Saturday, August 20, 2005

Malaysian Idols!!!!!

omg! 2day was such a great day! i met the 6 finalist of the malaysian idols!! they were incredible!! farah! i love you! at the moment i thought i was late, everything just came into my world! i spotted the m'sian idol (MI) car in front of gurney and saw faizull waving at me! omg! and then i spotted ash behind him! gosh. i shouted and dad dropped us at the main entrance of gurney. i just thought of going in and wait but guess wat?? mum dragged us to the car i spotted and asked the guy to let us have our photos taken wif them! i was so excited. greeting us throught the window was daniel! he wind down the window 4 us. and omg, i tell u, it was so intense! and later, grace spotted farah lying in the backseat of the car! *screams* omg! she was so pretty and her eyes were huge! she's so hot!! she's really pretty and her personality fits her looks!! she as just so pretty and friendly! she even said sori that the car was in such a mess. LOL. and she cleared the seat and let edmund take a picture wif her! omg! and i took a pic of ash! and also daniel! and we said bye and rushed off into gurney to MAC and waited 4 them to come out. but grace did a far more better job in star hunting. she called my cell and as i picked up, she was sreaming to me that she saw nita and adam in another car in front of gurney! omg! i ran to the porch and saw them! grace totally pulled me to the car and when they opened it, we took pics of them! the sad thing was, xerra wasn't there. they said she was sick, so we kinda missed. but as they entered the building, grace and me was like, following on farah's back! she was so sweet and friendly! i just can't stop talking abt her! and noone noticed us. LOL. and i went back to MAC without noticing that i've lost grace! and everyone screamed when they appeared! omg! the crowd went crazy! LOL! but then, i don't have a reli good camera, so pictures then was kinda blurred and disturbed. and the lighting was just plain suck. wat a waste! but nvm, there was still hope! carina and me lined up to get their autographs. i forced adrian and edmund thru the crowd so that they could be in front and i mad edmund hold the camera. LOL. so bad of me. after that, grace found me back lining up. she told me dat she was the 1st one to get their autographs coz she was being all sneaky and stuff! LOL. she's such a mouse! and guess what she did 4 me?? she told farah to wrote my name on that autograph!! gosh, she knows i love her. i have such a good sister!! like that wasn't enuff, she snuck into the front of the queue and got carina and me to go stand there. we actually waited like only 5mins to get their autographs! LOL. imagine that. and when it was our turn, grace snuck in again into the line to take pics! LOL i got farah, nita , daniel and ash! i 4got abt adam! wat a waste. LOL. after that, grace said she was the only one who doesn't hv a pic wif the idols, so i went to get a good spot for photos, and she snuck in again. omg, can u blive how sneaky she is?? so many times! and as i stood there taking pics, well, trying to take, i must say, penangites aren't very friendly. gosh, there was this bunch of gals in front of me and they were all like, pissed off wif me coz i stuck my hand out above them to take pictures. and they were also pissed when i screamed for farah. i thought, hey, if u don like ppl taking pics and shouting, might as well don come to this kinda place, right? but she met the wrong guy, the more she hated me, the longer i stood there and carried don wif my business. LOL. and they finally got so pissed, that they left the place and i got a damn good spot! ahah. after taking pics 4 grace, we left and met up wif mum after the idols left the building. after that, due to sudden change of plans, we decided to go catch their performance at the TV3 Carnivale at PISA! LOL. and it just seems to be our lucky day! we found a perfect parking spot as soon as we arrived there. when we met the idols again, farah saw me and she was like , "hey, it's u again!". LOL. i guess i made quite an impression! LOL. the TV3 stage setup was ridiculous! they had such a big stage but such a small viewing area! so silly. they also had those big screens put up at both sides of the stage, only to play what's airing on TV3 but not what's happening on stage! crazy! grace and i started spreading rumours that there ain't gonna be any performance till 7.30pm. and sum ppl actually blived us and left the place, leaving behind front spots for us! LOL. so bad, i noe! but soon, the crowd was too heavy that they had to open up and let us in to the front of the stage! gosh, thsy started opening at our spot. so mum again dragged all of us to the front row! reli good spot! are we lucky or wat? LOL. and being so close to them during singing was just pure fun. and their voices sound so much better in real life than on TV! such a greta performance altho it was just 15mins! so damn cool! i got like, alot of pictures!! after that, we retreated and went back with the feeling of satisfaction burning in our hearts!! even edmund knew wat was happening! check out my pics!!

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