Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Wish Come True.




A million thanks to my dearest sister for taking all the trouble (on a pretense to the toilet, leaving me hanging in the cake shop, not knowing what to order for a good amount of time and appearing afterwards, panting, much to my bemusement) and thought to surprise me and also mom and dad for the contribution. It’s really neat and I was honestly surprised, which is a rare thing in the family. Words could not possibly describe how much of an awe I’m in and also how much of a spoilt brat I feel like. You guys didn’t need to show me anymore love than you guys already have prior to this. Nevertheless, however undeserved, I still feel incredibly blessed and grateful.

Hope everyone had as good of a Christmas I had this year, surrounded by people I love and care about and also a blessed New Year 2010. Cheers.