Monday, March 27, 2006

Homework Complaining.

You're probably bored out about it ny this time around. The amount of times I complain about my homework and assignments, respectively. But I just can't help it. It's addictive to brawl over every single piece of homework I get after a long day at school. It obviously doesn't help much in me completing it, but I really prefer complaining about it rather than to sit down and actually crack my nuts open and solve the mathematical equations, literally. Who created homework??

This time, it's Maths. Not Add-Math - although the previous pieces of homework are still sitting on my shelves, stuck in between other books, waiting for me desperately to at least have a look at it! This round of Maths isn't really that hard. But for some unknown reasons (that I've been trying to overcome the whole afternoon), I can't think straight! I was guessing it was the music and I've been changing CDs the whole afternoon from Delta Goodrem to Lee Hom to Josh Groban to Britney Spears to Simple Plan to Avril Lavigne to now, Patrick Nuo. Nothing seems to be satisfying my "yearning" for music. But it still doesn't bring me around to my Maths. It's still opened on my desk beside my scientific calculator and glasses which I have taken off due to teary eyes.

I'm supposed to pass this up tomorrow, given only a couple of days to complete it. Mr. Khor is practically out of his mind. Ask his other students, they'll agree. I mean, this is not to bitch behind this back, but some of the teachers agree too to this I-think-Mr.Khor-is-crazy statement, with their widening of eyes and smirk beneath their noses when they tend to find out the Maths teacher of our class is him.

Speaking of crazy teachers, I had an encounter with another one today. Ms. or Mrs. (I can't tell) Tan. My history teacher. She refused to give the 20marks - that I totally deserved - from the note book for my recent examinations. Remember the extra credits I told you about? Of course she has her point when she told me about the class' I-don't-care attitude but she wouldn't accept my sincere aplogies and my defence (that I was absent and that I couldn't bring it when I found out that she was collecting due to the cross country event). She ignored me and walked away mumbling under her breath with her tiny squeaky voice that she doesn't want to to go through the hassle of correcting the given grades just because of my care-less attitude!

Anyway, I just closed my Math book, incomplete. It's getting late and I'd better get some sleep. it'll be another drag to wake up tomorrow. I'll probably try to complete it in the early hours of school just before the bell rings. As usual. Mr. Khor is going to go berserk when he finds out, once again, his class has not completed his work, at all! Like he always does, and will usually turn into a lecture of high morale values and responsibilty and bla, bla, bla...

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