Friday, March 03, 2006

Throat Cancer??

i'm definitely suspecting that my never-ending sore throats could be just another case of throat cancer. i woke up with a terrible ache in my throat. this makes the third consecutive week that i'm experiencing sore throats. and you'll be glad to know that this time, it's not because of the things i eat. i mean, for the past few times, my sore throats were being blamed on my food intake. i keep having fried food and stuff alike before my throat heals completely. and now, as far as i can remember, i'm sure i haven't consumed anything "dangerous" that could affect my throat. i've been repeating that sentence for the whole day in defence of myself.

then i thought to myself that this series of sore throat could turn out to be cancer. i mean, i've been hearing stories from people about how they think some normal particular sickness keeps coming back after a while and it turned out to be cancer or something serious after a thorough check-up to the doctors or something. dad could be a good example. he was a smoker and he had sore throats as often as he smokes and when he went for his yearly trip to the docs, it turned out to be the 1st stage of throat cancer. but that was a few years back. and he chose to give up smoking 2 weeks before when he fell horriblyl ill of a normal sore throat (the ones we get and might just lead to fever). he's been doing pretty well, i think. god bless. it still keeps me wondering if cancer is one of those incurable disease that could be inherited to your next of kin. imagine that.

if it's true, i guess i should really go for a check up soon and if i'm really diagnosed with throat cancer, then i'm sad to say that "satanz lil helper"'s curses have came true. now, i guess it should be fine, considering i just had a whole bowl of that digusting medicine i told you about before that really soothes the throat. i'm sure it'll heal in a couple of days. hopefully.

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