Thursday, June 30, 2005

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School, is this what it is??

another boring day in school. not as much fun as an adult think it would be. anyway, i did nothing much in school today. it's been an hour already since i came online. in school, teachers keep missing classes, attending all sorts of functions and courses. it's getting lame already. most of the students in my class do nothing but play, talk, stare aimlessly outside the window and throw chalks and balls of paper at each other. it is fun, at times. but not all the time. firstly, we get to skip, BM for the 1st 2 periods of school. and then, after recess, we get to skip English for 2 periods also. altho we were given work during English, but nobody did nothing. *sighs*. my Science teacher has already been absent from school for this whole week, including tomorrow, coz she's attending sum sort of course. the only teacher that teaches us seriously would be my Maths teacher. she's the only lady that had never skipped a lesson with us, even since the first day of schoo . and during her lessons, each second counts for her. few work given in class, but alot given to go home! she is a really dedicated teacher. maybe becoz she's STILL single. LOL. she sed she was old enough to be our grandmother. LOL. but anyways, the studying we get this week is really little. just a few subjects that actually did took place. but all in all, we enjoy the teacher's absence. i mean, i do. but not all the time. maybe once for two months would just do me right. the only entertainment i get when the teachers are absent is reading the newspaper. other ppl like, Jowyee, Amos, Leonard, and etc usually do more "beneficial" stuff like striking up a paper ball war! LOL. they usually invite other students like Jeffrey, Ryan, Adrian and etc to come to our class and practically, hang around. most of the time, they would be competing strength by arm wrestling! and i mean, really wrestle! u can see the adrenaline rush up their body to their heads which turns apple red when they're defending against each other. LOL. the good thing is, they never take anything seriously. they never actually fight coz of loosing and they never offend each other. that would be group of jocks in my class. and the other group would be all-the-really-smart ppl group which consists of T'ng Choong (which is so famous for being the number one boy!!), Eric, Irwan and etc. those ppl usually have their heads buried in their books when the teacher's not around. they usually challenge themselves by playing mind boggling games. nothing else, i tell u! education and academic excellence would probably be the only things swimming in their mind. LOL. but i do try to get my work done in class, constantly struggling to keep attention throughout all the noise made by those jocks, when the teacher's absent, which usually turns out to fail. LOL. and then, there's another group who only does daydreaming and always trying to get their mind off school. LOL. that would be my kinda person. not true actually. i mean, there are, ppl who stare aimlessly outside the window, or the floor, or even the blackboard when there's no teaher. and there are ppl who's always trying to keep their mind off school, like me. i do that by bringing magazines and stuff, to read in class if there's spare time. and if i don't bring anything, the only thing to read is the newspapers. let me see... on mondays, i keep up with Mary Schneider's articles in the papers. on tuesdays and thursdays, TechWorld. wednesday and friday, well, just keepinf up with news. LOL. that's what i do. and if there's magazine, which is so totally illegal in my school, i'd be reading up on cd reviews and celeb gossips. LOL. that usually keeps my mind off school.
so, there u have it, sumthin about my friends. LOL. i'll post some pictures also. check them out. so, i guess, students are always meant to be students, always enjoying the absence of the teachers. to me, same, but not too much absence. i'd like it if it happens once in a blue moon. and that's how's life for me in school. don't really enjoy it, but don't really hate it either. LOL.

Friends?? So Confused...

i just got back from school. having a normal afternoon like everyday. i should be studying or at least completing my homework now, but instead, i'm meddling with my computer. when i got online, my bestie (or at least that's what i think of him) nudged me on msn asking me whether i knew a guy named *wateva. i sed no. and then, i was thinking abt asking him to accompany me for a show this weekend. so i asked him. and he plainly replied me with a 'no'. and i asked him why. he sed thet he jz simply dont feel like going. so i thought that maybe he's not free or he's uptight this month. so i laid the conversation down. i was confused. how come, if we're best friends, why does he always keep the truth from me? or isit me that's with the problem?? if it is, why does he never tell me?? i'm reli stressed out about it. i thought friendship is all about honesty? i just can't find answers to my questions. i seriously don't think that it's the right way to be goin around with our daily lives like that. i'm not forcing him to tell the truth, i just think that the truth would be best and if it's me that's with the problem, i could probably change. but no. i don't see him doing that anymore. our friendship has been like, hanging on a thread. i really don't want this to happen. but what the heck, who am i to be involved in his "personal life" or wateva his having now. just forget about me, world! as i sed a few months ago, i'm slowly fading from the face of the earth.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


school is... umm... another unavoidable or inevitable thing or responsiblity in life i guess. everybody has to go through it. i think. to me, school is just another education centre. pretty boring most of the times, but still, fun at times. how can we avoid school? i don't think there's a way to that. allthough u can skip it, but it's unavoidable. sighs. i think, for ppl like my age, school is just a place to find our own identity, personality and a place where u try to fit in. i think that's school for the most of us. i see so many people searching... searching for some recognition, something that they could call their own, sumwhere they could fit in comfortably. I came to make that theory out of my bestie's saying, which i won't quote. but to me, school is just school. we make friends, we study, have fun, join a couple of stuff and finish school with memories. altho i am trying to fit in, searching for a right personality and stuff, i'm still fine and happy the way i am. i'm not asking for more. not searchin for more. as long as i have who i think i'm happy to be with, i don't need a group to fit in. sighs.
school today was ok. woke up with the same heavy feeling churning inside my stomach. had loads of homework though. should better get going. btw, today is the last episode of season 6 of CHARMED. how sad... i just wished it wouldn't end. but i'm not gonna miss this one. hope this isn't the last of CHARMED!!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Monday~~ urgh~~

urgh. i hate mondays. i mean, who doesn't?? monday is never good. never good, i tell you. from the time i wake up till the end of the day. it's always bad. sighs. anyway, what i hate about mondays is, you know, the feeling of heaviness, reluctantness and laziness u get, when u try ur best to get ur butt off from bed on the first day of sch after every enjoyable fun-filled weekend. i always have trouble waking up on monday mornings. urgh. but somehow or other, life cannot be avoided. and also, the feeling when u try ur best to open ur eyes and walk urself to the bathroom, which suddenly seems to be situated like a million miles from where u are, on monday mornings before school is kinda like the the most excruciating pain i can feel. LOL. i guess that's me. well, the only thing that's good about monday morings is living in a apartment seems to make my life easier coz i do not need to walk a flight of stairs. LOL. and onther bad thing is, when i get up on monday mornings, the feeling that nothing seems to be right is always there and i can somehow, mentally prove it. for example, my shoelaces are not done yet, my bag seems to be heavier than usual, breakfast ain't what i asked for. LOL. i guess that's how i start my mondays.
the next thing abt mondays is, my dad always has to wait for me to get my butt downstairs. i'm always a lil bit late than usual on mondays. even when i get into the car, my shoelaces which are now already in place haven't even been tied yet and i always seem to fumble clumsily with my stuff. to add that, tying my shoelaces tied in the car seems to an almost impossible task. even if after i get them on on my shoes, i always have trouble bending my leg up to tie them. my big fat tummy is always in the way when i'm tying my shoelaces in the car in a sitting position. and bending down to tie them isn't a very good choice either. my way is always blocked by my oversized school bag! in other words, i can barely tie my shoelaces in the car, which pisses me off on mondays! LOL.
and in school, when i reach school, the feeling of drousiness is just so heavy. i can't seem to shake it off! my eyelids feel like it weighs a hundred tonnes and i could just so easily fall asleep with my eyes closed for a minute or two. even with the presence of my friends and the nosy conditions in the school canteen (which i usually stay when i get to school before going up for classes), i still feel as sleepy as ever. i hate that. i even feel that way throughout the whole day in school. especially during assembly! making us (students) stand in the hazy atmosphere ain't a very good move, school. it sucks. eventhough it's not hazy, making us stand in assembly is just so evil! i don't think any other school in this world have to go through this stupid thing standing besides m'sia! silly. i just dont think that we are s'posed to be treated like that! it's not fair! they could at leats allow us to sit on the floor while keeping us quiet. right? but wat can i do?? i'm helpless. anyway, the rest of the day just seems like a blur. i can hardly pay attention in classes on mondays and i'm just so damn sleepy. yawns. and after recess, it the atmosphere in the whole class feels so humid, especially with the current hazy air. stuffy and sleepy i would say. it made me think of Harry's Professor Trelawney's Classroom. attention just sounds impossible at that time. and all i can think of is my home. and the feeling of getting home as soon as possible drowns me....
well, that's my mondays. and the rest of the day goes on with a 3 hour tuition class and so forth. by the time i get back from tuition, it's already 9pm and i've alreday missed my usual 6pm chinese drama on TV3. LOL. nothing good, i tell u once again. but wat to do, as i said, life cannnot be avoided. i'm not complaining. i guess, i'll just have to just carry on like a 15year old. LOL.

Friday, June 24, 2005

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i just realised sumthing that, in my area, it's kinda hazy. the smell of sumthing burning is everywhere. and it's kinda blurry outside. i can see a layer of fog/smoke/wateva it's called outside... and it's kinda choky. anywayz, jz wanted to say that, pls stop polluting!! it's killin me and the rest of the world. HAZy~~

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*sighs*. at last, it's friday. didn't have a chance to blog at all since monday, or at least, i'm too tired to do so at the end of each day. anyways, let me start from monday. hmm... let me see wat happened on monday. oh ya! on monday, in school, we (students) skipped assembly but announcement said that it was going to be replaced by another special assembly on tuesday. some occassion, i think and the school announced that it was happening malaysia-wide. all the schools are goin to have this same assembly. but, whatever. plus, i read in the newspapers in the class about an article. it was about blogging. u can find it on Monday's STAR newspapers (20-06-2005). on the section STAR Two, i think. well, it seems to me that blogging has been achieveing world-wide recognition and still growing. the article featured four local (malaysian) bloggers and their blogs. one particular guy that i remembered was the handicapped guy. from what i remembered, he's story was that he couldn't walk and he wasted the early years of his handicapped life. and one day, he came to know about blogging, and he started a whole new life there. blogging each day of his life, raising awareness to the world about handicapped people. it's really touching and quite inspirational to me. it made me realise how much blogging can change someone's life. it's really cool. to me, blogging is like my own space. a place to pour my sorrows, anger, happiness and simply, just writing. i think that the government is taking the right action to raise blogging awareness. this could be a place where people could "let go" and thus, could eventually, prevent suicidal cases, murders, and other crimes. people should know about blogging!!
and on tuesday, in school, when the assembly should've taken place in the morning, it was postponed to next week, due to rain in the morning. me and my bestie was already in the middle of the field waiting for the assembly to start, but then, it started raining and we ran back to class. and after our recess, we got a little treat. we get to skip History class because all the Form3s were all called to the hall. when we got there, it was already packed with other 3rd Formers. by the looks of it, it was a Mini Education Fair where there are alot of handouts and brochures to promote a particular school. it was ofcoz, organisesd by the school. but anyway, it was fun. it was like a take all u can kinda thing. alot od brochures were displayed on the tables of different stands, bearing the name of the different universities, colleges and institutions. the Singapore Education stand was the most successfull one i must say. they were handing out thick books on Education Guide and free pens to us. so, being a typical m'sian, ofcoz it drew a croud . who doesn't want free pens?? at leats a free book?? LOL. it was fun, going around the stands, collecting brochures and stuff and sumtimes even getting a double. LOL. school ended with choir practice on tuesday. i was invited by khang yang to join the choir with him. i thought if he was in it, it might be ok for me to give it a try. so, i went for practice. not exactly welcomed in that place. and at night, we went up 2 grand's to celebrate my uncle's b'day. got some kind of reunion there and we had dinner together. kinda fun. and as usual, i sweat my ass off with badminton again with fellow cuzins.
wednesday, was a scary one. nothing unsual happened in school. none that i can think off. hmm. after school, when i was at home, on a usual lazy afternoon, i was getting my job done that my sis gave me. it was to search for the listed lyrics by her friend and to print it all out for her. i was doing it and got into it. LOL. and at about 5.30pm that day, i got a call from my uncle(not the one that i celebrated his birthday) saying dat my grandma was shivering and he asked us to get her to the clinic. so, we rushed to her house, and nothing made me prepared for what i was going to encounter. as i went in her room, she was sitting on her bed, shaking vigorously. and as she turned her face, it as white as sheet. and when i touched her hands, it was so cold. man, it was scary! i got the shock of my life. i never seen her like this before. scary! ans i prompted my dad to called the ambulance, which he did. and my dad had to leave for work, immediately. Akak was rubbing grandma's chest and my uncle was rubbing her fingers to keep her warm. and as i waited for the ambulance, all sorts of thoughts ran through my mind. i was so scared and i was so worried that it would be her "time". it was really painful to see her like that. i felt so useless at that time. i began to cry and cry and cry and cry. i had nothing to do. i kept praying and praying hoping that she would be ok. and after a few minutes, her facial colours returned to normal, and she stopped shaking. her heat returning to normal. i got a lil bit relaxed and the ambulance arrived. i followed her to the hospital with akak by my side all the time. at the hospital, mum greeted me and akak, and grandma was attended to immediately. the doctor told us that she might have pneumonia and she her lungs was infected and she was having a high fever. she needed to be admitted, so, we admitted her. and everything seems to be returning to normal. i left the hospital later that night. and as i got home, the only relaxin thing that i was looking forward to was to read my harry potter book. and i went to sleep after that with a heavy feeling in my heart.
i awoke on thursday, and it was alredi 9.30am. i skipped school i guess. same goes to grace also. i had to fetch edmund for his tuition class. and after that, grace, me and akak went to the airport to see akak's sister's departure. her sisiter was going back to indonesia. her departure was quite unusual, adnd was quite in a hurry. she left so fast that we couldn't even take a picture with her. and her employee seemed to have no feelings at all to see her departure. she was more to chasing her to get on the plane. akak was quite pissed off by that. but then, we had breakfast at the airport before leaving for home. and later in the afternoon, me and akak went down to the hospital to visit grandma. she seemed pretty ok. me and akak stayed there till mum showed up. we had dinner and stayed with grandma for an hour or so, in the hospital till the guards came to chase us out. so we went back, leaving akak with grandma only.
and now, on friday, as i'm writing this, i'm skipping school again. took the initiative to come write here. akak just got back form the hospital. and dad's going to work alredi. i also just got news about grandma getting her operation and stuff. hope she's allright. edmund's having lunch and preparing for school. grace had gone to school. and i haven't even took my bath yet. so i guess i'd better stop here. gtg.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to any fathers who are reading this (which i don't think any will). Anywayz, i celebrated Father's day fairly. We had a night celebration last night, after church. My aunt's family tagged along, with my cousins. We had dinner and later, so unexpectedly, proceeded to Hagen Daaz. According to mum, her eason to go there was to get a Father's Day cake. She spoted d cake last week, when we went there 4 my birthday (as a desert after dinner). It was of course an ice-cream cake. And d thing was, one kilograms costs RM98!! Geez!! To me, it's so expensive. But mum said it was for grandpa, and he deserves it. Fine with me. So when we got there, all of us seemed to automatically unloaded from the car. LOL. Who could resist ice-cream for dessert?? So, we took some time off and relaxed there. Got us some ice-cream, and made a hell of noise! LOL. The cake needed an hour to be prepared. I doubt it. I t was just to attract business. LOL. So we had a nice hour in the shop, heaving heaps of ice-creams in our mouth. I got a chocolate ice-cream with chocolate cream. Lip-smacking. Had a good time. Spent like RM200 at the end of dessert. So we dropped my aunt off in her mother in law's place and we headed home. The ice-cream cake was totally sensitive to heat. So we kept the ice-cream for the next day to bring it to my grand's house.
Today, after having breakfast in a nearby coffeshop, we headed straight to grand's place. Did nuthin much there. Parents are s'pose to go there and clear up the old house coz grand's just moved from their old traditional house to a small small three-roomed flat. So there was alot of clearing up to do like, selling all those crap metals, useful rubbish, and loads of rubbish! I don't usually help there, coz there's always all my uncles and stuff, so i don't think i'm actually needed there. So i usually hang in my grand's new house with my cousins. Usually spend hours and hours playing badminton on the road. Being really sucky at it and sweating my *ss off!! Did nuthing much besides watching Malaysian Idols KL Auditions for the second time and singing a really yucky version of happy birthday song, changed to a father's day song. LOL. Had a really nice time today. I even helped my dad washed his car in the evening just now.
Now, i'm watchin Tru Calling like usual Sundays on TV3. Also just finished transferring all my photos to a BlueGhost backup drive my mum got me for my birthday. It's 40GB!! Got a little bit of difficulty, but i hope evrything's ok now. *fingers crossed*. I guess it's all for now. Gotta go watch Tru Calling and download all my photos taken today from my digicam to my computer. And maybe, continue reading HarryPotter and The Goblet Of Fire later.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

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I'm Back!!

hey!! i'm back again! it's been quite long since i last updated my blog. lol. i wonder why did i stop blogging in the 1st place. i mean, hey, it's so much fun rite? lol. anyway, i'm planning to continue blogging again. i kinda felt d feeling of letting sumthin out from me. unleash! lol. d thought of blogging again actually came from my friend. he asked me if the link to this blog is still working or not. and also, my bestie who asked me if i actually blogged. so i guess, it kinda strucked me that i would decide and come back to type again, as to, writing a diary is much more tiring. lol. lazy me~
so, i guess i'm back and u'll see more of my postings again! lol. i'm currently typing this on my pc which is situated in the living room, now deserted, with my back towards the TV which is switched on to channel 71 of ASTRO, MTV. not even sure what alien song it's playing now. i'm feeling kinda hungry. i managed finish printing my aunt's document to pass it up 2 her 2mro. sighs. i guess i have nothing much to say now. just wanted to make a point thath i'm coming back to bloggin again! i think i should go to bed now.