Monday, December 05, 2005

Memories Of The Past.

as i sat on the metal tea chair, on my aunt's backyard, i coudln't help but notice the size of her backyard. with the endless noise of my cousins shouting and hitting their ping-pong ball, my thougts began to wonder back to my scouting days. the size of the backyard was as small as my camp-site back in the days. the "glory" scouting days. that's what i'd call it.

well, mainly, i was under good hands of my Patrol Leader when it was my first year of junior high school. everything went well. i was the junior, i just followed orders and i'm outta trouble. there was no need for me to give my nevertheless "BRILLIANT" ideas. i don't have to work overnight. i was most of the time excused by heavy activities with the reason that i have asthma. oh, camp that year was just satisfactory. became good friends with my fellow girl guides a month before the camp. everything was just splendid. ahh, the good times.

during my second year of junior high, i was no longer seen as the junior. i was the one who the first year juniors come to to ask questions. i was the one who gave out commands during a drill. i was the one who had to plan for the camp. i was one the Post-Patrol Leader (an evaluation time needed to evaluate the leaders they have chosen). i had to be the responsible one. competition amongs the other leaders were tough. working all day and night for just a title and a trophy at the end of the day. not really a worth it fight, but still, it does do some good for the leaders and members in a patrol itself. knowing the true meaning of friendship, hardwork, determination, leadership and most importantly, working as a team. these are just part of the things you get when you join the scout movement in your school. anyway, camp that year, was my success. i grabbed the Best Overall Trophy ( the shape of an eagle made from pewter) and my junior member got Best Recruit (meaning the best junior). that's it, i wasn't going to leave scouting for i know i have what it takes to be a leader.

but then, in year three, things turn out to be so bad. i couldn't cope with my studies. i was missing classes all the time for scouting. loosing my lunchtime to scouts. failing my studies. becoming an intolerable brat. spending most of the time outside home. taking blows after blows by OUR leaders for our wrong doings. no matrter how much we give to scouts, it never seems to be enough. juggling between studies an scout just does injustice for both. so, i decided to give up. with the total awareness that giving up is just wrong and regrettable. but without the support of parents, it's a hard decision to make. my parents don't encourage to me to be involved too much in scouting. but if i don't i'll suffer a whole lot of meetings and blows by OUR leaders which is a bigger waste of time. so being the mommy's boy as i always am, i dropped out of scout and now, living my everyday school life as a sleeping member of the Shaolin Wushu Club. i totally joined it to give myself a break. and now, after the PMR examinations, i'm spending my holidays with peace.

come to think of it, i lead quite a pathetic school life with no adventures. i sure miss my scouting days and still keeping every single memory of it alive and fesh in my mind. but i'm not planning to go back at all. not even the thought of it. i love my life the way it is right now although it could use a little bit of tunning up. still, good things always come to an end. and memories are meant to be remembered.

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