Sunday, December 18, 2005

My Christmas.

as i'm writing this, the smell of home made herbal eggs (you can get them in traditional herbal stores for about RM0.80) filled my nostrils which causes my big santa belly to squirm in agony, calling out for some attention!! ugh. here i am, trying my best or might i say, struggling, to watch my diet, the opportunity of eating just rises all the time. it's been two days since i've been fighting food. well, i'm not planning to go anorexic or something, just, planning to take lesser than usual. the battle is still surviving!! *groans*.

and as i'm writing this, my feet are curled up against each other to attain some warmth. the curtains behind me are endlessly flapping itself in a waving fashion due to the almost-tornado-like wind. the painting on ah chiu's wall keep making noises against the wall they're hung onto, as if wanting someone to look at them. and here iam, listening to Kenny G's Holiday Greatest Holiday Classic in the Christmas mood. the wind for the whole december month has been like this, mind you. it's Christmas and God always has his fair share of Christmas spirit. what i'm trying to say is, it's snowing in December in other countries and due to the circumstances here in Malaysia, somehow or other, God manages to make it feel like it's snowing with strong cold winds and rain. yeap, it's also been raining for the whole month of december in my place. anyway, i always call it the Christmas wind. it only happens around this time of the year!! and you can bet how much i love it!!

going shopping today (a week before christmas) is all about long queues and bustling crowds and discounts all over the malls!! this is how the malls celebrate christmas. with endless stream of crowds and yuletide carols played on their sound systems, the decorations of the malls just make it looks more like christmas!! oh i just love it. but you can hardly buy anything in the malls. there'd be so many people grabbing for lower-priced stuff that you'd have to wait till it's your turn. and when it is your turn, you might not be surprised that the only thing left on their shelves are fingerprints of the last few lucky shoppers!! watching familes hurrying back to their cars with stacks of unwrapped toys and all sorts of gift, is just another fun thing to watch during this time of the year!!

well, this year's ben different for me and my family. for starters, the work on our house is not even near completion. *sighs*. the saddest thing during christmas. i guess we'll just be spending christmas on the streets with our christmas tree on the top of the car. i have no chance at all to set up a christmas tree this year, and yet, i know that there are some people out there in the world, complaining about setting up too many christmas trees this year!! oh, how i just wish it was me. and i'm spending christmas without two of my most precious belongings, my mobile and camera. they both means alot to me. i'll just have to deal with it. still, my christmas ain't as bad as the orphans in the world, or any victims of terrible natural disasters. some of them aren't even spending christmas. some of them don't even have a roof above their head to spend christmas under. wow, i guess, my christmas isn't that bad after all. well, i guess i'll just have to cheer up!! my prayers for the less unfortunate and may God let them see hope in everything they do!!

God Bless Us Everyone this Christmas!!

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