Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Change Template??

it's tuesday night, half past 8pm, and you probably might be wondering what am i doing here?? oh well, the TV's occupied by grace and i'm stuck here with my miserable self, who decided not to put up a fight for the TV just now, causing me to miss Charmed, posting on my blog again. i guess this is about what i could do, besides burying myself into my pile of homework and books for the rest of the night. i'll pass on that.

which boils down to me being free for the res of the night. unless i changed my mind and decides to go for the second option of activities tonight. i was just blog-hopping and i noticed the templates alot of them used. interesting i must say, yet most of the time, flawed. since i'm all into changing skins for my MSN, desktop, tagbox, why not change the template of this blog as well?? i'm still contemplating about it. nah, the trouble of actually changing the template is already enough to keep me up all night. i'm not a professional at it.

but the fun of having a new skin is just thrilling. new looks. new feel. *hmm*. still, the trouble of actually looking for a suitable one is there. i mean, i'm definitely a picky person. nothing satisfies me easily. i was just checking out the skins on Blogskins and i saw alot of user-unfriendly (gosh, just made this up) templates for my choosing. i'm not exactly fans of all that. they're just not my cup of tea. LOL. as i said, i like something uncommon, something unknown, something which is practically nothing. i have not the slightest idea about making templates. so i guess it's not in my place to condemn.

i think i'd rather keep this template and this blog as it is. i can see that there are people who "like" it and keep coming back to this blog. LOL. just joking. i don't really care. for me, the more unknown it is, the better. bah! i'm just gonna stick with this one. it's not that bad after all. which brings to it, i just noticed that my ridiculously looking picture has been on my profile for so long. i have no other picture to put. i'm open for suggestions! wait till the day i get a better picture of myself, than maybe i might change it, provided if i want to! =P. and another thing, i'm going to make my posts have a default colour which is orange. you'll be seeing more orange now!!

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