Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Is It True??

since kong kong's death, the 7th day subject is all going around. especially the past few nights. the chinese believe that the soul/spirit of the deceased will come back to the house for a final visit on the 7th day after their death. scary, ain't it?? well, it's supposed to be a belief that once again, is said to be proven by many people. from what i've heard, the chinese will usually pour flour or rice all over the floor on the 7th day (at night - before they go to bed) and they'll wake up to see foot prints which proves that there was such an occurence during the night.

somehow, i refuse to believe those kinda stuff. well, the conscious, catholic-law abiding self of me, refuses to believe. but on the other hand, the easily spooked by ghost stories, who strongly believes ghosts exists in this world, who follows "pantang-larangs" self of me believes that there is a slight chance of possibilty that stuff like these do happen. ok, so i'm freaked. mom says, "don't be silly, if there is really such a thing that happens, it's only kong kong, what is there to be afraid off?". yea right, wait till you read one of the stories in one of my True Singapore Ghost Stories book, and we'll see if you're spooked or not.

mom intended to spend the night over at poh poh's house but the planned got called off because of me who refuses to spend the night over there! after what happen to nic nic, that's right, he had an encounter, i'm not going anywhere near that house at night. yesterday, tai yi (she had 2 spend the night there for a couple of days untill everything's over and she'll be going back to KL today) told us what happened to nic nic. he woke up at 2.30am and started saying "don't disturb me lah. go away. pls lah. don't disturb me!" and he kept waving his hand as if to shoo someone away. tai yi was so spooked that she started saying prayers for nic nic and putting holy water on him. i was like, "shit! there ain't no way i'm spending the night here!"

i insisted on going home last night. had to drag the whoile family along. i dom't care, i'm just not spending the night over there! and this morning, when an aunt (came out from perth just for the funeral) of mine dropped by at my house from poh poh's hse (she spent her whole trip there also) told me she had an "encounter" last night. she told me that she heard someone say "i've come back!" in hakka. she thought it was seh yi and she looked at her watch. it was only 3am in the morning. whoah, she had goosebumps and immeadiately turned over and shut her eyes. she didn't even lift up her head to see who was it. now, that is whack!! it really leaves me wondering that most ghostly encounters happens at either 12am or 3am in the morning. funny isn't it?? is it like the only time ghosts are allowed to show themselves for a split second??

tai yi eventually was the one who suggested the pouring of the flour on the floor and i think mom forbade it. good choice, mom! i mean, we're all catholics and catholics aren't suppose to believe in this hocus pocus. but then, what abt what happen last night? what could've explained it? was it sheer imagination of my aunt?? to me, it's all just a big scary story. there's no way i'm going to study stuff that links to religions and life after death. plain eww. i'll stick to my religion, and face whatever that's going ot happen. i usually abide with the "if you don't belive it, it won't happen to you" saying. like the other day, on the 3rd day of the wake, grace told me that we weren't suppose to change our clothes (the black n white) neither were we allowed to wash our hair. but i did all of that every night i went back home. and i told her, "haiya, don't listen too much. live it as it is, i've done all it when i didn't even know about it. so i'm gonna stick to not believing it at all." i mean, no washing of the hair? with the wheather in malaysia, it's hard trying not to sweat!!

and then when i relayed the message to dad and dad, like me, thinks it's all just a bunch of silly rules that helps prevent mourners from enjoying themselves at a time like this. ture enough, i thought. and i added that since if that's the rule, ppl with body odor should be excused not changing clothes. namely, me. i mean, whoah, i can faint myself if i smell myself after a whole long day of sweat and work. what else not change my clothes? i'd rather stay at home and not attend the wake at all. dad agreed. LOL. father and son.

anyway, back to the point, i still think it's scary that the soul/spirit of the deceased will come back on the 7th day for a final visit. when we got back home last night, mom gave me a 15minutes lecture saying, "see how little faith you have in God. all the things tai yi said, you can't believe it's true. they're all just to free and make up stories and they have not enough faith in them. even if it is, why worry? God is with you mah!" but inside of me, i don't think fearing this kind of things has something to do with God. well, maybe a little. but my reason that i think explains my fear to all these things is that i've been influenced by the various ghost story books that i've read over the years which automatically lead to the fear of "supernatural" inside of me. i'll definitely work on it. it's times like this that prayers get people like me through.

ps: i would've posted this last night when i reached hom at about 12am. but was too freaked out to do so.

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