Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas Wishlist!

My Christmas Wishlist this year. Mind you, this is not my new year's goal!

All I want for Christmas is:
1. A Laptop. (no specific brands)
2. A new digital camera. (no specific brands or models)
3. To be slimmer.
4. A new computer.
5. A new watch.
6. Presents under the christmas tree.
7. My home and my room.
8. A flat screen TV.
9. New shoes and clothes.
10. A new bath towel. (specifically from The Body Shop)
11. New glasses.
12. A new mobile phone!! (Sony Ericsson Jw800i, i think, or something like that)
13. An iPod. (Nano or Mini)
14. An MP3 player if an iPod is unavailable. (Sony Walkman, the tiny round thingy)
15. A warm family gathering.
16. Good results from PMR.
17. Family unity.
18. World peace.
19. Mariah Carey's Emancipation Of Mimi Album. (Ultra Platinum Edition)
20. Improve my photography skills.
21. A good year ahead.
22. Snow in Malaysia. (impossible)
22. Christmas to be clebrated around the whole world!
23. Best wishes for everyone especially my dear and loved ones!!
24. Suffering for the unfortunate to end.
25. Hope all around the world!

I hope i'm not too selfish. This is all i could only ask for, for now. Although fully aware that barely anything will come true, but, it's not wrong to hope and dream, is it?? After all, hope! And I would like to give, myself. I'm not sure when we're going shopping, but I'll try to get all my cousins each a little something!!

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