Thursday, November 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Nick!

happy birthday nick! big b'day bear hug from me!! but no present! LOL. it's nick's birthday! and i'm so happy for him. see, he's one of my best buddies in church. we hang out alot in church. well, used to. i'm gonna miss him. if i'm not mistaken we've been friends for 5 years already. how time flies. ups and downs there were but no hard feelings. i couldn't remember much how we started talking in catechism classes. i was the newcomer. and we never talked or even meet eys. but i can't quite figure out how we started being friends. but till this day, no regrets. if you're reading this, i'd wanna let yuo know, yor the wackiest friend that i have! all the wacky, crazy things you do during camp! unforgettable! i sure hope we still remain friends after all that we've been through! i'd like to apolise if i ever offended you. oh please forgive me. as time passes and ages grow, i hope our relationship will be the same. i'll miss your wackiness though. anyways, all the best in your future undertakings! have a great birthday! don't forget your church friends! especially the four of us! now i'm just hoping that you'll read this. LOL!

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