Wednesday, August 10, 2005

gosh, it's been like what? 2 weeks? i think so. can't believe i was so busy to blog. i can barely remember any good thing tht has happened to me the pst 2 weeks. the only thing that's fresh in my mind is that i wasted or rather, spent, RM25 on my mobile phone on the Desperate Housewives quiz last nite while i was watching it. i can't believe i did that without further inifo on it! i am so angry abt myself! speaking abt Desperate Housewives, omg, it's like my current favourite show! i can't believ i got so atrracted to it! i just can't get enough of Gabrielle and John! they're both so damn hot together, althought they have their age difference. and watching Gabrielle putting up with Mama Solis in the episodes lately have just been nothing but amusing! and Susan paired up with Mike, just gets the best out of everything! i seriously can't get enough of the show! i always look forward to tuesdays! but anyway, i wasted RM25 last nite on Desperate Housewives! and now, i still dont stand a chance to win the trip to the Oprah Winfrey show! i can't believe i was so stupid! and now, i'm skipping school coz they said that there was a marching rehearsal for independance day in school! and i'm stuck at home watching Paycheck (starring Ben Affleck) as i'm typing this! LOL. the other thing that's worrying inmy life is PMR! reality rings, only 53 days left till PMR! and i'm still not working on my studies! and ppl like me are just too lazy to get my ass up and do somethin useful, or at least, educational! i'm dead worried that i'm not studying and i'm most probably gonna fail my PMR and also that i'm running out of time to do so! oh, i'm dead worried!

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