Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Braces!! Ain't No Good!!

so damn painful!! nothing happy about getting braces!! everything seems to be turning upside down!! hurts like hell, that's how i describe it, although i don't really know how hell hurts like. it's just an expression anyway. my whole mouth hurts!! i can't eat, can't munch, can't chew and can't bite!! i'm so hungry but it's so painful!! was taking my shower and accidentally rubbed my face and it felt like sumone was extracting my teeth out!! even now, it still feels the same!! closing my lips is just torture to my jaws! owh! i feel like taking them off again and go back to the way it was!! but i'm totally not regretting. i can't, i've paid so much for it. i have to be happy. noone seems to understand how i'm feeling right now. even grace don't seem to be bothered. i'm so miserable. the worse thing is that i'm going to Kl in 2 days time! how am i suppose to enjoy myself?? you can't possibly imagine how i'm feeling right now. ugh! i'm also angry at myself!! why did i do this in the first place?? ugh!!

speaking about the KL trip, i haven't even packed my bags yet. not sure what to bring for the wedding occasion. everything looks so messed up right now! my chargers are all out of place. they're wires everywhere around my computer!! i'm so getting a headache!! i haven't even burn the cd that i'm suppose to burn for myself. i'm always like that, planning to do something but never having the initiative to take action! in short terms, i'm most of the time lazy! and i can know my laziness, but i never correct them! i really gotta change my life now!! ugh! i'm going crazy! can somebody ease my pain??

not to mention, with the restless ah chiu keep teasing at my teeth, it just feels much better! everything hurts! every single tooth hurts!! *screams* it also affects my talking. my braces of course. oh my gosh, i sound like as if i'm proud of it! no i'm not!! and it's been raining for the whole day. it looks so dull. speaking of dull, mum said that kong kong is sick. he's been vomitting endlessly and passing out (on the bed, as he's paralyzed) now and then. and he's having fever. i think the KL trip is worrying him or it's just a coincidence that he fell sick. he's gonna be carried to the car and gonna be drived down to KL by dad in the Unser. and he's still sick. but poh poh says he feeling better a little bit today. i hope he recovers soon. i really feel bad and undutiful (is there such a word?) when it comes to times like this. guilty. oh God, please let him have a safe and comfortable jouney to KL. he haven't travelled or sat in the car since he got paralyzed. i can't blame him for feeling whatever he feels now. he's can't sit on the car, dad has to fold the seats up so that he could occupy the whole back space and lay down.

it's getting late, i'd better go to sleep. i'm certainly going to have a worser day tomorrow. don't even know if i could get through brushin teeth in the morning! it hurts so much not. it's also irritating also. i wish it's just something new that needs some getting used to. oh, how i wish!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Lindsay Lohan - Confessions Of A Broken Heart

Lindsay Lohan - Confessions Of A Broken Heart (Daughter To Father)

Now Playing!

This song is my current favourite!!

The Veronicas - 4ever
another 3 days!! i'll be taking off to KL!! i'm looking forward to this trip as well as not looking forward to it. as usual, i'm going with my family. i'm not the kind of person who goes on trips with friends without parents due to personal reasons and fears, disapproval of parents and basically, neither do i have any friends inviting me nor do i have thos kind of friends who actually dares to go. but if i'm actuall invited, i'll most probably think about it.

the reason i'm looking forward to this trip is that, time's gonna pass by more quickly there and when i get home, renovation work on my house would be near completion! and i'll be so happy that i'm gonna move back in! i'm not saying that i don't like staying in ah chiu's house, but sleeping in the living room on a mattress on the floor just ain't my cup of tea. but i'm slowly getting used to it now. well, human lives are so routinal.

and the reason i'm not looking forward to this trip is that, well, the main cause of this trip was to attend a relative's wedding. a relative that me and my cuzins don't even know about. only my aunts and uncles know them. now see, i've gotta mention this cause i just realised it that my whole family kind of live in a whole big neighbourhood. the whole big family of course, including my grand aunts and uncles. apparently, everyone got invitations (a usual thing to do for chinese weddings) to the wedding and we're all gonna go!! yeap, including my grand aunts and grand uncles! oh my gosh. even kong kong (who is paralyzed from the waist down about 6years ago due to alcohol) is going. that makes it a big event. to me, i don't think this is neccessary at all. just send some red packets and get it over with!! but poh poh says it's all about respect. so, obviously, we (children) ain't gonna have any fun (go sightseeing and theme parks and shopping, although we've been to KL for like 100th time, it never gets old!). we're gonna spend most of our time at tai yee's house and watch tv. by the way, she lives in a 3-storey bungalow (but i'm totally doubting if there's gonna be enough space to live in with additional people). so, there's nothing to look forward to this trip.

but still, we have to. and the thought of visiting a place out of your own will always provide me something happy to think about! there's three more days left before the trip. i'm gonna spend these 3 days prepapring my stuff like, burning my songs so that i can entertain myself on the bus. charging my camera's batteries. charging my mobile. buying magazines or maybe Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. but i'll most probably do nothing in the bus cause it's in the night. and i don't think i'll concentrate reading anything with the amount of noise generated in the house. and i'm not sure about you, but i get nausea when i read in the car. and it'll turn my sotmach into mush and i'll feel sick the whole day. so, i'm not a car reader. LOL.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

finally ah chiu repaired his internet connection. i'm able to go online now. so happy. ben surfing for the past 4 hours. and look at the time!! i mean, it's almost one and i gotta go to church at 7am tomorrow!! gosh. ah chiu alredi fell asleep on the couch watching Hulk cause he doesn't understand what's going on and he still has unfinished work left. and i just startled him with my typing. i should be going to sleep now, but i'm so addicted to internet. i'm not even sure if i could make it for tomorrows 7am mass. so dead!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Monday, November 21, 2005

Worrying Future.

ugh. i'm beginnig my post with 'ugh' for the second time today. spent the whole dya on the computer downloading and installing stuff . i'm still pondering whether or not to install windowblinds and stuff. oh, i'm so content downloading stuffs!!

but there's still somethings that are bothering me. stuff like, my external hard drive just broke down!! the only important stuff in there is the family photos which i have been saving for like, years. grace almost went berserk when she heard!! thanks to ah chiu, he explained to grace that it's not my fault at all and it breaks down by itself. save by the bell! i'm worried that all the pictures might get washed away after it's being sent for repair (hopefully recovery)! and worse, my porn collection is in that drive! you might be having disgusted looks at ur desktop right now as you're reading this, but, yes, i am only human and i used to watch porn. let me emphasise on this, USED TO!! it was kept there long ago and i never bothered to open them nor was i bothered to delete them. honestly, it's kind of sad to be deleting your porn collection but i never watched them since ages. so, it's still stuck in there, and it's gonna blow my cover soon!! oh, i just hope they can salvage the pictures and delete everything else!! my, oh my.

another mind-bothering thing is my education. i stumbled upon some anonymous person's blog and by reading it's posts, i could easily tell he/she is a malaysian blogger. well, by the usage of "LAH" in he/she's posts, it's unmistakably malaysian. and he/she says he/she's attending form 4 tuition already. i'm not sure about most of the guys out there, but i'm kinda laid back and relaxed here. i mean, i really am spending wasted days. and i have not one tuition at all since after the PMR examinations!! i'm glad that i'm relaxing (one of my fave things to do) and just plain being lazy at home. but i'm worried about whether if i'd manage to catch up with the others when school re-opens!! i think most of them are busy studying their way off for next year and i'm like th eonly person in malaysia who's still not done enjoying freedom-after-exams yet!! i'm so lazy.

my only excuse most of time to make me feel better of the situation is to blame the society for being such "cowards" on catching up with the world's development. in hokkien, i call it "KIASU"!! parents are so afraid of losing to their neighbour's children that they keep forcing them to attend tuition classes!! it's so infuriating to me. i mean, let the kid walk by himself, would ya?? parents!! i thank god for not having parents like these!! but i can't put all the blame on the parents, peer pressure is also to be blamed. you're so being looked down by society if you don't manage to get high degrees and stuff. i'll always remember the words of Martin Jalleh "PHD = Permanent Head Damage"!! it's so true!! having high degrees or diplomas or whatever you call it (oh, i'm so not good at this) doesn't mean you're educated at all!! has the society forgot about moral values?? what about, discipline, respect, self dignity, love and etc?? where has this all gone to?? now, that's what i call EDUCATION!! to think it all again, academic excellence is still the cause of negative social cases. with the lack of moral values and only the formula and stuff memorised from the books, this negativity is still on the loose!! *sighs* at the end of the day, when i look back at this, it only remains as my thought. and i'm most of the time, caugt up by the society also. i still gotta attend tuition and work hard to get a job, don't i??
ugh. 3 consecutive days!! 3!! been woke up by my stupid alarm (which i forgot to switch off) on my mobile!! it's so annoying. the worse thing is i did not manage to set it into the tune of Lay Your Hand (Simon Webbe) instead i left it with the annoying siren!! i only woke up after an hour of alarming me and it was like, 7.30am!! and i slept at about 2am last night! it's so damn annoying! ugh! feel like crushing my mobile!!

anyway, i woke up with a bad shoulder-ache (i'm not even sure if there's such thing). my left shoulder really hurt when i tried moving my head. ugh. i tried massaging it myself, but to no avail, it still hurts. i guess it must've been my sleeping position. my pillows were all messed up (as usual) when i woke up. and i didn't really went to sleep last night on a good note. ah chiu was sleeping outside in the living room and he was snoring like hell. kind of annoying. he had to sleep on couch cause he invited my (annoying, adorable, irritating, chinese-speaking and looking for fun) cousins to his house although it was already full with my family living in it. i'm not sure how long will they be here. but oh my, it kind of brightens the place up anyway. they're both sisters aged 8 and 12. and they realy act like, girls. well, tecnically, they are girls!! and i find it kind of hard to communicate with them cause of the different communication language! but they're ok. i'm just waiting for them to bug me to bring them to the nearest park.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

got my computer back already!! currently listening to traditional christmas songs through Yahoo! Launchcast. waiting for windows to update. it's kinda late i know. but i'm not sleepy when it comes to my computer. got Microsoft Office 2003!! so happy. now i'm gonna have to install a few programs here and there and i'll be back again! so happy. i'm not sure what time i'll have to wake up tomorrow, but i'm going to sleep in a moments time. signing out from my own computer!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


at last, i can post pictures. not much of the way i like it. but still, worth the shot. i'm trying out the flickr weblog uploading thingy. i don't really like the layout of it, but, what the heck. i'm trying out with my Hibiscus Collection. hope you like it. i know i love it. i won't be posting personal life pics for the moment though. i wouldn't wanna go through the trouble of uploading pics to flickr through email and then uploading it to this blog. i'll wait for my comp to be ready then i'll get back on it.


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i think this is elegant.


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here's an orange one.


Originally uploaded by matrianklw.
oh, my hibiscus photos that i've been dying to show y'all!

Happy Birthday Nick!

happy birthday nick! big b'day bear hug from me!! but no present! LOL. it's nick's birthday! and i'm so happy for him. see, he's one of my best buddies in church. we hang out alot in church. well, used to. i'm gonna miss him. if i'm not mistaken we've been friends for 5 years already. how time flies. ups and downs there were but no hard feelings. i couldn't remember much how we started talking in catechism classes. i was the newcomer. and we never talked or even meet eys. but i can't quite figure out how we started being friends. but till this day, no regrets. if you're reading this, i'd wanna let yuo know, yor the wackiest friend that i have! all the wacky, crazy things you do during camp! unforgettable! i sure hope we still remain friends after all that we've been through! i'd like to apolise if i ever offended you. oh please forgive me. as time passes and ages grow, i hope our relationship will be the same. i'll miss your wackiness though. anyways, all the best in your future undertakings! have a great birthday! don't forget your church friends! especially the four of us! now i'm just hoping that you'll read this. LOL!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Desperate Housewives, i miss you!

i've been missing DH for the past few weeks. it ticks me off all the time! i was busy with the house clearing a few weeks ago. and now i'm living in someone else's house and i have no authority at all over the tv! (btw, ah chiu's keyboard, which i'm using now, sucks!) i'm so lost now. i totally don't know where to pick up. so many unseen things. so many misunderstandings. oh gosh. it's so sick. i'm hoping that i can watch it tonight. hoping that noone wants to watch other show. oh, i'm desperately hoping. i'm so gonna purchase the full set DVD of season 1 and i'm gonna watch till my heart's content!
my computer is still not ok!! it's been like, wat? 5 days?? i don't know! i'm not very happy with it! i'm so angry at times. i kept begging ah chiu to repair it for me and he kept asking me for money! that's so not family-like! and he wants me to learn how to reformat my current blasted-up comp! and i have not the slightest idea what he was talking about last night. he told me that my comp's totally screwed and i have to do alot of stuff to return it to shape. and he was blaberring and blaberring and i was like "uh huh-ing" all the way. and i tried doing it myself, i have no idea where to go. omg. it's not as easy as i thought it was. then i thought to myself, "if i was at my own house, i'd just call the technician and do the job for me!" and i miss my home so much! and that darn ah chiu would not do it for me or either show it to me! he wants me to learn, which is kind of a good thing if i looked at it at a different perspective. but it's so giving me a headache! and ah chiu told me to refer to the bible-thick book entitled "How To Do Everything with Windows XP" and i tell you, there's nothing there that helps!! i'm so having a headache! and currently, i spend most of my time sleeping, watching tv and going to the nearby park. just to past time. it's so boring. if it was my own house, geesh, i can't imagine!

i've also realised lately that my anger attacks have been rising steadily. i get angry very easily nowadays which i wasn't before. i used to be very self-controlled. i'm not sure if it's me or the people around me that's making me feel the way i feel. but i'm pretty sure i'm the main cause of it. these "attacks" come as often as twice a week. and i'm certainly not happy with it. i realy don't like getting angry and i'm usually disobeying my parents when i'm angry. i always say to myself that i have to control it. but, i just lose it a the very moment and blames it on someone else with the phrase "you made me feel that way!" i'll certainly try my best to change.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I Know, I Shouldn't Have!!

had a huge fight with the whole family last night. cried myself to sleep. ugh. i'm not quite sure what have i done. but it's pretty bad and had leave a big scar. it's about the computer. i told u i reformatted the whole thing and i lost every single data in the system. the datas include my file of Family Photos which recently had pictures like My Confirmation, Renovation, My Floral Collection, Grace's (ong) Wedding and much more stuff! i usually put them in my external hard drive monthly. but since, i just moved to ah chiu's house for the first time, stupid me decided to leave the external hard drive (which costs RM300 and was my b'day gift) packed up in the box and left at the rented storeroom. my assumption was that my computer wouldn't give me any trouble for the next 2 months. but my assumption was wrong. it borke down and i reformatted it (didn't even know what i was doing then). and now, this is where i am. about the fight, i stareted to tell grace that the i spoiled my comp and lost all it's data and the reaction i got was not as calm as the raging sea. she started raising her voice and got mum's attention. then later, i told mum whta happened and she too went ballistic! she started yelling at me for being "over-smart" and for not bringing the external hard drive. everyone was pretty pissed off. and mum continue to yell at me staying stuff like, "how could u have not bring the hard drive" and "sometimes ur over-smart till u do things ur way". i can't remember her exact words, but again, stupid me, yelled mback at her. i said "what has this got to do with being smart?? i assumed that that my computer will not blow up! so i didn't bring it. ok, i'm sori! i shouldn't have assumed. assumption is the mother of all fucked up!" and she started a whole new quarrell about me and my language, "u mind ur language! how dare u say 'fuck u'! ( i think she didn't really heard what i said) i'll go there and smack u! and how dare u raise ur voice on me!" no, it's not funny! she was pissed and i was pissed! and then i went, " it all reflects u mom! and there's nothing wrong with my language" what i was trying to say that it's not my behaviour or stupidity or stubborness that reflects her. it's me yelling at her that reflects her cause she was the one who started yelling at me! how am i suppose to answer her in a soft and calm tone when she's like that with me?? and i think she got the message that i reflect all her bad values and started blaming herself for being such a bad mum. she even said something abt 15 years! i know i was in the wrong. i know i shouldn't have yelled back at her and answered her back in mostly everything she said! but emotions are hard to control. i felt so bad and cried myself to sleep. so did her. i know she was just trying to teach me (in a harsh tone) or to aware me (in a harsh tone!0 of what my mistake was. but couldn't she do it more adult-ly?? like sitting on the table and discuss it?? but i'm not blaming her. it's my fault. i was totally aware of the situation but still i kept on going with my piercing words. u have to know something that i don't get this mad all the time. it only happens once in a blue moon. and i don't use foul language on either of my parents! what i done was pretty bad and i couldn't reverse time. i feel really sori but i'm not ready to apologise yet. although i know i totally should. i don't know what to say. i'm really sori. and i feel really lousy. and mum had just left for a 2 day formaton in the church. won't be seeing her anytime soon. it made me wonder, before i went to sleep last night, whether other teenagers at my age would have a quarrell like that with their parents. i honestly think that i'm the only one.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Busted Computer!

hell yeah, just mentioned that it's gonna die, and it died today! at about 10.15am. and it stopped breathing for half an hour before i try reviving it to life and now, it's in a serious coma and has become a vegetable. now it's in the icu witing for treatment. ugh! it really kills me each time it happens. what i'm talking about is my computer! now, i'm writing this from ah chiu's comp cause mine's totally busted. i was so desperate for cure when it broke down, i kind of "borrowed" ah chiu's original Window XP Professional Service Pack 2. and i've gotta say that it's totally different fomr the fkae, pirated one we buy in roadside stalls. i did asked him the price of the cd a few days ago and he said it costed him RM550. i was like, what the hell? it's only a cd isn't it? and dad will probably go, "that's why bill gates is the richest man in the world!" but anyway, i'm just trying to say that my whole comp's pretty much turned to mush and i'm still trying my best to revive it. i'm kinda in a hurry now, cause there's choir practice tonight, in church. the only non-digital event that i'm actually looking forward to the whole day!! i tried putting my mind off my comp by watching a DVD "40 Year Old Virgin" in the afternoon. damn the show was hilarious and kinda dirty too. my favourite part was when he went to that dating system thingy and that girl's boobs' just falls of! oh, that cracked me up! anywayz, i gotta go now. just got busted by mum for not getting ready!

Destiny's Child - Stand Up For Love

Destiny's Child - Stand Up For Love

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sequels, Sequels, Sequels

i was just surfing Yahoo! movies and i saw alot of sequels to movies! is the "sequel" fever coming around?? there were obvious sequels like Spiderman and X-Men, i mean, it's a different villian each time and they're according to comic books. couldn't blame them. and then, there's sequels like Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings and Matrix (was it from a book??). can't actually call them sequels, cause the'yre based on different books with only same characters. LOL. me categorising stuff. but then, there wer sequels like Big Momma's House and Pirates of the Carribean and Final Destination. i was kind of dumbfounded when i first saw this. i knew about Pirates and Destination a long time ago, but not Momma's House!! i mean, that show was way long! i can't even remember the show anymore! well, a little maybe. but, what's up with the sequel?? i don't remember any continuation to that! and Final Destination was kind of a downfall. but the effects were awesome. i watched the DVD and there was a girl flashing her boobs when they were on the car at the beginning of the show and that was cool. and the boy, being crushed by glass was a classic and also the guy got "fenced" by the barb wire, awesome!!! but the storyline and the actors/actresses weren't attractive at all. another (what i may think, silly) sequel is Jaws. can you actually have any sequel to that?? it's so ewe. i think it's so pointless!! Cheaper by The Dozen 2 is another sequel! gosh, was there any after-story to that?? but honestly, i won't mind watching that, if the actors and actresses stay the same, especially all their children!! and another old movie sequel is Zorro! that's a good sequel, i think, cause i haven't watched it yet. the 1st Zorro was out, like, what? 1998?? not quite sure. but i know i watched it when i was young and could barely understand a thing. but anyways, to me, the same actor/actress playing the same role and the same director would make a great sequel! if there's a new actor playing the same old character, i wouldn't wanna watch that. would you? for example, Hugh Jackman playing Spiderman or maybe Jennifer Aniston playing Mary Jane. wouldn't it be like ewe? and another real example is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. it was directed by a different director, if i'm not mistake. i didn't really enjoy that. it was as if i was watching a dead boring slideshow! and the storyline wasn't that precise. but i'm looking forward to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! oh, i just can't wait! other movies i'm looking forward to is Chronicles of Narnia, Zathura, Aeon Flux, Exorcism of Emily Rose, (remake) Yours, Mine & Ours, Just Friends and lots more!! there's also alot of movies i haven't watched! i can't waiT!

Computer Dilemma

shit. when everything seems to be fine, it never lasts! it's always like that in my life. when everything appears to be the way i like it or the way i think is okay, that moment only last, well, a moment. i don't know why, but it has been like that ever since. can this be somehow related to feng shui?? or isit karma?? what goes aorund comes around?? just a few days ago, everything was fine. my computer, especially, was fine. it was running smoothly. no problems. none at all. but now, i think i got virus infection. it's not that smooth anymore. i'm not sure what's the cause, but i'm determined to find out. my computer's running slower than usual. very slow indeed. i think it's the cause of some installed programs. not sure which. and my removable disk is like crazy! it keeps disconnecting and re-connecting again! i mean, what's wrong with it?? and it's always autoplay-ing whenever it reconnects! and also, Blog Picture Uploading Program, HELLO! has also gone crazy! i can't find any troubleshoot button with the setup! uploading picture takes forever! and it crashes my comp, everytime i try to access pictures to be sent. so, i guess there'll be no pictures for a while! so sad. not to mention, my control panel is also causing me a headache! whenever i try to open it, my whole system automatically restarts! it's so insane! it drives me nuts everytime! what wrong did i do to the comp? ugh! it's killing me! i'm so frustrated right now! i can't post no pictures at all! by the way, carina went home today. i feel so alone right now. so boring. i mean, although she does nothing here, she's still here with me. and now that she's gone, i'm so bored. and my computer's f**ked up now, i have basically nothing to do except to read ah chiu's computer "bibles"! he told me to read them! and it's like bible-thick! i'm not even sure when i can finish! it is so not the time right now!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

LOL. SEX! and it offers 500ml refill pack!

this is ah chiu's floor detergent... realise sumthin??

tomorrow. tomorrow is a big day. a very big day for grace. STPM. she's so tensed now. words can barely describe. she can't really sleep now. she's been studying non-stop for the past few days, including today. i pity her, you know. i really do. she's so isolated from us. she's not even inolved at all in the renovation, althouugh she's dying to go and see the house! i just talked to her and comforted her. she seems ok. told her to go to sleep early. and wished her all the best! All the best!! anyway, i just remembered about a picture i took yesterday at ah chiu's house. it his floor detergent. i think it looked funny. see if it looks funny. oh well, funny is over-rated.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

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renovation work started alredi!! i went down there with carina yesterday to see how bad the house looked. got a few pictures. and we walked back to ah chiu's house. but we went to the park before that. never knew that the park had so many hibiscus. damn, we got alot of pics. i think they're just a beauty. i really love it's colours. i have most of them posted on Flickr! i kinda figured how it worked (at last!). go chek it out!! and leave ur comments while ur there. i'd like to hear from u and improve!

Monday, November 07, 2005

i heard this song on Disney Channel a few days ago. it sounded so nice. download it!

OST Mulan 2 - Lesson Number One

Changes in my life lately.

i encounter changes everyday. everyday is a new day. everyday is different. let me see what changed drastically recently. umm. renovation work started today. just now, in the morning. they're hacking up all the floors and tiles. i haven't see what happened yet. grace said i'd better not go cause there'll be alot of dust and i'll get my allergy again. i guess i'll go later in the evening. and now, because of renovation, i'm living in my uncle's hse. oh, it's all so different here. mum told me i had to be more polite in sumone else's hse. i've gotta do the dishes myself although akak's here. i'm still not doing laundry, cause i'll leave it to akak. i have to pack my bed (as usual i always do). i'm sleeping in the living room every night on a matress. listening to music is limited. meal time is prolonged cause we've gotta wait for ah chiu to come back which is pretty late. everything is very different from my own house. i just can't wait for my home to be ready! everything has gotta be limited. i'm not complaining though, although i sound like it. and there's gonna be another big change in my life. i'm getting braces! i know, it's gonna look disgusting and it's, i don't know, just ewe, i guess. the good news is i'm not extracting my four K-9 teeths. i'm just getting this done to close the gap on my to front teeth. close friends will realise this. i have it cause my gap's getting wider with time. the doc says its because of me not swallowing the right way. i don't even know how i swallow. LOL. i'm not all excited about getting braces. but i have to get them, literally. i need to. so, this are the major changes in my life. ugh. i don't like changes.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya

oh it the time of the year again. it's festival season!! i'm very very happy when this time comes. talk about Christmas when it comes, i'll be jumping off the roof!! but anyways, i just wanted to wish all the Malays And Indians in Malaysia and around the world, a Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya. have a great time! (this is kinda late anyway, LOL)
sunday afternoon. don't usually spend it at home. anyway, it's a new environment for me to be living in. i was suppose to finish this by 1.22pm, just now. but i fell asleep on ah chiu's couch watching re-runs of Desperate Housewives. i don't know what's up but they're replaying 5episodes of DH in a go today. but it's only the 1st 5 episodes. i planned to watch the whole thing, but i couldn't stay awake through the 3rd episode. sighs. what a waste. but i woke up at 4.30, just in time for the last half an hour of the 5th episode but it was the episode about Susan and that policeman and stuff like that. wasn't interested. so i switched it off. and came back to this. i gotta spill this. jiu mu (ah chiu's wife, that's what we call her) cooked lunch for me and carina, the only ones at home. she cooked sum weird gooey stuff for us. it was noodles. but it was green noodles. and it was sticky. it smelled like herbs and i bet it was cooked with it too. it has pieces of sausages and an egg. all in all. it's weird and icky. luckily for my stuffed nose because of my flu, i can barely taste anything. i finished it quick and got it done. it was almost like puke. LOL. i'm so mean to be bitching abt other people's food, but it's really is weird. i'm sori. LOL.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Update: What's Been Happening Lately

ugh! it's 8.16am now. and this is my first post in days. i've been so caught up with the clearing up of the house for the past few days and also grace's wedding. anothe grace ofcoz. my godsister grace ong. she was getting maried and stuff and she asked me to be her cameraman. i must say, i was oddly flattered. it was kinda scary to be trusted, in a sense. anyway, she had 2 main dinners in penang and in ipoh. she's from penang and her husband's from ipoh. holding the video camera for 3 straight hours ain't easy, i tell u. her wedding was nice, not to all her expectations and not to all her liking. see, she had this slideshow display of wedding photos prepared but the restaurant wasn't prepared for that thing to come and wasn't well equipped enough for her to get her stuff going. she was kinda pissed of at first. but then, sumhow, she managed to get it right. and the whole evenning went on nicely. that was in penang. in ipoh, oyog and the kang family (my family) had to trvel from 6am to ipoh just in time for her tea drinking. in chinese wedding, tea drinking is a very important event. the newlyweds must serve the parents and other married relatives tea to get honor and blessings from all their family members. i recorded the whole thing on her videocam. it was so long cause they had so many relatives! oh but it was fun. watching all their antics and hearing all their jokes. she rented a temporary hotel for us. we rested there in the afternoon and go ready for her wedding dinner in the evening. again, i was the cameraman. their wedding dinner wastotally different from our hokkien people. they're cantonese people. even the food tastes different! they had dancers on stage performing for the guests, the food is served even before the bride comes, there's alot of alcohol and dancing around and they really make it a hell of a time! they give their all out on such days. it was so fun to see the old people dance on stage! and their dinner ends early. at about 9.30pm. if it's in penang, it'll most probably end at 12am. and the ppl there don't dress up for occasions like this. they wear very casual clothes. whereas for us, we dress up like hell when it comes to occasion like this! LOL. it was fun to see and learn about different cultures in different places! and now, my parents and godparents are clearing up the house while we children are staying at my uncle's hse (i'll have to put up in this place for the nest 2 months of renovation). i've shifted my computer here and stuff like that. but ah chiu( uncle) don't let me up stay up late using the comp. it's so sad, cause it's the only time i get to be alone with my comp. but i've gotta obey him cause it's his house, his rules. but he's really nice. nicer than usual. he told me that i wasn't allowed to touch his comp but he pitied me so he fixed his dvd-rom for me so that i could watch dvd. ain't that nice?? i mean, for a guy who doesn't share his electronic alot, he let me used his external dvd-rom!! so happy. but now, i'm literally sick. i was sick since yesterday. couldn't stop sneezing and coughing and i have runny-nose. i think i have the flu! i couldn't even sleep well last night! i'm blaming the dust in the house. but whatever it is, the renovation work's gonna start on monday! yeap, this monday!! so excited. dad seems to be a lil emotional about his old house. he still refuses to come to ah chiu's hse. he wants to stay wit the house till the very last minute. LOL.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

and the gand finale!! a family picture with the bishop! Posted by Picasa
and that was me during the thank you speech!! i felt so good to be up there... Posted by Picasa
oh ya.. and that was me getting anointed... the most important event of the celebration... Posted by Picasa
and a pic with the parish priests!! how nice! from right: father henry, me, edmund, father francis! Posted by Picasa
a family picture!!  Posted by Picasa
and my god-family... aren't they nice?? i love them! Posted by Picasa
a pic with poh-poh and my aunt and uncle!! mum says i have the same smile like poh-poh!! LOL Posted by Picasa
me and the bishop!! awesome man! i nvr got a picture with him!! not till this day! Posted by Picasa
the 4 musketeers!! with uncle john!  Posted by Picasa
a close up! don't the girls look pwetty?? Posted by Picasa