Thursday, December 08, 2005

morning! just woke up. still have my stinking breath on. my eyes are still droopy and i'm freezing cold. just happy that i'm going back today. well, the whole trip wasn't all sucky, but i miss my home. my REAL home. since we've parted, all i want is to get back together. i'm pretty sure the house ain't ready yet and we'll still have to live under ah chiu's roof. but hey, i still get to use my computer! i'm not sure what we're gonna do today. but i'm hoping to have fun.

visited Midvalley Megamall yesterday with no hasle of little brothers or sisters or daddies!! onlye teens and mums! it was great. i enjoyed the christmas decorations alot!! unforgettable experience!! they really go through great lengths to impress!! i've got a few pics and i'm gonna post them as sson as i get back to Penang. i'll need to do alittle adjustments to the pics and i'll deliver!! oh, if anyone's in KL, don't miss Midvalley Megamall in your where-to-go list!! and the shops at Midvalley, just fantastic. although i must say they're mostly designes and the prices are "designed" as well. everything is kind of expensive!! i couldn't afford to get anything. but was this close to getting a Disney T-shirt with a Mickey and a Christmas Tree printing on it. neh, it was rather expensive. so, what the heck, we went to the food court.

the food court was so huge!! come to think of it, everything there IS huge!! the food were good. scrumptious. oh their all so good. and after the food, w decided to go back with the KTM Komuter. i'm not sure what it's called in English. speaking abt that, i just had to say something. the one thing i hate about KL is that everything is in Malay!! i went to the ticket booth and i was like, what the hell. not even a single word of English. the only English words you can find are in mall tags and directories which are all bilingual. omg. what a stupid thing to do. even the visit to the Petroscience in the morning was an awful lot to learn anything. cause the explanation tag on a certain experiment or a certain display was all in Malay. that was what i though before i found the English version printed right beneath under explanation in MINI size!! i mean, if i was an American tourist, what the hell am i suppose to do?? i'll feel totally lost!! and they say KL is an advance place. yeah, advance in their LANGUAGE! i don't favor it.

anyways, back to the Komuter ride. oh it was fun. it was a normal ride. normal meaning we were all cramping with people and we had to stand. they were smelly bodies all over (including me). it was fun. i never went on one except the one where they take you sighseeing. wich isn't normal. i felt like i was gettig into the shoes of many people there. how they travelled. how they felt. part of a day in their lives. i loved it. omg. i'm such a sentimental fool. this wa s the kind where mostly everyone needed to use to get back home. so i enjoyed it. when we arrived on the other side of who know where. my aunt picked us up. the drive from her house to the station was just a five minutes drive. *sigh* the best day in KL, so far.

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