Friday, December 16, 2005


Falling apart!! Falling apart!! Everything is slowly taking it's time to break down!! A few days ago, i discovered that my camera totally gave up on me!! every picture i took had stupid ugly lines across it!! i feel so empty right now!! i mean, taking photographs is the only thing i can do to keep me awake.

and today, as i took up my mobile to text someone, it was off. i tried switching it on but it couldn't work. i tried charging it (from 2.30 pm till 7.30pm). it still didn't work. i realised it has gave up on me too. i wonder why!! ugh!! i'm so angry when my electronics break down!! they're some of the stuff that keeps me going all the time. and now, it's dead, i feel so empty!!

i know i shouldn't. i am totally aware that there are some other better things to do in life, like, nature!! but still, no matter how hard i try to console myself, i still feel unhappy. *frowns*. i'm taking them for repair tomorrow! gosh, electronics, i'll never ever catch up!

i know i shouldn't have made that stupid christmas list all along. see what has it done to me!! ugh!! so angry and sad!! i don't know what i'm gonna do now. i'm gonna make my exit and watch the Drew Carey Show follow up by Less Than Perfect. and i'm going to sleep! so dead tired. spent like the whole afternoon (abt 5 hours) at home just watching a bunch of undedicated electrician put the lights up. they did such a bad job that the lights in my room couldn't be switched on!! so angry at them. and when commented on their flaws, they got nasty on me and snapped back at me. like, if they ever realise, they're working for dad. they have to listen. eventhough if i'm only a kid, they still gotta respect me!! but no. they like it their own way!! *screams* i'm so frustrated right now!!

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