Sunday, August 28, 2005


isit mutual understanding to us homo sapiens that farting is either bad or rude?? it came to my mind whne i asked my 7year old brother why he doesn't fart in public. he told me he was shy to do so. he farts regularly at home. to be honest we all do in my family. it's just funny how humans are so shy to fart in public. it's like, it's instilled in our minds that farting is a shameful thing to do, besides that it's rude and smelly. LOL. but i know ppl still do outside, when they fart silently and inocent ppl have to bear with the smell. LOL. i too do that, once in a while when the fart just needs to come out like a baby! LOL. but i will go to a faraway and secluded place to do it. but still, i usually can help not farting in public. guess i'll just have to call it life. the way we humans live it. funny how life works isn't it??


Anonymous said...

Hey! Im an internet super noob! I came by jz now, n saw ur blog! Hehe. Ok la. Ppl say farting is rude bcos watever gas dat comes out stinks!

matrianklw said...

lol, i suppose.

Anonymous said...

Eh..matt..... y i alwaz kena anonymous comment wan..essh..