Monday, August 01, 2005

Nippon Yataimura... yumm...

sunday was fun! it was an eat-all-u-can day, for me! i requested for it when i was hospitalised, and children usually get what they want when their sick, or at least, promised. LOL. u know, the feeling of wanting to eat everything when ur sick and restricted from eating good food, u always long for more! well, that's the way for me. it's always like that whenever i fall sick, always wanting to eat sumthin that isn't allowed! i kept begging my mum for sushi and she promised that she'll bring me to have sushi on sunday. and i also wanted McDonald's breakfast. so i had all i wished for on sunday! breakfast was great, especially when ur having it with the whole family without the presence of unwelcomed people. i'm like that. i'm always fussy about stuff like family unity. it's just that most of he time, grace would usually bring her boyfriend or her friends to join us, which i am so totally against! i seriously have this addiction towards family unity and togetherness. i'm usually the one who always tries to call grace home for dinner on special occasions and would be most delighted when i have daily dinner with the whole family. grace would always be the one who always tries to get away from being with the family, and i'm always the one calling her back. i just dono why, but, that's the way i want things to be. especially on occasions like christmas and chinese new year. but after having breakfats, we attended the choir practice in church, as usual, sunday doings. and we left for lunch at gurney. grace alredi left us at that time to attend her buffet luncheon with friends at evergreen laurel hotel! we were supposedly to lunch at secret recipe, but due to the heavy breakfast, we had barely any lunch. just a few sips of iced lemon tea at scret recipe and a plate of spaghetti. for dinner, my favourite part, we went to nippon yataimura, a japanese restaurant in pulau tikus. i was desperately looking up info on that restaurant the day before. to my disappointment and surprise, there was not any information at all abt this restaurant! i cant believe it. what a great restaurant, not to mention, big restaurant, there wasn't any registered info abt this restaurant. it wasn't even listed under the Yahoo! Travel search under restaurants in penang. gosh. altho there was japanese cuisine listed, nippon yataimura wasn't one of them listed. the only information i can get are from fellow bloggers, and their nippon yataimura was in KL. LOL. well, i had a great time there! the food was great! i had salmon sashimi, and it tasted yucky. LOL. had alot of sushi-s! i have to say, this is far more better than sushi king. and their food was fresh. dad and edmund had ramen, and it tasted like heaven. and joe was there, i had an amazing time. i mean, he was the only one beside me who can actually swallow a huge amount of food! a good eating companion! the setting of the restaurant was so japan-ish! LOL. i was intrigued by the way the tables are arranged and the way the all-rounder thingy with sushis on it was placed in between two rows of seats. it was cool. the food wan't bad at all. nothing i expected. the cool thing was on the second floor of the restaurant, they had a PS2 for playing, according to edmund. i didn't see it myself. and there this whole shelf of japanese comic books arranged beside the cashier! but the down thing was, they did not play any japanese songs. they had silly songs, which were from games that weren't japanese at all. LOL. but every other thing else was great. i got their contact card too, in case i wanna make a reservation in the near future! the number is 04-2266018. hey, if u need an eating companion, don hesitate to call me up! *wink*

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