Friday, January 28, 2005

It's Been So Long

whoa! big sigh! it's been so long since i last updated my previous blog under my account. i missed blogging. it's just that, sometimes, i just couldn't find a time 2 update my blog. gosh! there's so many things i wanna say right now. u've missed somuch in my life since the past few months!! but let's forget about the past. let's look forward. so, i celebrtated christmas and new year! getting quite worried bout 2005. school had already started for about a month and the pressure is rising each day. 2005, a so called "important" year cause i've got to sit for the pmr examinations somewhere in october. it's usual... evrybody keeps saying that it's important, study hard, this and that. sighs. so, what's worrying me right now is my studies. i've been sick since last saturday and my condition haven't gotten any better yet. i lost my voice yesterday and i skipped school today and tomorrow. i'm woried bout my maths. everybody has started 'circles 2' n i have absolutely no clue about that chapter because, i've missed 2 weeks of math and bm tuition and missed 2 periods of maths in sch which just started that chapter!! now i'm worried that i'll never catch up. oh man. =( another worrying subject is abt my friend. he just got a computer that he had always wanted for life. and i think becaus of that, he's treating my coldly these few days. for instance, he totally ditch me during reces yesterday, which he has never done before 4 the last three years and i called him just now and asked him whether he wanted to go to the movies with me this sunday, my treat, cause it's his birthday today, and he totally rejected me with lame excuses. i'm so sad right now. i mean, i'm not gay but, when u have a best friend, ur suppose to enjoy their presence, right? am i right? to be honest, i miss him. we haven't really talked alot for the past week. it's kinda disheartening. THIS IS NO GAY SHIT!! it's my true feelings towards a close friend!! ohh. however, this is my 1st blog since, forever. this marks the beginning of a long journey!! thanx for being there always.