Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ayumi Hamasaki - Green


Ayumi Hamasaki - Green Lyrics

hikari kagayaite rin to shita kigitachi ga
mi wo kakusu you ni iro wo keshite yuku
kibou he tsunagaru nanimokamo o toozake te
nukumori wo kowagaru watashi no you ni
ano hito no egao ga mou
mabushikute yasashii sugite
yowasa misete shimaisou de
nakidashite shimaisou de

fureta yubi no saki kara
omoi ga afuredashisou ni
natta ano shunkan kara
kono koi ni kizukimashita

doushite hito wa kokoro no mama ni shitagai
aruite yuku no ga muzukashii no darou
hontou wa kitto zutto
wakatteta hazu nara no ni ne
genjitsu ni me wo somuketeta
shinjitsu wo hitei shiteta

mitsumeru sono saki ni wa
itoshiki ano hito no sugata
kaze ga kawaru koro ni wa
kono omoi tsutaeyou ka

fureta yubi no saki kara
omoi ga afuredashisou ni
natta ano shunkan kara
kono koi ni kizukimashita

mitsumeru sono saki ni wa
itoshiki ano hito no sugata
kaze ga kawaru koro ni wa
kono omoi tsutaeyou ka

futatabi mebuita kigitachi ga iro tsuitara
ima yori sunaona egao mietai


Now I know I haven’t been really updated with my music lately, let alone blogging and I know I’m not such an avid fan of the Asian entertainment scene, minus a few exceptions – think Lee Hom - and the occasional sex scandals – think Edison Chen – which will do so much as to only entice my insipid interest. But I’ve recently gotten hooked to Ayumi Hamasaki’s Green after having stumbled upon her music video on MTV a couple of times resulting in me having it played on loop now.

I think the song is great - the melody, vocals and instruments are all alright. The video in particular is also strikingly Asian, which surprisingly was the first thing that got me watching the video. Ayumi Hamsaki herself isn’t looking all that bad with her green outfit and hairdo (and the purse!). And that woman can really work the drama in the video, what with all her exquisite hand gestures and dramatic facial expressions. However, I don’t quite get the storyline of the video, especially with the same sex dance numbers. Not quite sure what she’s trying to insinuate. Tongue out

Of course, I can barely understand Japanese, even with the translation of the lyrics, I’m still lost. But that’s the fun thing about Japanese songs, you see. Their lyrics are still readable and the least, sing-able. Mind you, this isn’t the first time I’ve gotten hooked to Ayumi Hamasaki’s work. I' was previously aware of her existence and her work, despite of me always holding a prejudiced take on wide-eyed artists with Horror-juku dressing and bimbotic poses in their pictures. I’m not much of a follower, but I do like Ayumi Hamasaki. Suffice to say, the only reason I embedded her video here is for easy reference as I can’t find it on YouTube easily.


The brilliant trees standing in the cool air
Are losing the colors as if hiding themselves
Just like me who is afraid of the warmth
Keeping myself away from anything leading to hope

The smiling face of that person
Looks dazzling and so tender
I’m afraid I might show my weakness
And start crying

* I noticed this love
The moment my fingertip touched his
And my feelings were
About to flow out

I wonder why it’s difficult for us
To walk as we wish

Actually I’ve always
Realized for sure
But I turned my eyes from the reality
And denied the truth

** I’m staring at my dear person
I might tell him
Of this feeling
Around the time the wind changes

* (repeat)
** (repeat)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Evolution of My Phones

So, as it appears, the highlight of my April would be me getting a new phone from the parents – without even requesting. Well, for the past few months, I’ve been regularly changing my phone, given that I got the previous one as a hand-me-down from jie. Who would ever thought, the more tech-savvy one in the family would survive with a basic phone for quite sometime now only to get a hand-me-down. Of course, I wasn’t complaining, except for the few glitches of the previous phone which needed immediate repairing. Other than that, I’m pretty much pleased to be using a flip-phone.

IMG_2074 copy

Which is why I have no idea why mom and dad would go get me a new phone besides having too much love on me (and a little bit of pity, I’m sure). Of course, it is neither my dream phone – not that I have any nowadays what with the rapid evolution of mobile phones – nor is it a latest edition for that matter. But, surprisingly to myself even, instead of acting out like a spoilt brat, throwing unnecessary tantrums, I am more overwhelmed by their gesture than to bother about the specifications of the phone. Honestly, I feel a little unworthy to be accepting such a gift.

IMG_2075 copy

No matter, I am pleased with the cell and have taken less time than I thought I would to fall in love with it. Really, I have no complains except for the part that I’m still struggling to get used to using a Sony Ericsson interface after having used Nokia’s one for such a long time. I even have difficulty typing a text, often going for the 0 button to space my words instead of the # key. Seriously, why’d they have to make it so different? Other than that, the phone’s exceptionally fine – the functions, the specifications, the design and the interface. Really no complains. It’s one hell of a jump from my previous phone that’s for sure.

IMG_2080 copy

As it is promoted 3 years back when the phone was released, it truly lives up to its expectations. The phone puts the ‘R’ into RegulaR which makes it mediocrity all the more sexy and appealing to me. LOL. Am I making a good job selling my product? Anyway, I’m not sure if I think the phone is sexy just because it comes in my favorite color – orange. Also, the phone is unique because as I know, it only comes in 2 different colours which are black and red. How in the world my parents got a white with gold touches one, I don’t know but I’m lovin’ it! Definitely sets me apart from the rest, no? (Allow me my self-indulgence this once.) The candybar style and the colour combination makes it looks all the more edgy - a phone for the style-conscious.

IMG_2081 copy

IMG_2090 copy

IMG_2093 copy

IMG_2095 copy

Only thing I’ve got to say is that the keypad is a tad bit small for my stubby little fingers, resulting in me constantly pressing the wrong buttons, causing more complications during texting. The entire size of the phone is unusually thin (for me) and I still need some getting used to as I constantly fear the phone will slip off my hands in my clumsy attempt of texting. The 2megapixels camera bundled together with the phone is also commendable to a certain extent considering it is after all a WalkMan phone. I’ve also grown used to the user-friendly interface of Sony Ericsson phones and it’s screen, providing a crystal clear images for the eyes.

IMG_2098 copy

IMG_2099 copy

IMG_2100 copy

 IMG_2108 copy 

Certainly came a long way, haven’t I? Thanks mom and dad. Oh, by the way, all the phones are still in working condition and are still under my keep. =)