Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Gurney Plaza Rawks!

woah! went to gurney plaza today, as i said. i can't believe the changes that taken place in gurney! gosh, it was so amazing! ntg that i expected! went there with grace to get "statinaries". well, that's what she claimed. as i followed her into Big Bookshop, can't believe it got so big! LOL. i mean, the whole of the third floor of gurney (only the renovated part, which was most of it) looked so classy and stylish. they actually mean it when they said "we're upgrading penang's premier lifestyle mall"!! i just couldn't stand the place! it was so damn nice! standing for a few seconds in Big Bookshop was like being a bird kept in a cage for ages just waiting to burst out in freedom! gosh, i felt so excited! and the wonderful thing was, Popular opened there too! and i tell you, it was the biggest one i ever visited! altho the visit was brief and the place still smelled like fresh paint, it was big. and Artist Gallery was totally refurbished! it looked amazing. plus, when we were in there, we saw a reli good promotion! CDs at the price of RM29.90, plus, buy two at the price of one!! gosh! can u believe it?? it was so tempting and irresistable! but there wasn't reli many choixes of cd. they were mostly old cds like, 911, N'sync, Simon and Garfunkel, Macy Gray and etc. all from my young age. but i managed to get Mandy Moore and N'sync. and grace got Richie Ren (ewe). and later, while she was browsing, she re-discovered The Moffats!! the 1st album! she was over the top! but then, it wasn't on promotion. so, she left it, and walked away, determined to come back and get it sum other day! and as we walked further, again, we re-discovered Hanson!! the 1st album too! again she wanted to buy it, but then, we were both running a little low on cash that time. and i actually told the shopowner to save it for us till we come back sum other day! LOL. those weren't cheap altho the cds' most probably a decade already! i guess it must've been coz it was the 1st cds of them, so their prices nvr went down even after all these years! i got down and grabbed a McChicken from McD and left gurney. i'm so hoping that my parents will bring me there this weekend!! you should really visit it!!

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