Tuesday, August 16, 2005

gosh, just woke up. listening to Mariah's Emancipation of Mimi now. ditching school today. gonna go see the dentist in the afternoon. haven't even brushed my teeth yet. and the edge of the mouth is stained by overnight dried up saliva. disgusting. and the body stinks coz i was sweating like hell last nite. it seems to me that i went to the gym than went to bed. *sighs*. can't post alot now, can barely find the time to do so. anyway, i just signed up for that PMR seminar that's gonna take place this weekend. i can't believe edward talked me into doing it. LOL. and life's been busy. after grandma went back (to her house) since sunday, i shifted back into my room which she was occupying all along. i haven't slept there yet, coz akak haven't changed the bed sheet yet, literally. i just shifted all my studies back there. now i'm studying there again. and the room seems to be as alluring than ever to study. maybe it's jinxed! i straight away lighted some scented joss sticks (the one we buy in gifts shop and etc) to get rid of my grandma's smell. isit true that grandma's are always yucky and stuff?? LOL. anyway, i'm gonna go to gurney later wif grace before heading to the hospital. it's her appointment with the dentist actually. she has got to remove her false teeth. how she got 1? whe she had an accident last few years and got 2 of her front teeth smashed up into bits and the rest jagged! so she got a fake teeth to have braces, but then, she needs a change in the false teeth until she gets a permanent 1. breaksfast just got home, gtg!

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