Wednesday, December 28, 2005

feeling a little sore at the throat. it's gonna lead to fever. oh, this is so not the time to get myself sick. and it's so late, i can't sleep yet. ah chiu's still watching his hokkien movie and my mattress is just in front of the tv. ugh!! i want my home!!

Back To School!

i particularly hate this time around!! hate the feeling!! lousy time!! it sucks!! it needs so much preparation. ok. taking a deep breath. sighs. i haven't found any tuitions yet!! i haven't got all my supplies for next year's new term!! i haven't checked out if my uniform still fits my overgorwn body!! i haven't even got a new school bag yet. not like it's really important, but all my previous school bags are quite small. i haven't get any of my books yet!! i haven't decided which steam i'm going to. and i'm not even sure if i could change my decision anymore! *sobs*. ugh! and the house isn't even ready yet!! my room!! all my stuff is stuck in the storeroom we rented!! and i can barely move anything!! i'm so frustrated!! i need my room back!! i wanna sleep in it!! *sobs*.

all my friends have at least found their tuition centres. or at least, have a contact of some sort. me?? i have nothing! zero! nothing at all!! i'm so lost!! i'll be the lost sheep in school next year!! and everything is so messed up. i don't know which book i must get. i have no fucking idea at all!! ugh! *breathing heavily*. mind me for my words. i can't help it. and i'm so caught up with the house lately. i have to help in the moving back in into house. and my stuff is stuck in the depths of the storeroom. i don't know what i'm going to do! we'll have to gradually slowly move back in. but how long isit gonna take?? i can't wait any longer!! school reopens next tuesday!! there's like a week left for me to straighten up!! and dad is so caught up with the house too. and grace is so caught up with her job. and i'm stuck in the middle and i CAN"T DRIVE!! this is the advantage!!

and the stupid government has to move the age allowance to 17 for motorbikers!! so stupid!! who'll be able to drive me around hunting for tuition centres or drive me down to school to get my books and other information?? and even if dad does, the house will go unattended and things will just go wrong!! at this time, i definitely think that driving skills are so important!! and i just heard from my friend that we'll have to use clothe badges for next year. the pin-up badges are history! what was wrong with those badges anyway?? they were good!! classy!! and they just have to change it!! *screams*. im so having a headache now!! i guess i'll better go get some sleep!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

this is what my msn messenger looks like now. skin : MSN Slate.

Eating, Drinking and Partying.

good morning!! feeling so sleepy today. bedtime and mealtime was so messed up for the past few days. endless merrymaking (eating!!) and late night parties! drinking so much beverages and syrup, no alcohol though. to me, alcohol is illegal. i don't even drink wine. LOL. that's most probably cause i dislike the taste. alcohol tastes so bitter!! yucks!! i just don't understand why some people could consume such a huge amount of alcohol at one time!! i'm just like my dad, he doesn't drink eaither. i mena, he can drink, but he can't drink alot. 2 glasses of wine is usually enough to get him drunk. i guess that's a good thing.

but anyway, christmas clelbration this year was definitely weird out. it was so weird. they had to plan a christmas party this year. for the past years, i don't remember planning any parties. only this year, someone in the family has to make a big fuss about it. just someone that we couldn't get all used to. even that someone gave out the idea to scrap of the christmas gifts giving to the children this year. that was the worse part of it! how could they do this?? it's so dumb!! christmas without presents?? how gross. i like to recieve presents myself, what else my other little cousins?? we usually get 5-6 gifts every year, each from our aunts and uncle. and this year, everybody only got one, from ah chiu. and there are a few lucky ones who got extra cause their parents decided to ditch theie nieces and nephews and only give their own children. it's so stupid.

i mean, i'm not being greedy. it's just to show some little act of giving for christmas. giving of love and joy. happiness!! the expression on the children's faces just makes the gift worth while. well, it doesn't have to be designers and expensive. it can be a little keychain or anything that you feel like giving at all. all the children, including me, will cuddles up our gifts and quickly find a paper bag to put all them in!! it's so funny. then we'll all keep a watchful eye on our own bags. lol. it has somehow became a tradition, and some mindless people had to go break it. after the bitterness this year, they all planned to get back to old present giving next year!!

i'm definitely looking forward to it! after all that's been sauid and done, i guess i had a good time. it's inevitable. christmas is for joy and laughter. the games, spontaneously organized by me and good ol' uncle, was fabulous! thank goodness the parents did their part of joining in the fun to support us. noone was as sporting as my parents and godparents. and i had so much food as well!! everybody chipped in a little bit of food. i just know that mom and dad supplied the turkey (ordered from shangri-la hotel and cold storage). and i got a pleasent non-mint chocolate cake from kai ma!! oh it tastes so good!!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

It's Christmas!!

good morning!! merry christmas everybody!! oh, how jovial i am today!! merry christmas to you and your loved ones. have a blessed christmas and may God bless you all!! peace on eartn and good will to all men!! hohoho!! isn't christmas simply amazing and wonderful?!

oh well, here i am, just woke up from my 6 hours sleep and feeling hungover from last night's party. still dressed in my party clothes, i'm sitting here wishing all of you a merry christmas!! woah, we definitely had a blast last night!! i mean, the choir, not the party. the choir performed amazingly!! capturing hearts of thousands in the church itself!! we did the Ceremony of Carols this year, and it went just perfectly!! oh, i felt so proud of the choir!! the hymns during mass was nothing less than perfect!! uncle gerard was the happiest man on earth i think!! he kept smiling all the way!! i still think, the best time of christmas is spent in church with your loved ones!!

and after church, after the endless wishes of merry christmas to your dear ones, we proceeded to poh poh's house as usual. it has somehow became a christmas tradition for us, gathering after mass in poh poh's house, merrymaking! it was pretty different this year. oh well, it's celebrated in a tiny HDB flat. imagine trying to fit about 30people in that little house. it was crammed. and we couldn't do much dancing nor singing, cause we might recieve complains from the neighbours. in the old big house, we used to be able to do whatever we want. sing your lungs out, nobody cares!! cause it's used to be placed in the middle of the forest. old kampung houses where you have a walking distance to the nest persons house. so nobody cared much. and now, everybody was helplessly trying to get used to the environment. oh well, as i always say, might as well live with it rather than complain. arrived home at about 4.30am and i went to sleep right away.

this year, we're spending christmas without a family member. physically without her. grace. she has to work. she just started her new found job as a waitress two days ago. she's actually working for kim. cause, coincidentally, on the day she was suppose to go for a job interview, she met kim and kim offered her a job right on the spot. she was gonna intervew for a waitressing job anyway. she was the subject of all converstaions last night. the first and eldest grandchild of the family, starting to work. it was pretty interesting though. well, we're sure going to miss her, but she's gotta groow up. she has my full support. i'd rather let her work than spend christmas with joe han, wasting time.

this is all for now. i'd better go get changed. ah chiu's taking us out for breakfast. and we're gonna have lunch at adrian's and dinner at poh poh's again. once again, merry christmas!! have a nice day!!

Friday, December 23, 2005


LOL.LOL.LOL. i'm so happy!! i got As!! and a B of course. LOL. looking at mum's expression when i got my results slip today was just priceless!! oh, it wasn't the best result in the hall, but it was the best i did!! although i could do a little better. oh well, things have past, and there's no turning back. i can only look forward to the future!! i'm pretty pleased for myself. some people might think that i'm crazy cause i'm so happy about 6 As, but it's all my effort!! i studied for it!! and this is what i get, i'm proud of myself! *patting my own back*. it's not wrong to be proud of yourself.

for those who has the same result as me or worse than me, please don't complain!! "haiya, got 6 only, i'm so sad lah!". oh puhlease!! don't even use that phrase on me!! how silly. it's just something to make shield you from rejection of the cleverer community. when someone says that, they're just waiting for the recipient to console or comfort them, which is so lame!! please!! be proud of yourself. this is what you worked for!! and this is what you get!! don't bother what people might say, cause i used to be like that. let them taunt you, don't worry. as long as you know you've tried your best!! thank the Lord for your results. good or bad, it doesn't matter!! your parents won't hate you for that!! and most importantly, God won't hate you for having bad grades!!

so please, for the rest who has better results than me, don't forget yourself either. be modest. don't boast!! try to say nice things about your friends who didn't score as well as you. i don't need it, cause i AM happy for myself!! LOL. just remember, this is just another stepping stone to greater heights and achievements!! that's what mum always says to us!! ok now, congratulate to those with good grades, and also, congratulate to those who didn't score that well!! it doesn't matter!! be proud of yourself, ok!! get on with life! enjoy the rest of your remaining holidays!! PEACE OUT!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

King Kong + Mega Pavillion = Suckyville & Loserville

got an invititation from adrian yesterday to go watch King Kong with him. adrian is my annoying little brat 12 year old cousin, who always has his specs in an old lady fashion and hunches alot! adorable and obedient at times, yet, annoying and irritating, most of the time! everyone says his only cheeky, but (in a wicked whispery voice) i can see right through that little devil in him!! *evil laugh*. LOL. he's ok, easily missed though. anyway, he told me to go watch King Kong with him and i had to say yes, cause he already got the ticket.

i wasn't in the "brightest" mood for a movie, then. he was fairly excited, i guess, from the looks on his face. and King Kong wasn't my best option for an enjoyable movie, what else, Mega Pavillion! the service there was just undespicable! i just regretted going there!! the worse part of it was during the movie! Mega Pavillion is a place for people who doesn't know how to behave in the cinema!!! it's so, ugh!! there wasn't any 10minutes that passed by without a couple of people making visits to the loo!! i mean, what the HELL is wrong with them!! "lucky" me, for the first time in my cinema life, i got a back seat!! can u believe it?? i don't usually buy backseats!! if there was a show i wanna watch, and i'd have to buy the back seats, i'd rather forgo the movie!

back to the toilet thing. people of all ages were making their way to the loo!! and as i was sitting at the back, i got to see all shapes of head popping into the cinema screen!! it was so damn annoying!! i never had such a bad experience in a cinema!! and i was sitting at the back of a whole bunch of Chinese family. by chinese, i'm trying to say the kind who brings their grannies altogether and their cousins and, basucally, THE WHOLE FAMILY!! they totally occupied two rows of seat!! and omg, they never knew how to shut up!! they were yapping all the way through the whole movie!! come to think of it, the cinema was kind of noisy too! some people just don't know how to keep their pipe-hole shut!! and i was sshh-ing my way through the whole movie!! i'm so angry!!

i haven't even talked about the movie yet!! it was so darn boring!! i hate the movie!! it doesn't make any sense at all!! yeah, i know, where's my imagination?? no, sometimes, my imaginations have limits too!! i mean, how could they make a movie of King Kong in a deserted island with existing dinosaurs!! what the hell was the time setting in this movie?? it's so weird!! and how could they use Naomi Watts as the female leading character, Ann!! i just don't like her! i thought Ann would be better off be played by Rennee Zellwegger ( i don't know how to spell her name). it'd be much more fun and interesting!! and jack black!! omg!! how could they use him in such a BIG movie. literally and figuratively. jack black is so not up for the part!! he is such a weirdo!! jack black doesn't deserve to star in big-hit movies!! he's so, weird!! but i can't find a suitable replacement!!

and that Ann was so nipple-revelaing in the part where Kong saw her in the city. no wonder Kong totally went silent when it saw her!! she was so "sexvealing"!! and Kong was so grabbing her boobies!! LOL. to me, i don't think the movie needed any script at all. i mean, there was like, what, an hour of no-speech by human actors? yea, i think it was that part where Kong battled the dinosaurs. how freaky! the only words you hear are from Ann which is, "Ahhhhh!!!!" yeap, that lasted for an hour!! but i gotta admit, the scream was pretty strong!! LOL. and cinema was so retard, laughing at all the wrong moments. i can't remember where particularly, but i was pretty mad at them for disrupting the moment!! i still think that dinosayrs and King Kong don't match. there wasn't any chemical reaction there!! they're such bad actors!!

but i felt pretty sorry for adrian, cause he caught me snoozing off in my seat, halfway during the movie. it was pretty harsh for a 12 year old, i guess. but i find the movie absolutely boring and i can barely keep my eyes open!! and it was 3hours long, for pete's sake!! gosh!! King Kong wasn't even out until an hour has passed in the movie!! Narnia wasn't that long and Narnia was based on a book. how shitty!! so for anyone who wants to watch King Kong, please consider twice. you might not wanna get stuck in the cinema for 3hours, watching a movie about and overgrown/oversize ape having a major crush on a "sexvealing" girl!! and they say that Harry Potter GOF was violent!! what about King Kong tearing up the jaws of dinosaurs?? children enjoyed it!! LOL. weird world. oh yea, one more thing, if you wanna watch a movie at Mega Pavillion, think twice. it's cheap in their pricing as well as the cinema. for me, i'd rather pay that little extra for Golden Screen Cinemas. believe me, it's worth the shit!!


so, finally, the time's up. the time. omg. tomorrow!! tomorrow is the day of my PMR examinations' results!! i'm so nervous!! i can't tell what i'm gonna get, but i'm sure they won't be the best!! although, i've tried my best!! it's almost as nervous as before sitting for the examinations. i've been feeling all weird out for the whole week. it's totally sucking my happiness. oh god, imagine all the mean stuff eveyrone's gonna say that i have to put up with!! imagine all the so called "advice" (in a harsher way) from my parents i'll have to put up with!! imagine all the looks from my friends when i'm not any better than them!! they're all gonna shun me and give me stares of sympathy yet the glory in their eyes, unmistakenly obvious!! oh my, my life's slowly turning into the wrong lane again!! what shall i do?? oh god. *sighs*. only last night dad said if i was more hardworking, i wouldn't be worrying for my results. well, i guess, he has a point there. if i was hardwroking, i'd be so confident about my results that i wouldn't even give it a damn now!! that was, if. oh well, the time has come and gone, and now, i'll just have to live with it!!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

My Christmas.

as i'm writing this, the smell of home made herbal eggs (you can get them in traditional herbal stores for about RM0.80) filled my nostrils which causes my big santa belly to squirm in agony, calling out for some attention!! ugh. here i am, trying my best or might i say, struggling, to watch my diet, the opportunity of eating just rises all the time. it's been two days since i've been fighting food. well, i'm not planning to go anorexic or something, just, planning to take lesser than usual. the battle is still surviving!! *groans*.

and as i'm writing this, my feet are curled up against each other to attain some warmth. the curtains behind me are endlessly flapping itself in a waving fashion due to the almost-tornado-like wind. the painting on ah chiu's wall keep making noises against the wall they're hung onto, as if wanting someone to look at them. and here iam, listening to Kenny G's Holiday Greatest Holiday Classic in the Christmas mood. the wind for the whole december month has been like this, mind you. it's Christmas and God always has his fair share of Christmas spirit. what i'm trying to say is, it's snowing in December in other countries and due to the circumstances here in Malaysia, somehow or other, God manages to make it feel like it's snowing with strong cold winds and rain. yeap, it's also been raining for the whole month of december in my place. anyway, i always call it the Christmas wind. it only happens around this time of the year!! and you can bet how much i love it!!

going shopping today (a week before christmas) is all about long queues and bustling crowds and discounts all over the malls!! this is how the malls celebrate christmas. with endless stream of crowds and yuletide carols played on their sound systems, the decorations of the malls just make it looks more like christmas!! oh i just love it. but you can hardly buy anything in the malls. there'd be so many people grabbing for lower-priced stuff that you'd have to wait till it's your turn. and when it is your turn, you might not be surprised that the only thing left on their shelves are fingerprints of the last few lucky shoppers!! watching familes hurrying back to their cars with stacks of unwrapped toys and all sorts of gift, is just another fun thing to watch during this time of the year!!

well, this year's ben different for me and my family. for starters, the work on our house is not even near completion. *sighs*. the saddest thing during christmas. i guess we'll just be spending christmas on the streets with our christmas tree on the top of the car. i have no chance at all to set up a christmas tree this year, and yet, i know that there are some people out there in the world, complaining about setting up too many christmas trees this year!! oh, how i just wish it was me. and i'm spending christmas without two of my most precious belongings, my mobile and camera. they both means alot to me. i'll just have to deal with it. still, my christmas ain't as bad as the orphans in the world, or any victims of terrible natural disasters. some of them aren't even spending christmas. some of them don't even have a roof above their head to spend christmas under. wow, i guess, my christmas isn't that bad after all. well, i guess i'll just have to cheer up!! my prayers for the less unfortunate and may God let them see hope in everything they do!!

God Bless Us Everyone this Christmas!!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

look at me getting all festive this season... my desktop, christmas!!

Friday, December 16, 2005


Falling apart!! Falling apart!! Everything is slowly taking it's time to break down!! A few days ago, i discovered that my camera totally gave up on me!! every picture i took had stupid ugly lines across it!! i feel so empty right now!! i mean, taking photographs is the only thing i can do to keep me awake.

and today, as i took up my mobile to text someone, it was off. i tried switching it on but it couldn't work. i tried charging it (from 2.30 pm till 7.30pm). it still didn't work. i realised it has gave up on me too. i wonder why!! ugh!! i'm so angry when my electronics break down!! they're some of the stuff that keeps me going all the time. and now, it's dead, i feel so empty!!

i know i shouldn't. i am totally aware that there are some other better things to do in life, like, nature!! but still, no matter how hard i try to console myself, i still feel unhappy. *frowns*. i'm taking them for repair tomorrow! gosh, electronics, i'll never ever catch up!

i know i shouldn't have made that stupid christmas list all along. see what has it done to me!! ugh!! so angry and sad!! i don't know what i'm gonna do now. i'm gonna make my exit and watch the Drew Carey Show follow up by Less Than Perfect. and i'm going to sleep! so dead tired. spent like the whole afternoon (abt 5 hours) at home just watching a bunch of undedicated electrician put the lights up. they did such a bad job that the lights in my room couldn't be switched on!! so angry at them. and when commented on their flaws, they got nasty on me and snapped back at me. like, if they ever realise, they're working for dad. they have to listen. eventhough if i'm only a kid, they still gotta respect me!! but no. they like it their own way!! *screams* i'm so frustrated right now!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas Wishlist!

My Christmas Wishlist this year. Mind you, this is not my new year's goal!

All I want for Christmas is:
1. A Laptop. (no specific brands)
2. A new digital camera. (no specific brands or models)
3. To be slimmer.
4. A new computer.
5. A new watch.
6. Presents under the christmas tree.
7. My home and my room.
8. A flat screen TV.
9. New shoes and clothes.
10. A new bath towel. (specifically from The Body Shop)
11. New glasses.
12. A new mobile phone!! (Sony Ericsson Jw800i, i think, or something like that)
13. An iPod. (Nano or Mini)
14. An MP3 player if an iPod is unavailable. (Sony Walkman, the tiny round thingy)
15. A warm family gathering.
16. Good results from PMR.
17. Family unity.
18. World peace.
19. Mariah Carey's Emancipation Of Mimi Album. (Ultra Platinum Edition)
20. Improve my photography skills.
21. A good year ahead.
22. Snow in Malaysia. (impossible)
22. Christmas to be clebrated around the whole world!
23. Best wishes for everyone especially my dear and loved ones!!
24. Suffering for the unfortunate to end.
25. Hope all around the world!

I hope i'm not too selfish. This is all i could only ask for, for now. Although fully aware that barely anything will come true, but, it's not wrong to hope and dream, is it?? After all, hope! And I would like to give, myself. I'm not sure when we're going shopping, but I'll try to get all my cousins each a little something!!

Visit To St. Joseph's Orphanage.

as i step in the orphanage, seeing all those little children fooling around, my heart sank with grief. looking at those children, i felt an unexplainable feeling of sympathy and empathy. although they all look happy and jovial on the outside, i bet some of them might be hurting deep down inside. i'm sure. without the two of the most important people in their lives, i'm sure they're not all that happy.

having the honor and invite to bring those little ones just a little christmas cheer, it's just the least we can do for them this christmas. spending just a few hours with them, opened me up to a whole different world that just a few of us barely know about. spending time with them, getting to know few of them, just a tiny bit more, made me appreciate what i have. especially the two people that we, (teenagers) usually take for granted, our parents. and the things we have like, clothes, food, life in luxury and entertainment. people like them can't even request or pick their food. they only take what is given.

i'm not sure about most of the teenagers across the world, but i know, for me, i can eat whatever i like and eat whatever i don't like. i can even request for all sorts of food. somehow, i feel ashamed of myself. but i definitely don't waste food. wasting food at my house under dad's roof is sort of illegal. we (siblings) are trained from young to never waste food. if mum ever finds unfinished food in the dustbin, she'll kill us!! but still, the way we live is still much better than theirs.

"So how do most of them get in here?" i asked the fascillitator of the orphanage. "they're usually sent in by single parents. there's still a number of parents who come and visit them from time to time. but most of them are abandoned," he replied. woah. that was a harsh reality for them to deal with, isn't it?? thank god i have loving parents and everyhing i could ever wish for in them. if you're readin this till this point, you must have a heart and i urge you to stop and think, "hey, what am i thankful for in my life??" it's really important for us to appreciate what we have, especially our dear ones.

another thing i learnt from them is that they're very well disciplined and very independant. i was surprised to see them help themselves to the food we (the choir) catered for them and even the youngest one (which was 4years old) knew how to eat himself. they don't require a maid or the caretaker to feed them, unlike my spoilt little brother!! come to think of it, children nowadays are actually very spoilt. for instance, my brother!! he's already seven, and he barely knows how to do any house chores!! not even making his bed!!he is sucha papmpered git!! telling him to pick up his toys, he'll go all cranky and he'll start whining non-stop!! and then he'll start to cry!! ugh! i fell like crushing him sometimes!! compared to the orphans, they're much much better than we are, even me!!

so, if you can't find any charity to do, for this season, i suggest, go and look in your house or just your room, for unwanted yet useful stuff, and drop by at the nearest orphanage from your place and drop them there. they are seriously in need of stuff like clothes, computer (any parts), food anything useful at all!! toys would be best for the little ones! and if you still can't find anything to be offered to them, just drop by there and volunteer yourself for any kind of work there. spending time with them is just the least we could do to cheer them up. they'd be really happy!! make a friend or two, it'll never be too much!!

Scrotal Safety Commision!

every guy should read this!! it's really interesting and it's true too!! every girl who would like to know more about the male scrotum, should read this also!! i find it really intriguing!! just click on the link below!! LOL.

Scrotal Safety Commission

Sunday, December 11, 2005


i think i've uploaded an awful lot of photos!! but that ain't even half of what i have!! i got bored in the middle of uploading photos. i'm getting tired. anyway, Disneychannel's airing Casper Meets Wendy (a show that was like 100 years old). i'm gonna stop now. anyway, i have more photos at my Flickr! page. go to that to check it out.
oooh... what u looking at??
vroom... vroom...
what do you prefer??
climb, baby, climb...
the erathquake chair...
dinosaur skeleton...
help me!!
KLCC on a cloudy day..
Christmas decor for sale...
visit to the night market.
not leaving out the young as well. yeap, that's kampai, he's having!!
at the end of the nite..
make way.. make way...
happy birthday to you...
the birthday cake. more to, birthday jelly.
come and get your food!
the food on the table!
steamboat. that's abalone.
dinner party (steamboat) at night.
poh poh's b'day. receiving her birthday bouquet!
KLCC view, at night! a little gittery. well, that's the best i could do with the camera i have!
went to KLCC at nite. the water fountain display!
life is a roller coaster just like we're ridin'!
can't resist the tempations!
endmund and hui xing.
nic nic on the merry go round!
from left: edmund, nic nic and hui xing waiting for their turn to get onto a ride!
nic nic and hu xing (my cousins) on the bumper cars!
visit to cosmoworld at times square!
and the decoration on the bride and bridegroom's table at the wedding dinner.
on the way back from the wedding reception (morning session). adrian fell asleep in the booth of the car again!
the bouquet of roses for the bride.
on the day of the BIG wedding! checking out wedding photos.
my place. all the stuff on my lap. need to entertain myself!! my discman, cds, mini speakers and camera.
on the bus. adrian fell asleep so fast!

PIctures from KL.

gonna post pictures from KL. posting in summary. as in, just a few important photos. there's more photos to be looked at here.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas Time.

as i visited the mall and everywhere i went. i saw the word christmas printed on evrywhere. and as i browsed around flickr, i saw so many people posting pictures of christmas. setting up the christmas tree. presents adn everything else. i was envious.

at this time of the year around, i'm usually all kicked up and ready for christmas. i'll go to sleep every single night with traditional all-time favourite Christmas songs running in my cd player. i'll light up the christmas tree every night before going to sleep. browsing in the malls, searching for christmas gifts for loved ones was just part of the tradition with my family. having my parents watch me and my siblings set up the tree is just some of the things i love during christmas. and catching every christmas movie aired on HBO or Cinemax with grace really brings out the Christmas Cheer in me. the feeling of wanting to do some good is always floating around me. oh, how i love christmas! and on christmas day, we'll usually gather in poh poh's big traditional house. well, that was before the house got knocked down and poh poh had to live in a small HDB flat now.

this year, somehow, things have been a little different for me. first of all, i'm living in someone else's house. until now, i haven't even got the chance to se up a christmas tree yet. my tree! i'm not sure if i'll be able to do it this year. my house hasn't even finished yet. until today. i'm not sure if it'll make it for christmas. listening to christmas sogs is a different thing. i have to play it on the living room cd player. that's where i sleep. and ah chiu would wanna watch tv and grace just find it annoying with the amount of ppl in the house. so i can only play christmas songs after 2am, usually. and i don't have my beloved bed and pillows to snuck into for the holidays. i'm so miserable. trying to watch a decent movie on HBO is just something that you can only dream of. the tv's not ours, so, we gotta share. gathering at poh poh's house, oh i don't know if it's gonna fit all of us. this is the first christmas we're celebrating at her house.

the only thing that's the same is attending advent masses every saturday. and singing with the choir this christmas. we're going carolling this sunday though!! that's the only christmas-sy thing i'm lokking forward to, so far. we'll be singing at the St. John's Orphanage. i love doing charity work like that. i don't know why. but i really love spending time with unfortunate people, especially during this season. i pray to God that our appearance will make their holiday brighter and more maeningful!
morning! just woke up. still have my stinking breath on. my eyes are still droopy and i'm freezing cold. just happy that i'm going back today. well, the whole trip wasn't all sucky, but i miss my home. my REAL home. since we've parted, all i want is to get back together. i'm pretty sure the house ain't ready yet and we'll still have to live under ah chiu's roof. but hey, i still get to use my computer! i'm not sure what we're gonna do today. but i'm hoping to have fun.

visited Midvalley Megamall yesterday with no hasle of little brothers or sisters or daddies!! onlye teens and mums! it was great. i enjoyed the christmas decorations alot!! unforgettable experience!! they really go through great lengths to impress!! i've got a few pics and i'm gonna post them as sson as i get back to Penang. i'll need to do alittle adjustments to the pics and i'll deliver!! oh, if anyone's in KL, don't miss Midvalley Megamall in your where-to-go list!! and the shops at Midvalley, just fantastic. although i must say they're mostly designes and the prices are "designed" as well. everything is kind of expensive!! i couldn't afford to get anything. but was this close to getting a Disney T-shirt with a Mickey and a Christmas Tree printing on it. neh, it was rather expensive. so, what the heck, we went to the food court.

the food court was so huge!! come to think of it, everything there IS huge!! the food were good. scrumptious. oh their all so good. and after the food, w decided to go back with the KTM Komuter. i'm not sure what it's called in English. speaking abt that, i just had to say something. the one thing i hate about KL is that everything is in Malay!! i went to the ticket booth and i was like, what the hell. not even a single word of English. the only English words you can find are in mall tags and directories which are all bilingual. omg. what a stupid thing to do. even the visit to the Petroscience in the morning was an awful lot to learn anything. cause the explanation tag on a certain experiment or a certain display was all in Malay. that was what i though before i found the English version printed right beneath under explanation in MINI size!! i mean, if i was an American tourist, what the hell am i suppose to do?? i'll feel totally lost!! and they say KL is an advance place. yeah, advance in their LANGUAGE! i don't favor it.

anyways, back to the Komuter ride. oh it was fun. it was a normal ride. normal meaning we were all cramping with people and we had to stand. they were smelly bodies all over (including me). it was fun. i never went on one except the one where they take you sighseeing. wich isn't normal. i felt like i was gettig into the shoes of many people there. how they travelled. how they felt. part of a day in their lives. i loved it. omg. i'm such a sentimental fool. this wa s the kind where mostly everyone needed to use to get back home. so i enjoyed it. when we arrived on the other side of who know where. my aunt picked us up. the drive from her house to the station was just a five minutes drive. *sigh* the best day in KL, so far.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Memories Of The Past.

as i sat on the metal tea chair, on my aunt's backyard, i coudln't help but notice the size of her backyard. with the endless noise of my cousins shouting and hitting their ping-pong ball, my thougts began to wonder back to my scouting days. the size of the backyard was as small as my camp-site back in the days. the "glory" scouting days. that's what i'd call it.

well, mainly, i was under good hands of my Patrol Leader when it was my first year of junior high school. everything went well. i was the junior, i just followed orders and i'm outta trouble. there was no need for me to give my nevertheless "BRILLIANT" ideas. i don't have to work overnight. i was most of the time excused by heavy activities with the reason that i have asthma. oh, camp that year was just satisfactory. became good friends with my fellow girl guides a month before the camp. everything was just splendid. ahh, the good times.

during my second year of junior high, i was no longer seen as the junior. i was the one who the first year juniors come to to ask questions. i was the one who gave out commands during a drill. i was the one who had to plan for the camp. i was one the Post-Patrol Leader (an evaluation time needed to evaluate the leaders they have chosen). i had to be the responsible one. competition amongs the other leaders were tough. working all day and night for just a title and a trophy at the end of the day. not really a worth it fight, but still, it does do some good for the leaders and members in a patrol itself. knowing the true meaning of friendship, hardwork, determination, leadership and most importantly, working as a team. these are just part of the things you get when you join the scout movement in your school. anyway, camp that year, was my success. i grabbed the Best Overall Trophy ( the shape of an eagle made from pewter) and my junior member got Best Recruit (meaning the best junior). that's it, i wasn't going to leave scouting for i know i have what it takes to be a leader.

but then, in year three, things turn out to be so bad. i couldn't cope with my studies. i was missing classes all the time for scouting. loosing my lunchtime to scouts. failing my studies. becoming an intolerable brat. spending most of the time outside home. taking blows after blows by OUR leaders for our wrong doings. no matrter how much we give to scouts, it never seems to be enough. juggling between studies an scout just does injustice for both. so, i decided to give up. with the total awareness that giving up is just wrong and regrettable. but without the support of parents, it's a hard decision to make. my parents don't encourage to me to be involved too much in scouting. but if i don't i'll suffer a whole lot of meetings and blows by OUR leaders which is a bigger waste of time. so being the mommy's boy as i always am, i dropped out of scout and now, living my everyday school life as a sleeping member of the Shaolin Wushu Club. i totally joined it to give myself a break. and now, after the PMR examinations, i'm spending my holidays with peace.

come to think of it, i lead quite a pathetic school life with no adventures. i sure miss my scouting days and still keeping every single memory of it alive and fesh in my mind. but i'm not planning to go back at all. not even the thought of it. i love my life the way it is right now although it could use a little bit of tunning up. still, good things always come to an end. and memories are meant to be remembered.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Times Square Cosmoland = Babyland!!

just got back from Times Square. what a boring trip for me. had to visit the stupid theme park!! it wasn't all stupid. but i had to go to the children's section!! omg. it was so dumb. oh well, but i had to be the responsible one.we (kenneth and me) brought four children and two maids. my akak and seh yi's akak. so, we can't leave the children and the maids and go enjoy ourselves. we had to go on every ride they went on, except for the ones that couldn't take our height. anyway, the entrance fee was so expensive. totally not worth it. even nic nic had to pay!! i totally didn't go to the so called"teenage's" area! totally missed the big roller-coaster also. but i was with the wrong crowd to with anyway. i mean, if i was with carina and grace, then it'd be fun. so we basically went on baby rides and saw baby stuff. i was pretty sure edmund, nic nic and hui xing had their time. but not us. how silly. and the worse thing was, we had to queue up to go on rides. and the queue was as long as, who knows what! we had to wait at least for the ride to go one round before we can get on. it was boring for us grown-ups (at the time compared with the little ones) but it was heaven to them, i think. i hope they really enjoye themselves, or my effort would be totally wasted. ugh. what a waste of a whole beautiful day of shopping!! didn't get anything myself. but i got myself some CDs and magazines when we were at the OUG (no idea what that stands for) wet market in the morning after mass!! oh well, living in KL under someone else's roof. life's like that! >_<

Posting In From KL!

just got the chance to use my cousin's computer for a second. i didn't actually ask them. but i don't care. i'll just take the screw up later. anyways, this is the second day we're here. and still, three more days to go!! so looking forward to go home now that i'm here. we couldn't visit anywhere much this trip, cause there's alot of old citizens. so we're mainly staying at home passing time. i fell asleep on the couch just now with my towel. i was suppose to take a bath, but fell asleep for 2 hours. woke up, just had lunch, and waiting for someone to bring us (children) somewhere. the wedding ended last night. was such a boring wedding dinner. the smallest one i've ever been to. there's not much of a difference about the dinner here and in penang. same old boring dishes where you get at any wedding dinners. i gotta stop now, we're going to Times Square. get back later!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

and the on in Island Plaza. wasn't fast enough to shoot from the front!
a better view from the moving car.
the tree at Gama!