Friday, December 23, 2005


LOL.LOL.LOL. i'm so happy!! i got As!! and a B of course. LOL. looking at mum's expression when i got my results slip today was just priceless!! oh, it wasn't the best result in the hall, but it was the best i did!! although i could do a little better. oh well, things have past, and there's no turning back. i can only look forward to the future!! i'm pretty pleased for myself. some people might think that i'm crazy cause i'm so happy about 6 As, but it's all my effort!! i studied for it!! and this is what i get, i'm proud of myself! *patting my own back*. it's not wrong to be proud of yourself.

for those who has the same result as me or worse than me, please don't complain!! "haiya, got 6 only, i'm so sad lah!". oh puhlease!! don't even use that phrase on me!! how silly. it's just something to make shield you from rejection of the cleverer community. when someone says that, they're just waiting for the recipient to console or comfort them, which is so lame!! please!! be proud of yourself. this is what you worked for!! and this is what you get!! don't bother what people might say, cause i used to be like that. let them taunt you, don't worry. as long as you know you've tried your best!! thank the Lord for your results. good or bad, it doesn't matter!! your parents won't hate you for that!! and most importantly, God won't hate you for having bad grades!!

so please, for the rest who has better results than me, don't forget yourself either. be modest. don't boast!! try to say nice things about your friends who didn't score as well as you. i don't need it, cause i AM happy for myself!! LOL. just remember, this is just another stepping stone to greater heights and achievements!! that's what mum always says to us!! ok now, congratulate to those with good grades, and also, congratulate to those who didn't score that well!! it doesn't matter!! be proud of yourself, ok!! get on with life! enjoy the rest of your remaining holidays!! PEACE OUT!!


Anonymous said...

congratulations matt!!

Anonymous said...

you did well!!