Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Car Accident

i forgot to mentioned that dad came back today with news that he's car got "scratched" by a bus. i wouldn't know the right word to use to describe what the bus did to my dad's car. but it was nothing serious. i mean, to the car, it smashed it's bumper i think, from dad's descripton. i don't know what happened. i've not yet went down to check out the damage. but dad was pretty calm about it when he told us the news. it was kinda weird, i mean, i'm sure he feels something. but he showed no expressions. he was like, "neh, it's ok. what to worry about?? it already happened. i cant cry over spilt milk, can i?? i'm just gonna get it fixed." i was like, "oh... ok... God's plan." how weird of dad.

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