Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Back To School!

i particularly hate this time around!! hate the feeling!! lousy time!! it sucks!! it needs so much preparation. ok. taking a deep breath. sighs. i haven't found any tuitions yet!! i haven't got all my supplies for next year's new term!! i haven't checked out if my uniform still fits my overgorwn body!! i haven't even got a new school bag yet. not like it's really important, but all my previous school bags are quite small. i haven't get any of my books yet!! i haven't decided which steam i'm going to. and i'm not even sure if i could change my decision anymore! *sobs*. ugh! and the house isn't even ready yet!! my room!! all my stuff is stuck in the storeroom we rented!! and i can barely move anything!! i'm so frustrated!! i need my room back!! i wanna sleep in it!! *sobs*.

all my friends have at least found their tuition centres. or at least, have a contact of some sort. me?? i have nothing! zero! nothing at all!! i'm so lost!! i'll be the lost sheep in school next year!! and everything is so messed up. i don't know which book i must get. i have no fucking idea at all!! ugh! *breathing heavily*. mind me for my words. i can't help it. and i'm so caught up with the house lately. i have to help in the moving back in into house. and my stuff is stuck in the depths of the storeroom. i don't know what i'm going to do! we'll have to gradually slowly move back in. but how long isit gonna take?? i can't wait any longer!! school reopens next tuesday!! there's like a week left for me to straighten up!! and dad is so caught up with the house too. and grace is so caught up with her job. and i'm stuck in the middle and i CAN"T DRIVE!! this is the advantage!!

and the stupid government has to move the age allowance to 17 for motorbikers!! so stupid!! who'll be able to drive me around hunting for tuition centres or drive me down to school to get my books and other information?? and even if dad does, the house will go unattended and things will just go wrong!! at this time, i definitely think that driving skills are so important!! and i just heard from my friend that we'll have to use clothe badges for next year. the pin-up badges are history! what was wrong with those badges anyway?? they were good!! classy!! and they just have to change it!! *screams*. im so having a headache now!! i guess i'll better go get some sleep!!

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