Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fort Minor.

omg. fort minor is actually not bad. now that i've said, i'm not so sure their next single will be godod. LOL. i heard "Where'd You Go" yesterday on MTV while watching American Idol and it captured my herat immediately! they're not that bad after all. i mean, their songs i've heard so far are rythmic enough to get me singing like "Remember The Name" and "Believe Me", of course. i know this may seem like i'm trying to be "cool" or "act punk" (a phrase adrian and carina created to describe somebody who's a wannabe) but it's not. it so happens that i like them too when the whole world is liking them at the same time. i'm not really into hip-hop or rap but Fort Minor ain't that bad. i'm kinda addicted to "Where'd You Go" right now. it's been playing on repeat for the past hour on the computer. i can't really judge them fully yet cause i don't have their album yet. but so far, considering on their singles, i can get used to them easily. =)

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