Sunday, March 19, 2006

Catching Up With Homework.

as i'm sitting down here, in front of my computer, being carried away from my homework by blogging, i'm battling with my sweat. *groans*. it's so freaking hot in my room. i'm not looking forward to switching the air conditioner on as i'm coughing and i believe that with the air cond, it's gonnna make my condition worse. the fan alone is not enough. there's no wind in the night lately. is this like the hot spell again?? i don't know. i'm sweating my ass off most of the days.

here i am, trying to complete bits of my add math homework (homework given a long long time ago) but to no avail, i've once again, submitted myself to blogging. urgh, i have to pass the book up tomorrow and being in a class with students who, like myself, wouldn't bother to complete their homework over the holidays, i have noone to copy. =P. i know, i'm bad. that's why i have to complete my homework and only depend on myself since i came into the class.

grace is suppose to guide me in some of the questions, but now, she's stuck on the telephone with my godsister - as nonsensical (nonsensical here refers to teenagers who simply claim their friends "godsister" or "godbrother" which to me, are so dope!) as it may sound, she is really a godsister of mine and dad went through the necessary procedures (chinese customs) to even start calling her god-daughter - which happens to be named grace also, is discussing about her university application. by the way, she got 3Bs and a D for her results this STPM. pretty cool to me. well, we're sure not from a family of straight As scorers!!

anyway, i spent the remaining HOURS of my holiday at gurney plaza (not exactly, just came back from pho poh's). we're supposedly to go down to gurney plaza to pick Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which is on sale at only half the price! the offer ends to day, so we had to get it. when the book first came out, there were unforseen cirsumstances that held us back from buying the book. so now, it's on HALF price, we're not letting the opportunity go! but as usual, going shopping with me, we swayed and got ourselves a couple more books. grace got herself a book entitled "Unhurried Thoughts At My Funeral" by Catherine Lim (a singaporean author) and she got me "The Digital Photography Handbook" by, i don't know who. LOL. it was pretty cool of her to get it for me, considering she was running low this month. =P. and mom got herself a new handbag. there were all on sale, actually. people like us shop on sale. seriously, we do. and we certainly don't mind picking up anything from the "Discount" tray!! and mom still considers stuff that are "on sale" still expensive!! XD.

i think i'd better stop here. i'm gonna go back to my homework where my hand is all numb after a week of free-form-writing holiday. it happens all the time. after a long period of holiday, the hand seems to need to get used with the pen again after a while of typing and clicking. my handwriting is all messy and mushed up and i feel like a total retard who's just learning how to write!! this holiday seems to end in a better note with the news of seh yi (small aunty) getting pregnant. at last!! a new member to the family!! not to mention another member to the 13 grandchildren of kong kong!! i'm so happy for her!! God bless!!

oops, grace just hung up the telephone. she's walking in. she's yelling at me again!! omg. i'de better go!!

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