Tuesday, November 15, 2005

my computer is still not ok!! it's been like, wat? 5 days?? i don't know! i'm not very happy with it! i'm so angry at times. i kept begging ah chiu to repair it for me and he kept asking me for money! that's so not family-like! and he wants me to learn how to reformat my current blasted-up comp! and i have not the slightest idea what he was talking about last night. he told me that my comp's totally screwed and i have to do alot of stuff to return it to shape. and he was blaberring and blaberring and i was like "uh huh-ing" all the way. and i tried doing it myself, i have no idea where to go. omg. it's not as easy as i thought it was. then i thought to myself, "if i was at my own house, i'd just call the technician and do the job for me!" and i miss my home so much! and that darn ah chiu would not do it for me or either show it to me! he wants me to learn, which is kind of a good thing if i looked at it at a different perspective. but it's so giving me a headache! and ah chiu told me to refer to the bible-thick book entitled "How To Do Everything with Windows XP" and i tell you, there's nothing there that helps!! i'm so having a headache! and currently, i spend most of my time sleeping, watching tv and going to the nearby park. just to past time. it's so boring. if it was my own house, geesh, i can't imagine!

i've also realised lately that my anger attacks have been rising steadily. i get angry very easily nowadays which i wasn't before. i used to be very self-controlled. i'm not sure if it's me or the people around me that's making me feel the way i feel. but i'm pretty sure i'm the main cause of it. these "attacks" come as often as twice a week. and i'm certainly not happy with it. i realy don't like getting angry and i'm usually disobeying my parents when i'm angry. i always say to myself that i have to control it. but, i just lose it a the very moment and blames it on someone else with the phrase "you made me feel that way!" i'll certainly try my best to change.

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