Wednesday, December 21, 2005


so, finally, the time's up. the time. omg. tomorrow!! tomorrow is the day of my PMR examinations' results!! i'm so nervous!! i can't tell what i'm gonna get, but i'm sure they won't be the best!! although, i've tried my best!! it's almost as nervous as before sitting for the examinations. i've been feeling all weird out for the whole week. it's totally sucking my happiness. oh god, imagine all the mean stuff eveyrone's gonna say that i have to put up with!! imagine all the so called "advice" (in a harsher way) from my parents i'll have to put up with!! imagine all the looks from my friends when i'm not any better than them!! they're all gonna shun me and give me stares of sympathy yet the glory in their eyes, unmistakenly obvious!! oh my, my life's slowly turning into the wrong lane again!! what shall i do?? oh god. *sighs*. only last night dad said if i was more hardworking, i wouldn't be worrying for my results. well, i guess, he has a point there. if i was hardwroking, i'd be so confident about my results that i wouldn't even give it a damn now!! that was, if. oh well, the time has come and gone, and now, i'll just have to live with it!!

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