Wednesday, December 21, 2005

King Kong + Mega Pavillion = Suckyville & Loserville

got an invititation from adrian yesterday to go watch King Kong with him. adrian is my annoying little brat 12 year old cousin, who always has his specs in an old lady fashion and hunches alot! adorable and obedient at times, yet, annoying and irritating, most of the time! everyone says his only cheeky, but (in a wicked whispery voice) i can see right through that little devil in him!! *evil laugh*. LOL. he's ok, easily missed though. anyway, he told me to go watch King Kong with him and i had to say yes, cause he already got the ticket.

i wasn't in the "brightest" mood for a movie, then. he was fairly excited, i guess, from the looks on his face. and King Kong wasn't my best option for an enjoyable movie, what else, Mega Pavillion! the service there was just undespicable! i just regretted going there!! the worse part of it was during the movie! Mega Pavillion is a place for people who doesn't know how to behave in the cinema!!! it's so, ugh!! there wasn't any 10minutes that passed by without a couple of people making visits to the loo!! i mean, what the HELL is wrong with them!! "lucky" me, for the first time in my cinema life, i got a back seat!! can u believe it?? i don't usually buy backseats!! if there was a show i wanna watch, and i'd have to buy the back seats, i'd rather forgo the movie!

back to the toilet thing. people of all ages were making their way to the loo!! and as i was sitting at the back, i got to see all shapes of head popping into the cinema screen!! it was so damn annoying!! i never had such a bad experience in a cinema!! and i was sitting at the back of a whole bunch of Chinese family. by chinese, i'm trying to say the kind who brings their grannies altogether and their cousins and, basucally, THE WHOLE FAMILY!! they totally occupied two rows of seat!! and omg, they never knew how to shut up!! they were yapping all the way through the whole movie!! come to think of it, the cinema was kind of noisy too! some people just don't know how to keep their pipe-hole shut!! and i was sshh-ing my way through the whole movie!! i'm so angry!!

i haven't even talked about the movie yet!! it was so darn boring!! i hate the movie!! it doesn't make any sense at all!! yeah, i know, where's my imagination?? no, sometimes, my imaginations have limits too!! i mean, how could they make a movie of King Kong in a deserted island with existing dinosaurs!! what the hell was the time setting in this movie?? it's so weird!! and how could they use Naomi Watts as the female leading character, Ann!! i just don't like her! i thought Ann would be better off be played by Rennee Zellwegger ( i don't know how to spell her name). it'd be much more fun and interesting!! and jack black!! omg!! how could they use him in such a BIG movie. literally and figuratively. jack black is so not up for the part!! he is such a weirdo!! jack black doesn't deserve to star in big-hit movies!! he's so, weird!! but i can't find a suitable replacement!!

and that Ann was so nipple-revelaing in the part where Kong saw her in the city. no wonder Kong totally went silent when it saw her!! she was so "sexvealing"!! and Kong was so grabbing her boobies!! LOL. to me, i don't think the movie needed any script at all. i mean, there was like, what, an hour of no-speech by human actors? yea, i think it was that part where Kong battled the dinosaurs. how freaky! the only words you hear are from Ann which is, "Ahhhhh!!!!" yeap, that lasted for an hour!! but i gotta admit, the scream was pretty strong!! LOL. and cinema was so retard, laughing at all the wrong moments. i can't remember where particularly, but i was pretty mad at them for disrupting the moment!! i still think that dinosayrs and King Kong don't match. there wasn't any chemical reaction there!! they're such bad actors!!

but i felt pretty sorry for adrian, cause he caught me snoozing off in my seat, halfway during the movie. it was pretty harsh for a 12 year old, i guess. but i find the movie absolutely boring and i can barely keep my eyes open!! and it was 3hours long, for pete's sake!! gosh!! King Kong wasn't even out until an hour has passed in the movie!! Narnia wasn't that long and Narnia was based on a book. how shitty!! so for anyone who wants to watch King Kong, please consider twice. you might not wanna get stuck in the cinema for 3hours, watching a movie about and overgrown/oversize ape having a major crush on a "sexvealing" girl!! and they say that Harry Potter GOF was violent!! what about King Kong tearing up the jaws of dinosaurs?? children enjoyed it!! LOL. weird world. oh yea, one more thing, if you wanna watch a movie at Mega Pavillion, think twice. it's cheap in their pricing as well as the cinema. for me, i'd rather pay that little extra for Golden Screen Cinemas. believe me, it's worth the shit!!

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Anonymous said...

thank god u finally realised the dark side of mega pavillion. hehe! welcome to the mage pavillion haters club!