girls school "canteen day" or "food fair" which neither of them I make an effort to support.

After what I've said, it still doesn't change a goddamn (excuse me for my language) thing that we still have to attend tomorrow's cross country like a bunch of sickos who have nothing better to do on a beautiful Friday morning, like SLEEP!! Urgh. This is how it is in schools of Malaysia under the Ministry of Education of Malaysia under the trusting hands of our Minister of Education Datuk Seri Najib, I think. Ugh, what the hell, I don't even read the papers enough to know the Minister of Education's name!! See all of you who are pretty much like me -victimised by my own school to attend some compulsory walk/run for no reasons besides drawing the very much needed POSITIVE media attention - tomorrow at school!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


You realised I've been trying my best to start capitalizing my posts?? The previous posts has it. Thought that it would be neater and things would look better this way.

Wang Lee Hom Promo Tour.

Yeap, I was there. My second time in catching this kinda gig. Grace and me knew that he was coming to Penang about a month ago. We were planning to go. So happens the 20th March was also Joe Han's (Grace's freaky "boyfriend") birthday as well. She had something else in mind, I think. She totally forgot about the gig untill I REMINDED her about it. She was quite hesitant in attending the gig already when she remembered and when she told me it was Joe's birthday. "I don't give a damn if it's his birthday," I told her. "I ain't gonna miss Lee Hom!" She relented cause she said it weeks before that she was gonna go with me.

We did make it there, though. I invited Carina - cause she's the mandarin speaking one in the family and i thought she might be interested. She was indeed pleased. But she pulled out from the goup at the last minute giving me lame excuses that she was afraid it would take till midnight and she was afraid that she couldn't wake up for school tomorrow. "Okay, fine, I'm not gonna force you," I told her through MSN, few mintues before we actually took off. "But please do me a favor! Get his autograph and his picture for me, please!" she said before i actually closed the window. "Yea, sure, whatever." To me, I think there was some argument at her place, as usual. Not bothered to ask.

We we're kind of late when we got there. Gurney was packed and we could barely find a parking space at the basement carpark. I could tell Grace wasn't at all excited about Lee Hom while I was all on pins and needles in the car, she seemed to take thing easily like we're going on a casual shopping spree that takes no time. I was pissed off. She was all "lovey dovey" with Joe and I just couldn't be bothered, although most of the time, I tried making myself busy on updating Edward and Carina on my whereabouts and what's happening through texting. There was about a thousand people already when we got there. It required tickets to get into the place and the only way we're getting tickets was either to get on of his latest album or to get a Celcom XPax (the only telco that doesn't get business and sells its stuff through sponsoring gigs like this). I wasn't in a dire need for a new lame sim card, so I got the CD. Joe wanted to get it at first, and I beat him off cause he needed to get cash from the ATM machine while I was already in a hurry to get in, and I had the cash on my hand!!

Ended up, I was the one with the CD. Joe wanted to pay me back for the CD (in other words, to but it from me) later but I refused to sell. =P. We got ourselves thre tickets and I rushed the both of them in. They (both love birds) had food in their mind at a time like this. "Don't you wanna get something to eat first before entering? It's only 7.30pm. It starts at 8pm," Grace asked when we were at the entrance. "Wth! How can you have food in your mind at a time like this?! NO! We're going in and that's final!" I kinda yelled, while I stood there watching everybody hurrying in with their tickets. "What is wrong with you..." Grace mumbled with her screwed up expression. I ignored her and gave the tickets to the guy at the entrance. The place was quarterly filled when we went in. We got ourselves a spot to the left side of the stage.

Obviously, there were alot of girls. The only guys around there were either dragged by their girlfriends to this gig for photo taking purposes or true fans of Lee Hom. LOL. I fall into neither both of that category. I was going cause I promised myself that I would when I said I would a few weeks ago. It's kind of fullfilling a promise to me. I was one of the few guys who were tall there, cause from my eyes, I could see the whole flood of crowd with a few geads popping out fom the crowd and I was one of the heads. I had no camera and the camera from my mobile was too low resolution. It only took 15mins to fill the whole place up after we got in. The heat turned up when I realized I wasn't the only one sweating like a pig! Even the girls were all sweaty and smelly. LOL. I got a perfect view of the stage with my height. Grace couldn't see anything at all. There were like a thousand other girls with the same height as Grace and shorter. I wonder how the could see anything.

Human and girl's shampoo was a few of the things my nose detected. I figured out that the majority of the crowd consisted of mandarin speaking people while the other kind was english speaking and we were one of the english speaking crowds. Or were we the only english speaking people there who knows no shit about any of Lee Hom's songs or his backgorund or anything?! LOL. The screaming fans knew to follow when he sang but three of us could only stand and watch besides giving yells of support. LOL. We were like the outcasts there.

Lee Hom's performance was rather plain and simple. Came out wearing a black Mickey T-shirt, a pair of jeans and sneakers, holding a mineral water bottle in his hand and a mic. The crowd went crazy at the sight of him!! Everyone knew how to sing his song and followed him but I was like... . LOL. He only performed 4 songs from his new album. Only 4. The rest of the gig was filled with autograph signing. Everyone tried to get to the entrance where the fans were being led out up to the stage. I did the same while holdig his album in my hand only to get myself stuck in the crowd like sardines. Literally, we were all stuck like sardines. Everyone wanted out from the crowd to get on stage because of the increasing temperature in the crowd and because of the impatient-ness to see their idol. Try rubbing shoulders with a sweaty anonymous girl who's wearing a sleeveless top, accidentally clipping (with the elbow and the sweat) some girl's long hair and pulling chunks of her hair off, crushed by a guy who just can't wait to get through the crowd at your back and also crushed by a sweaty fat girl at your front. A siimple loittle movement could cause a stir in the crowd. Not the quarreling kind of stir, but the kind of stir like when you're stirring a pot of soup!!

It took me a good half an hour beeing stuck in the crowd to give up Lee Hom's autograph. I couldn't take the heat no more and I could barely breathe. I pulled out of the crowd and it was not an easy thing to do. Noone was happy enough to give way to a dying human. Saying "Excuse me, please give way, I'm going out, you can have my space," only drew stares of disapprovement and hate. The best thing you could do is to out your pride aside and just cut through the crowd eventhough it hurts someone. I remembered I knocked a girl and she shrieked "Owh!". Oh well, I thought, you only stared when I said excuse me politely, it's very likely of me to knock you. LOL. By the time I got out, beads of perspiration were dripping down my forehead like dews of the night and I was soaked in sweat (mine and a few dozen other's).

Forget about the autograph, not even a picture of Lee Hom. I only brought back memories of him and his CD. Listening to it now. Love it so much!! Couldn't believe I wasn't a fan of his all those years before. Ended the night with a birthday dinner with Joe and Grace. Joe got a Swatch watch as a gift from Grace. I couldn't care less caus ehtat's her money and she earned it through working. I guess she's grown up. I heard from Grace's colleague (who were also there) that Lee Hom managed to autograph every single one there which took him about 2hours or so, I think. This proves the loyalty of his fans. I'm not one of them,I guess. What an experience trying to catch Lee hom.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Catching Up With Homework.

as i'm sitting down here, in front of my computer, being carried away from my homework by blogging, i'm battling with my sweat. *groans*. it's so freaking hot in my room. i'm not looking forward to switching the air conditioner on as i'm coughing and i believe that with the air cond, it's gonnna make my condition worse. the fan alone is not enough. there's no wind in the night lately. is this like the hot spell again?? i don't know. i'm sweating my ass off most of the days.

here i am, trying to complete bits of my add math homework (homework given a long long time ago) but to no avail, i've once again, submitted myself to blogging. urgh, i have to pass the book up tomorrow and being in a class with students who, like myself, wouldn't bother to complete their homework over the holidays, i have noone to copy. =P. i know, i'm bad. that's why i have to complete my homework and only depend on myself since i came into the class.

grace is suppose to guide me in some of the questions, but now, she's stuck on the telephone with my godsister - as nonsensical (nonsensical here refers to teenagers who simply claim their friends "godsister" or "godbrother" which to me, are so dope!) as it may sound, she is really a godsister of mine and dad went through the necessary procedures (chinese customs) to even start calling her god-daughter - which happens to be named grace also, is discussing about her university application. by the way, she got 3Bs and a D for her results this STPM. pretty cool to me. well, we're sure not from a family of straight As scorers!!

anyway, i spent the remaining HOURS of my holiday at gurney plaza (not exactly, just came back from pho poh's). we're supposedly to go down to gurney plaza to pick Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which is on sale at only half the price! the offer ends to day, so we had to get it. when the book first came out, there were unforseen cirsumstances that held us back from buying the book. so now, it's on HALF price, we're not letting the opportunity go! but as usual, going shopping with me, we swayed and got ourselves a couple more books. grace got herself a book entitled "Unhurried Thoughts At My Funeral" by Catherine Lim (a singaporean author) and she got me "The Digital Photography Handbook" by, i don't know who. LOL. it was pretty cool of her to get it for me, considering she was running low this month. =P. and mom got herself a new handbag. there were all on sale, actually. people like us shop on sale. seriously, we do. and we certainly don't mind picking up anything from the "Discount" tray!! and mom still considers stuff that are "on sale" still expensive!! XD.

i think i'd better stop here. i'm gonna go back to my homework where my hand is all numb after a week of free-form-writing holiday. it happens all the time. after a long period of holiday, the hand seems to need to get used with the pen again after a while of typing and clicking. my handwriting is all messy and mushed up and i feel like a total retard who's just learning how to write!! this holiday seems to end in a better note with the news of seh yi (small aunty) getting pregnant. at last!! a new member to the family!! not to mention another member to the 13 grandchildren of kong kong!! i'm so happy for her!! God bless!!

oops, grace just hung up the telephone. she's walking in. she's yelling at me again!! omg. i'de better go!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Holiday's Over.

once again, the saddest part of a student's life is an ending holiday. oh, it's only been a week that we've been granted holiday by the government. spiritually, living days as it was, this whole week felt more like a year. but holiday-ly, this whole week was just a blink of the eye. with the passing of kong kong, everything felt longer. the days we had to spend at the funeral home. man, it was long. psychologically, it was a normal 24-hour day, but to me, it was more like a weeks stuffed into a day. this has got something to do with the brain, doesn't it?

anyway, this holiday was most affected by kong kong's passing. this whole week, mom and grace had been spending their nights at poh poh's cause she's all alone now. mom and grace had been keeping her company. this explains our extended visits to poh poh's. i mean, we've been spending our past few days there. going back and forth from home to poh poh's. luckily, for me, the only thing that's been keeping me there are my DVDs. i've watched about 4moives altogether since we started going to poh poh's house. c'mon, that's the only thing that keeps me settled at poh poh's besides sleeping.

as we leave this behind, trying our best to settle down and let everything to slowly (and i mean, slowly) flow back to the way it was, we face new days ahead. i'm still not done with my math and add math homework and moral assignments, i think. omg, i cna't even remember my homework already!! LOL. well, it's not the first time you're hearing me complain about my homework which i never got around to complete. got used to it?? LOL.

come to think of it, i haven't even got my haircut since last month i think. oh, the school implemented a new hair rule that it should not be any longer than 1cm i think. i can't believe i haven't posted this before. i guess it wasn't a very big deal for me to go bald, unlike everyone else, in school. it has bring it's benefits such as, the saving on hair gel and i can sleep anywhere or anytime i want now without worrying that it could wreck my hairstyle. LOL. can't imagine how vain i was! it's like, i can totally put my head down and lay down in the car whenever i want now, and that rocks (at least for me)!!

oh man, everyone knows it's going to be drag to be going to school once again after the whole week of messed up routine. example, waking up at 12pm in the afternoon and going to bed at 5am in the morning. is that what all teenagers do these days?? the farthest i can go is 3am, and i have to go bed already, with the consequences that my eyes are going to swell tomorrow! LOL. i'm not like every other teenager, i guess. =). ugh, imagine waking up to akak's screams at 6am in the morning!! i wonder how weird it's gonna be now, cause the last time i woke up at 6am at akak's call was to the news of kong kong's passing.

"i don't wanna go to school!!" as the inside me scream like a three year old being forced by his parents to go to school!!


lately, i've been very deprived of words when it comes to blogging. i don't know. it's like, i have nothing to talk about on my blog. and i wonder to myself, is the shortage of ideas the effect of having greeted by the same old boring "Create A Post" page? the uninterestingness of the page itself. the dullness of the page. could it be that's sucking me of my ideas??

or maybe it's the same old me who gets tired of everything after having it for a while? i mean, like material things, i get bored with my portable CD player after a few months getting it for my birthday present. now it's stashed away in one of my drawers. or like a thing, a game, i'm addicted to, but easily lose interest in after a few attempts of getting over a difficult level. in malay, we call it "hangat-hangat tahi ayam" which literally means, the warmth of chicken poop is only temporary. sadly, this is happening to my interest. or is it?

or it could be the pressure on myself to feel the need of having an extremely long post everytime i blog? but then again, i don't think i'm not purposely prolonging my posts. i write whatever that comes out from my mind. although, i might say, there is a little feeling of needing to prolong my posts. at least a little bit. =P

the last reson could be this. the question all bloggers can ask themselves is, are we really honest to this so called "diary" we're keeping online? to me, as a blogger, i'd say no. most of the time, of course, the things that i write are real, but then, each time, before i want to post something, i'd have to think twice first. honestly, isit only me? i mean, it's very unlikely of me to be affected by what other might say and think about me, but before i lay out the ugly truth about something, i'd have to think how it might affect the people beside me and me.

for instance, i have this disgusting tendency to fart (alot) when i get nervous. it's kind of gross, i know, but i can't help it. see, if i was to mention that in a whole post by itself, some people might start to get away from me when they come near me, right? so, whatever i'm writing is going to be read by the whole world (i'm not trying to boast, you'll never know who comes to your blog!).

so the real reason of blogging has been once again been swayed by community. or maybe by ourselves. see, bloggers only post what others might want to see. not what the blogger himself/herself might like to post. but i guess that's how things goes in this world of blogging. who knows, maybe i might just give up blogging right now? but then again, i don't think so. my reason for blogging was just to write. i love writing. not very good at it at the moment, but still learning. yet, for some other people, blogging could be so new and fun and exciting to them. to me, i suggest bloggers would rather be off as anonymous, so we could show our true colours for the world to see, behind a curtain.

Grocery Shopping.

spent the afternoon yesterday grocery shopping with dad and edmund. i'm usually the one who'd like to grocery shop. akak'll make a list of the things she needs, and she'll ask each and everyone of us if there's anything we need to add-on like shampoo, facial wash, food (tidbits) and etc. i used to be pretty good at it also. i'm the one who'll be pushing the trolley and picking up stuff and cancelling them off the list. i'm not sure what this might portray me as, but i like doing it. especially with my family. spend some quality time together.

i mean, it's a good substitute for shopping (oh yea, gimme money and i'll shop till i drop - ironically, yea!). grocery shopping is the only shopping done with a reason. LOL. i get away with mostly everything i want to buy when it comes to grocery shopping. for instance, MY list of grocery would be like tempura fish, yogurts, ham, beacon, vitagen, chocolates, cookies (i just bought "ChipsMore" yesterday), instant noodles (alhough it usually feeds the whole family) and etc. those kind of things are only desired by me and i'll never miss a chance to get it when it's grocery shopping. and when mum says something, i just say, "it's food mii, don't worry!" so i kind of get the things that i like when it's grocery shopping. i know, i'm a pig with all those food. but it's only once in a while. =P

so whenever mum goes grocery shopping, she'll usually go when i'm in tuition or something important that i can't miss - not to say that i can't miss tuition, i usually do. and she'll only come back with the things on THE list which usually saves about a 100 bucks. but when i'm there, the list will never stop. i see something new and i'd like to try, i won't give it a second thought. the receipt will always be over RM200 when it's grocery shopping with me. mom saves money if she doesn't bring me. i guess i'm really a shopping addict. most of the time, i'll let it out in grocery shopping. considering the fact that we (siblings) only get to go shopping for new clothes and stuff once every year, which is the festive season. i wonder who came up with that stupid rule. unless we see something really cheap and good and if dad's there. LOL.

mom will never buy anything. she'll come up with a thousand and one reasons for not letting us buy something. again, unless she sees something (girls products, like a skirt or something) really cheap and if grace talked her into buying it. and if it's with dad, he'll practically say yes to everything we want. for that, mom'll never shut her mouth all the way home usually saying that dad's spoling us. oh well, life with parents, who said it was easy?? LOL. well, now you can see i'm not from a very rich family and we're not spoilt brats that get every single thing we ask for. NO. we definitely don't. instead, we are financially-controlled (wonder what that means!) children.

anyway, back to yesterday. i wasn't at all fast and quick with groceries like i used to be anymore. i only pushed the trolley around seeing things that i like and just taking it. edmund was the one reminding me what to buy and he was the one cancelling the items on the list. didn't get much of anything for myself either. got some yogurt and some cookies and that's all. the only reason i got to go yesterday was that i suggested grocery shopping after seeing the list stuck on the refrigerator for weeks already. as usual, the list went about RM127, i think. it was normal. i was with dad, he was a YES man, and he'd let us buy anything we want. of course, edmund and me got stuff beyond THE list. =P

after that, we proceeded to Bukit Jambul, cause i told dad i wanted to go get some DVDs after like, a year, i think, that we didn't get ourselves some good show to watch. i dared ask him, although, the day before i just went for 2 movies with edward, and now, i'm still asking for movies and the holidays are going to end soon. but as i said, he was a YES man. never said no. so i ended up getting myself 8 DVDs which costs RM56 and dad paid for it. i offered, and he said he'll pay. how can you turn a man down on such an offer?? LOL. somehow, the visit to the pirates told me that i gotta start saving money to purchase me shows (series). i saw Desperate Housewives and The O.C on sale. and the guy who was selling wasn't very generous about "discount-ing" the price for me. i wouldn't buy The O.C, cause i already have the first two seasons downloaded (hell, i spent a long time on that two season to complete downloading) on my computer, so it wasn't necessary. but DH, on the other hand, is necessary. so i made a deal with grace and we're gonna go get it tomorrow. LOL.

later that night, mom "caught" our DVD purchase and boom, she went. another lecture on poor dad for letting us buy so many at once. LOL. i could only shut up and sit by the corner while dad take her blows. LOL. dad said that it's going to be only one time, and it'll take me another six months for the next DVD shopping. man, mom was furious. LOL. luckily she wasn't with us during grocery shopping. i'd probably be dead by now. XD

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Is It True??

since kong kong's death, the 7th day subject is all going around. especially the past few nights. the chinese believe that the soul/spirit of the deceased will come back to the house for a final visit on the 7th day after their death. scary, ain't it?? well, it's supposed to be a belief that once again, is said to be proven by many people. from what i've heard, the chinese will usually pour flour or rice all over the floor on the 7th day (at night - before they go to bed) and they'll wake up to see foot prints which proves that there was such an occurence during the night.

somehow, i refuse to believe those kinda stuff. well, the conscious, catholic-law abiding self of me, refuses to believe. but on the other hand, the easily spooked by ghost stories, who strongly believes ghosts exists in this world, who follows "pantang-larangs" self of me believes that there is a slight chance of possibilty that stuff like these do happen. ok, so i'm freaked. mom says, "don't be silly, if there is really such a thing that happens, it's only kong kong, what is there to be afraid off?". yea right, wait till you read one of the stories in one of my True Singapore Ghost Stories book, and we'll see if you're spooked or not.

mom intended to spend the night over at poh poh's house but the planned got called off because of me who refuses to spend the night over there! after what happen to nic nic, that's right, he had an encounter, i'm not going anywhere near that house at night. yesterday, tai yi (she had 2 spend the night there for a couple of days untill everything's over and she'll be going back to KL today) told us what happened to nic nic. he woke up at 2.30am and started saying "don't disturb me lah. go away. pls lah. don't disturb me!" and he kept waving his hand as if to shoo someone away. tai yi was so spooked that she started saying prayers for nic nic and putting holy water on him. i was like, "shit! there ain't no way i'm spending the night here!"

i insisted on going home last night. had to drag the whoile family along. i dom't care, i'm just not spending the night over there! and this morning, when an aunt (came out from perth just for the funeral) of mine dropped by at my house from poh poh's hse (she spent her whole trip there also) told me she had an "encounter" last night. she told me that she heard someone say "i've come back!" in hakka. she thought it was seh yi and she looked at her watch. it was only 3am in the morning. whoah, she had goosebumps and immeadiately turned over and shut her eyes. she didn't even lift up her head to see who was it. now, that is whack!! it really leaves me wondering that most ghostly encounters happens at either 12am or 3am in the morning. funny isn't it?? is it like the only time ghosts are allowed to show themselves for a split second??

tai yi eventually was the one who suggested the pouring of the flour on the floor and i think mom forbade it. good choice, mom! i mean, we're all catholics and catholics aren't suppose to believe in this hocus pocus. but then, what abt what happen last night? what could've explained it? was it sheer imagination of my aunt?? to me, it's all just a big scary story. there's no way i'm going to study stuff that links to religions and life after death. plain eww. i'll stick to my religion, and face whatever that's going ot happen. i usually abide with the "if you don't belive it, it won't happen to you" saying. like the other day, on the 3rd day of the wake, grace told me that we weren't suppose to change our clothes (the black n white) neither were we allowed to wash our hair. but i did all of that every night i went back home. and i told her, "haiya, don't listen too much. live it as it is, i've done all it when i didn't even know about it. so i'm gonna stick to not believing it at all." i mean, no washing of the hair? with the wheather in malaysia, it's hard trying not to sweat!!

and then when i relayed the message to dad and dad, like me, thinks it's all just a bunch of silly rules that helps prevent mourners from enjoying themselves at a time like this. ture enough, i thought. and i added that since if that's the rule, ppl with body odor should be excused not changing clothes. namely, me. i mean, whoah, i can faint myself if i smell myself after a whole long day of sweat and work. what else not change my clothes? i'd rather stay at home and not attend the wake at all. dad agreed. LOL. father and son.

anyway, back to the point, i still think it's scary that the soul/spirit of the deceased will come back on the 7th day for a final visit. when we got back home last night, mom gave me a 15minutes lecture saying, "see how little faith you have in God. all the things tai yi said, you can't believe it's true. they're all just to free and make up stories and they have not enough faith in them. even if it is, why worry? God is with you mah!" but inside of me, i don't think fearing this kind of things has something to do with God. well, maybe a little. but my reason that i think explains my fear to all these things is that i've been influenced by the various ghost story books that i've read over the years which automatically lead to the fear of "supernatural" inside of me. i'll definitely work on it. it's times like this that prayers get people like me through.

ps: i would've posted this last night when i reached hom at about 12am. but was too freaked out to do so.

Monday, March 13, 2006

seh yi (small aunty/last aunty) just listening. and poh poh in green. just talking about kong kong and the funeral and the relatives who came near and far.

ah chiu opened his eyes when i was abt to take this. he was sleeping... lol...

tai yi (big aunty/first aunty) having all the more things to say.

and later that day, in the night, everyone gathered back at poh poh's house. everyone was tired out. just talking about memories and catching up with everyone. poh poh seemed ok on the outside, but i'm actually worried abt her on the inside. hope she's allright.

before they lower down the coffin. i still had it in me 2 flip out my mobile 2 take a few pics although i could barely see through my tears-filled eyes. just for rememberance, ya know. we all said bye bye to kong kong.

saying the final rites for kong kong. paying our last respects. i wonder what was adrian doing there?