Monday, February 06, 2006

i just came back from the pharmacy. went to get my inhaler. i've been coughing full time since last night and i can barely eat anything. i'm going to throw up if i eat. i hate this cough. i've been getting them since three months ago. it's just on and off. it's so pathetic. it's most probably because of my asthma. going to the hairstylist (mom's friend), she gave us a weird recipe that could cure this kinda cough. it's really a weird recipe. and mom refuses to try it. at that time, it seemed convincing enough. i've slept for the whole day, taking medicines in between. and it doesn't seem to help. that's most probably cause it's a chinese medicine and it needs time to heal. ewe. and the last shower i've taken was this morning after my haircut. my face is so freaking oily and i stink. and i can't shower cause that'll just be the key to get me into the hospital. and i've skipped tuition also. i'm so wasted. =P.

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