Sunday, December 25, 2005

It's Christmas!!

good morning!! merry christmas everybody!! oh, how jovial i am today!! merry christmas to you and your loved ones. have a blessed christmas and may God bless you all!! peace on eartn and good will to all men!! hohoho!! isn't christmas simply amazing and wonderful?!

oh well, here i am, just woke up from my 6 hours sleep and feeling hungover from last night's party. still dressed in my party clothes, i'm sitting here wishing all of you a merry christmas!! woah, we definitely had a blast last night!! i mean, the choir, not the party. the choir performed amazingly!! capturing hearts of thousands in the church itself!! we did the Ceremony of Carols this year, and it went just perfectly!! oh, i felt so proud of the choir!! the hymns during mass was nothing less than perfect!! uncle gerard was the happiest man on earth i think!! he kept smiling all the way!! i still think, the best time of christmas is spent in church with your loved ones!!

and after church, after the endless wishes of merry christmas to your dear ones, we proceeded to poh poh's house as usual. it has somehow became a christmas tradition for us, gathering after mass in poh poh's house, merrymaking! it was pretty different this year. oh well, it's celebrated in a tiny HDB flat. imagine trying to fit about 30people in that little house. it was crammed. and we couldn't do much dancing nor singing, cause we might recieve complains from the neighbours. in the old big house, we used to be able to do whatever we want. sing your lungs out, nobody cares!! cause it's used to be placed in the middle of the forest. old kampung houses where you have a walking distance to the nest persons house. so nobody cared much. and now, everybody was helplessly trying to get used to the environment. oh well, as i always say, might as well live with it rather than complain. arrived home at about 4.30am and i went to sleep right away.

this year, we're spending christmas without a family member. physically without her. grace. she has to work. she just started her new found job as a waitress two days ago. she's actually working for kim. cause, coincidentally, on the day she was suppose to go for a job interview, she met kim and kim offered her a job right on the spot. she was gonna intervew for a waitressing job anyway. she was the subject of all converstaions last night. the first and eldest grandchild of the family, starting to work. it was pretty interesting though. well, we're sure going to miss her, but she's gotta groow up. she has my full support. i'd rather let her work than spend christmas with joe han, wasting time.

this is all for now. i'd better go get changed. ah chiu's taking us out for breakfast. and we're gonna have lunch at adrian's and dinner at poh poh's again. once again, merry christmas!! have a nice day!!

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