Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Eating, Drinking and Partying.

good morning!! feeling so sleepy today. bedtime and mealtime was so messed up for the past few days. endless merrymaking (eating!!) and late night parties! drinking so much beverages and syrup, no alcohol though. to me, alcohol is illegal. i don't even drink wine. LOL. that's most probably cause i dislike the taste. alcohol tastes so bitter!! yucks!! i just don't understand why some people could consume such a huge amount of alcohol at one time!! i'm just like my dad, he doesn't drink eaither. i mena, he can drink, but he can't drink alot. 2 glasses of wine is usually enough to get him drunk. i guess that's a good thing.

but anyway, christmas clelbration this year was definitely weird out. it was so weird. they had to plan a christmas party this year. for the past years, i don't remember planning any parties. only this year, someone in the family has to make a big fuss about it. just someone that we couldn't get all used to. even that someone gave out the idea to scrap of the christmas gifts giving to the children this year. that was the worse part of it! how could they do this?? it's so dumb!! christmas without presents?? how gross. i like to recieve presents myself, what else my other little cousins?? we usually get 5-6 gifts every year, each from our aunts and uncle. and this year, everybody only got one, from ah chiu. and there are a few lucky ones who got extra cause their parents decided to ditch theie nieces and nephews and only give their own children. it's so stupid.

i mean, i'm not being greedy. it's just to show some little act of giving for christmas. giving of love and joy. happiness!! the expression on the children's faces just makes the gift worth while. well, it doesn't have to be designers and expensive. it can be a little keychain or anything that you feel like giving at all. all the children, including me, will cuddles up our gifts and quickly find a paper bag to put all them in!! it's so funny. then we'll all keep a watchful eye on our own bags. lol. it has somehow became a tradition, and some mindless people had to go break it. after the bitterness this year, they all planned to get back to old present giving next year!!

i'm definitely looking forward to it! after all that's been sauid and done, i guess i had a good time. it's inevitable. christmas is for joy and laughter. the games, spontaneously organized by me and good ol' uncle, was fabulous! thank goodness the parents did their part of joining in the fun to support us. noone was as sporting as my parents and godparents. and i had so much food as well!! everybody chipped in a little bit of food. i just know that mom and dad supplied the turkey (ordered from shangri-la hotel and cold storage). and i got a pleasent non-mint chocolate cake from kai ma!! oh it tastes so good!!

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