Sunday, August 28, 2005


isit mutual understanding to us homo sapiens that farting is either bad or rude?? it came to my mind whne i asked my 7year old brother why he doesn't fart in public. he told me he was shy to do so. he farts regularly at home. to be honest we all do in my family. it's just funny how humans are so shy to fart in public. it's like, it's instilled in our minds that farting is a shameful thing to do, besides that it's rude and smelly. LOL. but i know ppl still do outside, when they fart silently and inocent ppl have to bear with the smell. LOL. i too do that, once in a while when the fart just needs to come out like a baby! LOL. but i will go to a faraway and secluded place to do it. but still, i usually can help not farting in public. guess i'll just have to call it life. the way we humans live it. funny how life works isn't it??

Church these days, just ain't the same anymore.

as i was in church, attending mass, fullfilling my sunday duties, my mind wondered off and made me think abt the church these days. it's just different from the way it was then at the times of my parents. well, i couldn't really assure you that it's different from my mother's time, but i can say that it's different when your a teenager. when i was a kid, i use to love to go to church. having the ability to read and knowing how to say most of the prayers was just a delight to me besides singing. now, in church, singing and reciting your prayers during mass is kinda considered a freaky thing to do. go to church, and pay attention to the lips of the teenagers during a hymn or a prayer. can barely find one that moves to the prayer or the hymn. even if u find them moving it's either their talking with their friends or wither just lip-singing. i just don't know what the teenagers are thinking nowadays. i have to admit, that there was a time where i thought rebelling during mass is cool, but then, think again, it's not that cool. now, i don't hesitate to open my mouth at all. i don't care wat other think, as long as i'm in the mass with the Lord. what to do? that's how i think. besides that, teenagers these days also don't sit with their family anymore during mass. in my church, usually, the back part of the church where there are only plastic chairs prepared for those who came late or don't have a place to sit, will always be occupied by the teens. i have no idea as to who made that tradition to sit at the back of the church during mass. but whoever it is, his tradition's here to stay for long. well, i do use to sit with a bunch of frens at the back of the church too. but now, i realised that it was kind of stupid and i stopped doing it. i only sit at the back when it's necessary and if i have to oblige my frens. but other than that, i feel more comfortable sitting with my family. and also i tell myself, "why stand being taunted by thm, when u can sit comfortably and pay attention to mass with my family?" now, my cuzins do it all the time. i hope they will be aware of what they're doing when the time comes. and also, mobile phones are such a pain in a neck in masses these days. every now and then, u'll hear mobile phones going off in the middle of mass resulting to thousand heads turning and screwed up faces! especially the elder citizens. so distracting. and also, the younger generations, texting each other during mass. neglecting the mass. *sighs*. wish it is the way it was.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

the autograph i got! LOL.. Farah's wif the love! Posted by Picasa

Farah, speaking her mind! Posted by Picasa

where r u Xerra? Posted by Picasa

look at Farah! Posted by Picasa

the six of them, talking wif the host! Posted by Picasa

and finally! Posted by Picasa

Adam, i love his shoes! Posted by Picasa

She's so hot! I just can't get enuff of her! Posted by Picasa

Farah! looking sexy! Posted by Picasa

Ash sounds great! and also looks cool!  Posted by Picasa

Daniel, doing great with the s'port of his family members just right beside me! Posted by Picasa

Nita with her performance! she sounds so great! Posted by Picasa

Adam, bustling in the crowd waiting to get thru! Posted by Picasa

Ash! givin me the last shot of the day! Posted by Picasa

Grace and Ash! ain't that lovely?? Posted by Picasa

Grace and Adam! seriously, what's up wif him and the thumb? Posted by Picasa

Ash and daniel looking bz too! Posted by Picasa

Farah's smile captures my heart! Posted by Picasa

Adam and Nita looking bz. Posted by Picasa

Daniel, Ash and me! ooh, i like this one! Posted by Picasa

Farah and me! this too! gosh, can't blive it was such a bad pic of me n Farah, altho she was pretty in the pic! Posted by Picasa

Me wif Nita!! i noe, the camera got me at a very bad angle! if u noe wat i mean. Posted by Picasa

Daniel, wonder how Adrian got that special blue effect?? Posted by Picasa

Autograph signing! Posted by Picasa

Farah!! Forever pretty! Posted by Picasa