Monday, October 31, 2005

Confirmation Day! Finally Over! A Whole New Life!

confirmation day! it was such a bliss! a memorable event. unforgettable! it was far by, the best day of my life. it was everything that i pictured it would be! well, not everything exactly. oooh. it was so much fun! i felt really content. gosh, i felt so nervous an hour before mass starts. i was so jumpy over everything cause i barely even know where or when am i s'pose to do my speech! nervewrecking it was. but it was all worth it for what happened during mass. the celebration went on beautifully. the priests and bishop were all so patient with us. it was so nice. despite the overflowing crowd in church, everybody seemed to be happy! oh, i oculdn't possibly put the way i felt in words. it was, stupendous! everything went well. Kai Ma (godma) was there with me. we took our vows. or kind of renewed them. we sang Go Light The World beautifully, i would say. the whole ceremony was to good to be true! i delivered my speech. it felt so great when i was done with it. i have some photos, i'll post it up. the cameraperson was edmund and grace. i can just say that their work has little flaws here and there. nevertheless, it was great! i even managed to take a picture with the bishop and the priests. and after the celebration, we had a normal dinner at a nearby restaurant with Kai Ma. i was so thankful to have everyone there! even Poh Poh attended the mass! it was fabulous! fantastic!
ishh! i failed! get that camera off my face!! Posted by Picasa
i think i'll get it this time!! Posted by Picasa
i got it! i got it!!  Posted by Picasa
ryan and leo nard and volleyball... Posted by Picasa
what hv u got?? wanna exchange?? Posted by Picasa
what the hell?? what's wrong with them?? Posted by Picasa
and anoter couple of ppl who likes other sch's yearbook... as usual... Posted by Picasa
leo nard and ryan... Posted by Picasa
and leo nard... nice smile... i bet all y'all noe him...  Posted by Picasa
and the other table of gamblers... not model students!!  Posted by Picasa
edward... watcha looking at?? Posted by Picasa
and the crowd goes craaazy!! Posted by Picasa
and my beloved form3 block! such ugly memories lies with them! Posted by Picasa
and as usual, checking out gals in other school's yearbook! >_< Posted by Picasa
and this is jo-wyee, one of my close frens... i guess y'all know him alredi... isn't it a nice angle?? Posted by Picasa
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from right: chin hooi, jared, daniel.. Posted by Picasa
just another example... that's ryan btw... Posted by Picasa
oooh... wat hv u got there?? show me!! Posted by Picasa
and cellphones are just part of life... Posted by Picasa
and there are also mind boggling games for the smart ppl... Posted by Picasa
this is the last day of school... gambling is not a big deal... Posted by Picasa
went to schol last friday as it was the last day of school. edward and khye yih was like, going to school also. nothing much at all happened in school. it was dead boring. i brought my camera there hoping to get some photos with classmates for this year but, only a few of them showed up and if there were others, they were probably scattered everywhere around the school! it sucked. and edward and khye yih refuses to get shots with me. i don't know why. but i think it has got something to do with my ugliness. LOL. whatever it is, i managed to get only a few photos. so, i'm gonna post them up. i'm gonna miss my Form3 class!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

stumbled upon this funny flash site... so funny... you gotta listen carefully... click on the link below!

Go Here!

Black Eyed Peas - My Humps

i'm so addicted to the song! it's so nice. have u watched the video?? it's so funny and sexy! to be honest, i'm just using this as an excuse to try out the megaupload thingy. anywayz, you can look forward to downloading more stuff from my blog soon!! why not start with this first?? hope it's ok. any feedback, please leave a comment or taggie!

Black Eyed Peas - My Humps

Thursday, October 27, 2005

came back from choir practice from aunt julie's house. today's practice was ok. i just sat back there, did ntg much. singins christmas carols got me feeling all christmas-sy and stuff. anyway, came back listening to "My Humps" on radio! it was so fun! singing in the car to daddy. he was all like "what's wrong wif my son??". LOL. got back, had a 2 leftover pieces of pizza and finished edmund's spaghetti. replied my bestie's email, and now, writing this. edward's asking me to go to school tomorow as it's kind of like, the last day. i'm not sure i wanna go, but i did agreed to him. ugh. d feeling of schooling is no more! gone alredi. come to think of it, i still hv to bear with the hot sun tomorow during assembly. ugh! the stupid sch had to had a strict disciplinary teacher! he wasn't very pleased with the discipline lately, so he declared assembly every morning! it's so tiring, standing in the middle of the field under the hot sun in tight uniforms! not my ideal holiday getaway!! *sighs* guess i still have to go to sch tomorrow. after all that's said and done, i'm still the same! (barely understand what that means)

After Exam Life

it's been 2 weeks, i think after my PMR exams. life has never been better than this! i've not been going 2 school right since after PMR. i've been spending alot of wasted days!! my days include, computer, computer and more computer!! from the moment i wake up, i check my comp out. get a quick bathe, breakfast (if theres any prepared) and i sit my ass down on the comp chair. i don't need to get an afternoon bathe cause neither do i sweat nor do i stink! i'll continue to hang on my comp for hours and hours. i'll stop and watch tv if there's a show i need to catch. but now, since my astro broke down, i give my comp full time. i'll be online for the whole day. i'll just surf the web. using stumble. download lotsa stuff!! chat. download music. signing myself up for alot of websites. i wonder if it's gonna do my any harm. anyway, my parents don't pick on me at all. i've been give the liberty of doing what i want! i only get out of my chair for bathroom breaks and meals. i bet, by the end of the holidays, my ass is gonna look like elephant size as all the fats just sedimented (not sure if theres even this word) on my butt. i've also been eating alot of chocolates! in other words, i'm putting lotsa weight!! ugh. this is the life. i don't know why i don't get tired of staring at my comp!! it's so seductive. and i just can find things to do on net! so thankful i have broadband! i don't know what i'll do without it! love the life after exams!
about 1.30am last night, i received my email reply from Sister Lucille! she actually checked my speech and even corrected it for me! i'm so happy. she said i had the tendency of reapeating my words and what i'm trying to say. i have to agree with that. so she sorrected what was needed and she sent it back to me! i was so happy that my prayers were answered! i'll be using the version she corrected. no major changes!
no biggie... ^_^ Posted by Picasa
closer look.. Posted by Picasa
dad showing me the damage... pretty calm abt it... Posted by Picasa