Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentine's Day is not in my list of celebration!!

i just visited a few of my friend's blog to only come face to face with valentine posts. *sighs*. and it struck me like a lightning how insignificant this event is in my life. LOL. i don't even believe in Valentine's Day. not even sure what it really is. it's not stated in the calendar, is it?? but i don't think it's any sort of nonsensical hocus pocus. just that i don't celebrate it. LOL. ewe, but come to think of it, i did celebrate it, once - in a dark chapter in my life. LOL. yea, i did, when i dated a girl (the only girl, as the matter of fact) when i was ONLY 13. LOL. thinking back at it, it felt so stupid. i'm not gonna talk about it more. close friends of mine will know. LOL. but now, VDay is just another passing day for me. well, i'm not saying everyone shuldn't celebrate it or anything. go do whatever you want!! XD.

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