Thursday, February 23, 2006

Green Day.

feeling a little green today. decided to change my desktop again. well, i have a lot of free time whenever i'm sick. so, this is how it looks right now. with the wallpaper.

and this is how the inside looks with the greens. =).

and i also changed the colour of my windows media player to go with the desktop theme. not exactly my favourite colour, but still it goes along. ;-P.

I Wouldn't Know...

  1. how to cook, bake, fry, grill, mix, etc etc. (but i'd love to learn.)
  2. how to use the ATM machine.
  3. how to write a poem,
  4. what else a song.
  5. what to do if somebody fainted right in front of me.
  6. how to drive.
  7. how to create a blog template.
  8. where to go if i was in a new place. (i'd totally be lost and i'll start to panick!)
  9. how to mesmerise a girl's heart.
  10. how to use a credit card.
  11. how to repair or fix anything (car, pipes, bicycle, computer, etc etc.)
  12. how to operate the washing machine.
  13. anything that's currently IN or HOT that everyone's talking about. (games, parties, movies, shows, songs etc etc.)
  14. how to be romantic. (but i kinda have an idea of the word "romantic")
  15. how to play SPORTS!! (any form of sports)
  16. how to play games. (computer games, PS games. well, i just suck at games!)
  17. how to calculate quickly if i was in a hurried situation. (when it comes to money and change.)
  18. how to think properly when i'm rushed or when i'm panicking. (exams!)
  19. what to do if i was in a life and death situation. (old folks getting sick and they look like they're about to die. i'll only stand and watch and cry.)
  20. how to console or say comforting words to ppl who are telling me their problems or seeking comfort from me.
i guess, i have quite a number of things that i wouldn't know what to do if i was in a particular situation. and it's kind of weird cause i'm almost 16 (June) and these things are still in my unknown list. this list doesn't end here. there're probably a few other hundred things i wouldn't know how to do but these are the only things i can think of now. i'll update it when i think of something. but the worst things of this list are not being a handyman at home and knowing no knowledge of sports or whatsoever. no wonder mom calls me useless. =P.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sick Again After 2 Weeks.

*big sigh*. ok, i've fallen into the arms of sickness again and now i'm all up with the diseases. urgh. it's been only 2 weeks since my last sickness got healed. and now, i'm back to square one. started feeling cold and feverish since last night. i never cover myself with the comforter unless i have the air-con switched on for the night. if it's only the fan, i don't cover with the comforter. but last night, my feet felt so cold like there was a pair of cold hands holding them for the night. ewe, scary. wasn't sure what time was it, but i was halfway through the milky way when i searched blindly for the comforter and later pulled it up to my chest with my hands tucked inside, and went back to milky way. =P.

when akak was tring to wake me up in the morning, i was dead. LOL. just kidding. i couldn't open my eyes at all. and when i sat up on my bed, my surrounding was twirling and everyhting looked so illusive. i told her i won't be able to make it to school, but she insisted. so i got up, feeling giddy and went to took a shower. i ws trying my best to ignore this sickly feeling and just go on with the day. by the time i reached the door, akak told me that i've wore the wrong shirt - we're supposed to be on our uniform body attire on wednesdays. i didn't even bother to change, felt so tired with every single move of the muscles. went to school, and struggled against the bacteria's that swimming in me, trying to shut the feeling off. but i just couldn't.

carried on after the assembly, hoping that i could faint under the hot sun, and someone just bring me back home. nah, i didn't. went to class and started shaking in English. the worse feeling i've ever had in school. Mr Goh, never realised that i was shaking like a git. and by the end of his class, i couldn't take it enymore and decided to go search for Mr Khor for approval of me going home. i got it allright. but it needed the signatures of my dad, principal, form teacher and the guard of the school. so i had to run all over the school to get all the signatures just to go back. imagine me, feeling as cold as ever and my forehead keeps giving out heat, walking all over the school to search for a particular someone. the feeling is indescripable! it sucks. and i was like, "damn, the shcool is big especially when you're not yourself!".

dad came and picked me up to the the chinese singseh (chinese doctor). the whole family goes there for treatment. i'm not a big fan of his medicine coz it all tastes like pounced roots, animals, and what else, who knows what! he made me waited for him for quite a long time!! i was sitting there with an expression of pain and sleepiness, and he let me waited for him for so long!! or it's either me who felt that it was long. screwed up brain when you get sick. so after consulting him, i couldn;t wait for the midicine (which requires alot of pounding and packing to tiny small packets in powder form). so i asked dad to take me home. went straight to bed after that, with my uniform.

coudln't care less what time it was until akak just woke me up to take the medicine which tastes like hell. i have sore throat also. so he packed me a bag of medicinal herbs and spices to let me go home and boil it over hot water and then drink it. he says it's gonna heal my throat. i had it once before when my throat was sore also. the worse sore throat i ever had, as the matter of fact!! it just felt like there was burning charcoal stuck in the throat and with every swallow of the saliva, it burns with a hissing sound. that's what it felt like. but today it's just sore. and dad sent the medicine for kai ma to boil cause we don't have the traditional kettle or pot to do it. she's going to send it over soon. and it's going to taste bad!! if i'm not mistaken, i saw tiny little legs of crickets in the mdicine when i reached the bottom of the bowl. that's is so gross!!

i guess i'm unable to go to school tomorrow. i'm so weak on the inside. standing up makes the leg squirmy and i feel like jelly in me. i get sick all the time. i don't know why. edward doesn't even get sick for the whole year round. i guess i'm just weak and so prone to bacteria and viruses all around me. =(. so sick.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Change Template??

it's tuesday night, half past 8pm, and you probably might be wondering what am i doing here?? oh well, the TV's occupied by grace and i'm stuck here with my miserable self, who decided not to put up a fight for the TV just now, causing me to miss Charmed, posting on my blog again. i guess this is about what i could do, besides burying myself into my pile of homework and books for the rest of the night. i'll pass on that.

which boils down to me being free for the res of the night. unless i changed my mind and decides to go for the second option of activities tonight. i was just blog-hopping and i noticed the templates alot of them used. interesting i must say, yet most of the time, flawed. since i'm all into changing skins for my MSN, desktop, tagbox, why not change the template of this blog as well?? i'm still contemplating about it. nah, the trouble of actually changing the template is already enough to keep me up all night. i'm not a professional at it.

but the fun of having a new skin is just thrilling. new looks. new feel. *hmm*. still, the trouble of actually looking for a suitable one is there. i mean, i'm definitely a picky person. nothing satisfies me easily. i was just checking out the skins on Blogskins and i saw alot of user-unfriendly (gosh, just made this up) templates for my choosing. i'm not exactly fans of all that. they're just not my cup of tea. LOL. as i said, i like something uncommon, something unknown, something which is practically nothing. i have not the slightest idea about making templates. so i guess it's not in my place to condemn.

i think i'd rather keep this template and this blog as it is. i can see that there are people who "like" it and keep coming back to this blog. LOL. just joking. i don't really care. for me, the more unknown it is, the better. bah! i'm just gonna stick with this one. it's not that bad after all. which brings to it, i just noticed that my ridiculously looking picture has been on my profile for so long. i have no other picture to put. i'm open for suggestions! wait till the day i get a better picture of myself, than maybe i might change it, provided if i want to! =P. and another thing, i'm going to make my posts have a default colour which is orange. you'll be seeing more orange now!!

Hectic Monday.

ugh. until today, i still dislike mondays. it has given me all the reasons to. i have a really hectic monday. literally. you see, i wake up at 6am in the morning with all the drowsiness of the world after sunday, wash-up, and go to school. in school, it's bad enough that i have to ut up with assembly. standing for so long listening to the teacher of student affairs make his speech on the current level of discipline of this school gets kind of tiring after some time. not to mention the speech our current principal does, no offence, but it has no real meanings and he stutters before every word!! that's so annoying compared to our previous principal.

to makes things worse in school, i have the worst subjects for mondays. i have add math, followed by accounts and moral!! these three subjects just makes me puke. i mean, add math and accounts has so many numbers in it!! and it makes my mind jumble. and it's a monday, for crying out loud, who can actually pay attention without falling asleep?? LOL. maybe it just happens in my class, who knows?? and moral, moral is one of the many subjects i dislike. combine the three of them together, whoah!! breathtaking!! and these three subjects offer the most of homework!!

after i come back from school, it's already abt 3p.m. take a little time to shower, bathroom, lunch and computer, it's already close to 4p.m. and by 4p.m. i start to take out my homework for the day, which is aplenty. *sighs* before i can barely finish anything, it's already 5p.m. and i have accounts tuition on mondays at 5.30p.m. gotta get ready and take off by 5.15p.m. to reach the tuition centre on time. before i know it, it's already 7p.m. and dad is picking me up from tuition to get back home for dinner. i usually reach home at 7.30p.m. by the time i finish dinner, it'll be 8p.m.!! time for another class!! BM tuition on mondays also at 8.30p.m. *sighs*. and that tuition teacher of mine has taken the liberty to drag the class on for 2hours (it was suppose to be only 1hour and 30mins). class extension was the last thing i needed for the list of the day.

after that, dad'll pick me up, and i reach home finally at 11p.m. while realising that i'm already tired and sleepy, i still have a load of homework still waiting for my attention on my table. ugh!! i can just go crazy on mondays!! and even if i try completing them, it'll be past midnight by then and i most probably couldn't wake up the next morning. and tuition has also cut off my time on America's next Top Model!! so, i miss shows, i get alot of homework, attend 2 tuition classes on one day on mondays!! do you think i should stop hating it??!!

oh yea, and just today, i got "assaulted" by my club teacher. Science and Maths club, Mrs. Poomani. she came to my class and asked me if i was still in her club. i said i wanted to quit and she was all shooting me with her questions. "If you can't answer my questions, i suggest you write me a letter on the reason upon you quitting the club! and it'd better be a good reason!!" she said, sternly. oh well, the only reason i wanted to quit that stupid club, is because her club meeting are on mondays!! doesn't anyone realise how busy i am on mondays?! what she's doing to me, it's like pointing a knife to my throat and threatening me not to quit her club. and that sucks!! dad says, just write her a letter and be done with it. yea, sure. i hate mondays!!

Current Desktop.

this is how my desktop looks right now!! i really love this color scheme!! not too much of orange, yet still orange. can't remember where i got the wallpaper from. but i really like it. something that's practically nothing, that's what i like. something unknown, i prefer that. well, when i get sick and tired of this, i'll change. the desktop, i mean. =P

Pinyin Lyrics #2.

another two lyrics from the same song. it's all in the lyrics. i'm just posting this cause i thought it might be useful. coz it is useful to me.

Pinyin Lyrics.

i found this lyrics over the web at this website, Karazen. it offers alot of chinese pinyin lyrics. someone like me might find it useful. don't understand chinese, i don't read chinese, but i'd just like to follow the songs. so it's kinda useful to me.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

School - Sucky Part.

i actually came to a conclusion after a few days of school after my "extended" holiday that - the only part of school that really sucks is having to wake up at an extremely unreasonable time for school!! you guys have to agree with me on this!! it's true!! i mean, that's the only bad part of going to school (well, apart of knowing d fact that everyone thinks i'm gay in school), that has gotta be the worse part of going to school. seriously, who likes waking up at such a time to only drag ourselves to school??

sometimes, i even think that if they actually changed the shcool hours to, say what, maybe in the afternoon, there wouldn't be any truancy problems in school. LOL. but that doesn't make much of a sense. anyway, getting up early really sucks. it's like, everyday, i struggle with getting up. like today, i got a freaking morning call at 5.45am (15 mins b4 my actual wake up time!!) from carina. she totally text me apologising upon her not replying my texts last night. i was like, omg, what the hell!! i still havent replied her text. and it resulted me of waking up an extra 5mins later. LOL.

and to make it worse, some of us - like me - takes a fairly long time to get dressed and get afresh, will most probably end up in school empty stomach. it's either bread or milo. and if it's bread, i'll have to eat it in the car, which will take up the fabulous time to fall asleep in all the drowziness!! but i usually don't eat, cause i don't have the time to. but there are still some instances akak personally volunteered to prepare breakfast of sausages and eggs and bacon. and that instances, i'll have to wake up extra early and rush myself in the bathroom like a mad dog, just so that i have enough time to sit on the table to have breakfast.

i also thank god that i'm not the kind of person who needs to do their "business" in the morning!! i mean, i don't get stomache aches at times like that unless i had poison for supper the night before. but other than that, Mr. Tummy doesn't make alot of complains. LOL. i mean, if you had to shit in the morning, imagine what time you'll have to wake up!! 5am?? omg, i won't have enough sleep by then!!

well, i guess it's always true that students like us could go to bed earlier so that you'll acquire enough sleep the next day. that's why parents created curfews. LOL. but i don't have any. and for this reason, sometimes, the student himself can't really go to bed early due to the overflowing work the school gives that he/she has to stay up late to actually finish them. right?? i'm not so sure about that one, though. *smiles*. maybe it's only me who doesn't complete my work on time and decides to finish it in a rushing manner till 2am in the morning. LOL.

but most of the time, in my case, it's the TV. LOL. i have so many shows to watch that it cuts off till 12am. and i'll most probably be in bed by 12.30am then. just count the hours i get to sleep when i have to wake up at 6am the next day. few hours only. it'll usually lead to sleepiness in class and the art of not paying attention in class. =P. i mean, how can i actually miss shows like Charmed, North Shore, The O.C. etc. Tuesdays is the day i watch TV the most. the whole night through!! i call Tuesdays, Show Day!! LOL. my favourite day of the week. no tuition. homeworks aside, only me and the TV.

so, it's not fun having to wake up so early to get to school. tiring. but having friends like mine, it just makes all the trouble worth it just getting to go to school. and if you actually think, your parents are doing the same also. in fact, everyone is the same. so i'm gonna quit complaining for now and just live life the way it's suppose to be!! tell me your opinions about this, i'd like to know!! LOL. =).

Valentine's Day is not in my list of celebration!!

i just visited a few of my friend's blog to only come face to face with valentine posts. *sighs*. and it struck me like a lightning how insignificant this event is in my life. LOL. i don't even believe in Valentine's Day. not even sure what it really is. it's not stated in the calendar, is it?? but i don't think it's any sort of nonsensical hocus pocus. just that i don't celebrate it. LOL. ewe, but come to think of it, i did celebrate it, once - in a dark chapter in my life. LOL. yea, i did, when i dated a girl (the only girl, as the matter of fact) when i was ONLY 13. LOL. thinking back at it, it felt so stupid. i'm not gonna talk about it more. close friends of mine will know. LOL. but now, VDay is just another passing day for me. well, i'm not saying everyone shuldn't celebrate it or anything. go do whatever you want!! XD.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Have You heard??

'American Idol' Crushes Grammys in Ratings
Thursday February 9 5:23 PM ET

Some humbling news for professional musicians like Madonna and U2: By a wide margin, TV viewers prefer the amateurs.

Nearly twice as many people 28.3 million watched "American Idol" than watched the Grammy Awards 15.1 million when the two music programs went head-to-head in prime time Wednesday, according to Nielsen Media Research.

In large part due to the "American Idol" competition, it was the least-watched Grammy Awards in Nielsen records dating back to the 1970s.

It certainly wasn't what CBS, Grammy producers or the struggling music industry anticipated after packing the show with star-studded performances. Kanye West, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Jay-Z and Christina Aguilera all performed, and the show also featured a colorful appearance by reclusive star Sly Stone.

During the 8 to 9 p.m. EST hour, when the Grammys competed directly with "American Idol," the awards show featured Madonna, John Legend, Coldplay and U2 with the Irish rock band's duet with Mary J. Blige arguably the evening's most thrilling moment.

After "Idol" went off the air, the Grammys picked up a little steam. For its full three-and-a-half hours, the Grammy Awards' average viewership was 17 million people.

The least-watched Grammy telecast was in 1995 when the show was watched by 17.2 million people. Last year's show was seen by 18.8 million people, with 26.3 million viewers in 2004.

Former "American Idol" winner Kelly Clarkson won two Grammys, but didn't mention the Fox show in her tearful acceptance speeches.

The music pros can take a little comfort in at least slowing the "American Idol" momentum. It was the first time in seven telecasts this season that "Idol" was seen by fewer than 30 million people.

Yahoo! TV
Entertainment News and Gossip

LOL. i was like, "hey i did watch the Grammys" when i saw this. LOL. but i didn't miss American Idol either. LOL. and it was true that kelly Clarkson never thanked American Idol for her success. she should be more grateful. at least a little bit. LOL.
feeling much better today. just finished watching my all time favourite "Not Another Teen Movie" through the stupid QucikTime player which requires a pro account to view it's video on full screen. so, i spent the last 1hour and 30mins watching a movie in a size of a PDA. of course, i still have the occasional coughs but anything is better than what i had a few days ago. not to mention, horrible. i'm recovering, and things in my head (be it the brains or the juices or whatever you have in there) are getting themself into shape altogether. i'm actually quite stable enough to clear my room today of it's junk like medicine wrappers, empty bottles, t-shirts and etc that have been left there for the past 4days unwashed and unattended. still, both my ears are suffering from the after effects of high fever cause they can't really make out anything now. i've been changing CDs for the whole morning and let's just say everything makes me barf. i can still hear the empty space in my ears. not quite sure how to explain it, but it somehow makes all the songs sound shorter and i can't concentrate on whatever the artist is singing. Avril Lavigne was pure torture for me in the morning.

speaking about CDs i just discovered my retarded CD-ROMs are literally retarded. both of them. one of them, i can't even open it. i don't know what's the matter with it, but it just won't open. regardless of the bangings i give it when it only makes silly click sounds when i press the open button instead of just opening up like a normal CD player would. the other one i noticed won't play CDs properly. it's like, it's purposely doing it to piss me off. it plays the 1st few songs ok but after a while, it stops playing!! and this'll usually lead to my computer crashing due to my endless clicking of the play button in the Windows Media Player. well, i have no money to change them. just gotta live with it. LOL. =P

still, the nose hasn't really recover yet. it's still stuffed with - who knows what. it's like i've lost my sense of smell. i can't smell anything at all. get me a pile of cow poo and put it right in front of my face and i'll probably remain motionless. it's so sick. everything i eat has no taste or smell to it. and you know how much that sucks to me. currently i'm breathing through my mouth and my nose is paralyzed. just feel like thrushing a vacuum into it and vaccuming anything that's blocking it. is that even possible?? and since that smell and taste is so closely coordinated, the plain water i've been drinking for the past three days including today is poison!! it's so damn bitter. i was like, "who the f*** drugged my water??" thirst always manages to make its way around and i can't help but to drink water. it actually tastes worse than all my medicines powdered and eaten. it's really horrible. i even tried brushing my teeth and tounge and the results are still the same.

anyway, things have also been better that i could continue watching The O.C. today while i had breakfast in my room. and things have been better that i started to realise i'm alive in this fucked up real world. gosh, talk about tuition and school. two things that i haven't quite catch up with since a week before the CNY holidays. bite me. i have like a whole bag of homework (how many times have i said that??) still lying under the table. and i can't be bothered to do it. even the though of it wears me out. what else the thought of add maths?? it's almost as bad as knowing how perfect Ryan's relationship with Marissa is and at the same time knowing how bad it's going to end at the end of the day. but then, come to think of it, watching The O.C is definitely much easier for me than to sit myself over the add maths questions. but if i don't finish my work now, imagine what kinda work i'll get next week when i actually get back to school after a whole week of escaping it. what about the work from tuition?? oh shit. i'm in deep deep shit.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

some of the pictures when we visited the CNY Open House in Penang. alot of colors. hot weather. alot of people.

Sick of Being Sick!

shyt. i've been lying on my bed for the whole freaking day. it's so annying when i get sick. i'm neither allowed to eat nor bathe. but i just did. and now, i'm down with a fever that won't go away. it's like, the whole body automatically shuts down when i get sick. my lips are parched and dry. my breath stinks. my body stinks eventhough i secretly took a shower in the afternoon. and i told akak to cook porridge for me. had a bowl of it and now, i think it's because of those things, my freakin fever won't go away. i was shivering my ass off an hour ago. i'm not shivering now but the fever is still there. with, the amount of medicine i'm taking, it really doesn't seem to help at all!! most of the time, i'm overdosing on my medicine. i just don't follow the prescription. like the paracetamol the doc gave me, i'm suppose to take 2 tablets at one time, but i'm taking 3. and the cough mixture, i'm suppose to take 3 tablespoon but i'm only taking 2. LOL. and my stomach is so hungry. akak said i'm not allowed to have porridge tonight or anything else for that matters. it'll just make my fever worse. another thing is, everytime i cough, my whole boy aches. it's because of the excessive coughing for the past few days which pulls every muscle in the body. even my head hurts. i feel so woozy. my vision's blurred. it's like i'm in dreamland cause my head just won't stop spinning around. and most of the time, i just feel like vomitting, but i can't cause i have no food inside of me. another thing is, i can't stop farting. mom said it's because of the empty stomach and it's most probably filled with gas now. thank goodness, my farts don't smell bad, or so i think. maybe it's because of my stuffy nose that i can't smell a thing. and for no good reasons, i started sneezing today and my nose is all runny. LOL. what the hell is wrong with me?? i just feel like ending my life now and just go to hell (i don't think i'll ever make into heaven). =P.

Monday, February 06, 2006

i just came back from the pharmacy. went to get my inhaler. i've been coughing full time since last night and i can barely eat anything. i'm going to throw up if i eat. i hate this cough. i've been getting them since three months ago. it's just on and off. it's so pathetic. it's most probably because of my asthma. going to the hairstylist (mom's friend), she gave us a weird recipe that could cure this kinda cough. it's really a weird recipe. and mom refuses to try it. at that time, it seemed convincing enough. i've slept for the whole day, taking medicines in between. and it doesn't seem to help. that's most probably cause it's a chinese medicine and it needs time to heal. ewe. and the last shower i've taken was this morning after my haircut. my face is so freaking oily and i stink. and i can't shower cause that'll just be the key to get me into the hospital. and i've skipped tuition also. i'm so wasted. =P.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

CNY Holidays Ending.

omg. it's the last day of holiday today. i just woke up from a sudden knockout (sleep) 4 hours ago. i have no idea why to that. i just felt really sleepy and hopped on my bed and dozed off. i even skipped lunch. too sleepy to wake up. a very good way to spend your last day of holiday indeed. *sighs*. after this, i'm back to my studies. and this time, it's for real. full time school and tuition. this sucks. this whole week was awesome. i was with my family the whole time. mom, grace and edmund has a full 10days holiday while me and dad has only 9. so i'm planning to skip school again tomorrow. i'm a real pig, i guess.

and speaking about pigs. this festive season has been nothing but a weight gaining season for me. i seriously gained like a 1000pounds!! omg!! i'm never gonna be slim down. the word slim is slowly fading away in my head. i mean, i'm so tired of people telling me, everywhere i go, that i'm fat. for god's sake, i have eyes and i can see myself in the mirror, you know!! i mean they keep telling me that it's really time for me to workout and stuff like that. i'm like, where the hell can i find time to do this shit. and it really has bore me out. everyone i see, everyone i meet. that's all they say. i have seen other fatter me than me and i seriously don't think they come across comments like these from the people they meet. but i just don't know why i get all the attention of being fat. it's like, i'm the president of the FAT club and everybody notices me!! it's making me think that society hates fat people. this shit has bore me out and i'm bored myself which just leads me to think, "oh well, i don't give a shit anymore. the more they say, the more i'll eat. i just wanna get fat and die of fatness!". LOL. not really the dying part but still, that what i think. who cares??

and now, i'm down with a freaking cough. so much phlegm in my lungs. *cough* *cough*. it must be all that can drinks and box drinks i've been drinking the CNY. this happens all the time if i don't stop myself from drinking. this happens when you have asthma. shit. i hate it. and people hate me for who i am. guess what, i don't give a shit about what you think.