Sunday, December 04, 2005

Posting In From KL!

just got the chance to use my cousin's computer for a second. i didn't actually ask them. but i don't care. i'll just take the screw up later. anyways, this is the second day we're here. and still, three more days to go!! so looking forward to go home now that i'm here. we couldn't visit anywhere much this trip, cause there's alot of old citizens. so we're mainly staying at home passing time. i fell asleep on the couch just now with my towel. i was suppose to take a bath, but fell asleep for 2 hours. woke up, just had lunch, and waiting for someone to bring us (children) somewhere. the wedding ended last night. was such a boring wedding dinner. the smallest one i've ever been to. there's not much of a difference about the dinner here and in penang. same old boring dishes where you get at any wedding dinners. i gotta stop now, we're going to Times Square. get back later!

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