Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sick of Being Sick!

shyt. i've been lying on my bed for the whole freaking day. it's so annying when i get sick. i'm neither allowed to eat nor bathe. but i just did. and now, i'm down with a fever that won't go away. it's like, the whole body automatically shuts down when i get sick. my lips are parched and dry. my breath stinks. my body stinks eventhough i secretly took a shower in the afternoon. and i told akak to cook porridge for me. had a bowl of it and now, i think it's because of those things, my freakin fever won't go away. i was shivering my ass off an hour ago. i'm not shivering now but the fever is still there. with, the amount of medicine i'm taking, it really doesn't seem to help at all!! most of the time, i'm overdosing on my medicine. i just don't follow the prescription. like the paracetamol the doc gave me, i'm suppose to take 2 tablets at one time, but i'm taking 3. and the cough mixture, i'm suppose to take 3 tablespoon but i'm only taking 2. LOL. and my stomach is so hungry. akak said i'm not allowed to have porridge tonight or anything else for that matters. it'll just make my fever worse. another thing is, everytime i cough, my whole boy aches. it's because of the excessive coughing for the past few days which pulls every muscle in the body. even my head hurts. i feel so woozy. my vision's blurred. it's like i'm in dreamland cause my head just won't stop spinning around. and most of the time, i just feel like vomitting, but i can't cause i have no food inside of me. another thing is, i can't stop farting. mom said it's because of the empty stomach and it's most probably filled with gas now. thank goodness, my farts don't smell bad, or so i think. maybe it's because of my stuffy nose that i can't smell a thing. and for no good reasons, i started sneezing today and my nose is all runny. LOL. what the hell is wrong with me?? i just feel like ending my life now and just go to hell (i don't think i'll ever make into heaven). =P.

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