Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Visit To St. Joseph's Orphanage.

as i step in the orphanage, seeing all those little children fooling around, my heart sank with grief. looking at those children, i felt an unexplainable feeling of sympathy and empathy. although they all look happy and jovial on the outside, i bet some of them might be hurting deep down inside. i'm sure. without the two of the most important people in their lives, i'm sure they're not all that happy.

having the honor and invite to bring those little ones just a little christmas cheer, it's just the least we can do for them this christmas. spending just a few hours with them, opened me up to a whole different world that just a few of us barely know about. spending time with them, getting to know few of them, just a tiny bit more, made me appreciate what i have. especially the two people that we, (teenagers) usually take for granted, our parents. and the things we have like, clothes, food, life in luxury and entertainment. people like them can't even request or pick their food. they only take what is given.

i'm not sure about most of the teenagers across the world, but i know, for me, i can eat whatever i like and eat whatever i don't like. i can even request for all sorts of food. somehow, i feel ashamed of myself. but i definitely don't waste food. wasting food at my house under dad's roof is sort of illegal. we (siblings) are trained from young to never waste food. if mum ever finds unfinished food in the dustbin, she'll kill us!! but still, the way we live is still much better than theirs.

"So how do most of them get in here?" i asked the fascillitator of the orphanage. "they're usually sent in by single parents. there's still a number of parents who come and visit them from time to time. but most of them are abandoned," he replied. woah. that was a harsh reality for them to deal with, isn't it?? thank god i have loving parents and everyhing i could ever wish for in them. if you're readin this till this point, you must have a heart and i urge you to stop and think, "hey, what am i thankful for in my life??" it's really important for us to appreciate what we have, especially our dear ones.

another thing i learnt from them is that they're very well disciplined and very independant. i was surprised to see them help themselves to the food we (the choir) catered for them and even the youngest one (which was 4years old) knew how to eat himself. they don't require a maid or the caretaker to feed them, unlike my spoilt little brother!! come to think of it, children nowadays are actually very spoilt. for instance, my brother!! he's already seven, and he barely knows how to do any house chores!! not even making his bed!!he is sucha papmpered git!! telling him to pick up his toys, he'll go all cranky and he'll start whining non-stop!! and then he'll start to cry!! ugh! i fell like crushing him sometimes!! compared to the orphans, they're much much better than we are, even me!!

so, if you can't find any charity to do, for this season, i suggest, go and look in your house or just your room, for unwanted yet useful stuff, and drop by at the nearest orphanage from your place and drop them there. they are seriously in need of stuff like clothes, computer (any parts), food anything useful at all!! toys would be best for the little ones! and if you still can't find anything to be offered to them, just drop by there and volunteer yourself for any kind of work there. spending time with them is just the least we could do to cheer them up. they'd be really happy!! make a friend or two, it'll never be too much!!

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