Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sick Again After 2 Weeks.

*big sigh*. ok, i've fallen into the arms of sickness again and now i'm all up with the diseases. urgh. it's been only 2 weeks since my last sickness got healed. and now, i'm back to square one. started feeling cold and feverish since last night. i never cover myself with the comforter unless i have the air-con switched on for the night. if it's only the fan, i don't cover with the comforter. but last night, my feet felt so cold like there was a pair of cold hands holding them for the night. ewe, scary. wasn't sure what time was it, but i was halfway through the milky way when i searched blindly for the comforter and later pulled it up to my chest with my hands tucked inside, and went back to milky way. =P.

when akak was tring to wake me up in the morning, i was dead. LOL. just kidding. i couldn't open my eyes at all. and when i sat up on my bed, my surrounding was twirling and everyhting looked so illusive. i told her i won't be able to make it to school, but she insisted. so i got up, feeling giddy and went to took a shower. i ws trying my best to ignore this sickly feeling and just go on with the day. by the time i reached the door, akak told me that i've wore the wrong shirt - we're supposed to be on our uniform body attire on wednesdays. i didn't even bother to change, felt so tired with every single move of the muscles. went to school, and struggled against the bacteria's that swimming in me, trying to shut the feeling off. but i just couldn't.

carried on after the assembly, hoping that i could faint under the hot sun, and someone just bring me back home. nah, i didn't. went to class and started shaking in English. the worse feeling i've ever had in school. Mr Goh, never realised that i was shaking like a git. and by the end of his class, i couldn't take it enymore and decided to go search for Mr Khor for approval of me going home. i got it allright. but it needed the signatures of my dad, principal, form teacher and the guard of the school. so i had to run all over the school to get all the signatures just to go back. imagine me, feeling as cold as ever and my forehead keeps giving out heat, walking all over the school to search for a particular someone. the feeling is indescripable! it sucks. and i was like, "damn, the shcool is big especially when you're not yourself!".

dad came and picked me up to the the chinese singseh (chinese doctor). the whole family goes there for treatment. i'm not a big fan of his medicine coz it all tastes like pounced roots, animals, and what else, who knows what! he made me waited for him for quite a long time!! i was sitting there with an expression of pain and sleepiness, and he let me waited for him for so long!! or it's either me who felt that it was long. screwed up brain when you get sick. so after consulting him, i couldn;t wait for the midicine (which requires alot of pounding and packing to tiny small packets in powder form). so i asked dad to take me home. went straight to bed after that, with my uniform.

coudln't care less what time it was until akak just woke me up to take the medicine which tastes like hell. i have sore throat also. so he packed me a bag of medicinal herbs and spices to let me go home and boil it over hot water and then drink it. he says it's gonna heal my throat. i had it once before when my throat was sore also. the worse sore throat i ever had, as the matter of fact!! it just felt like there was burning charcoal stuck in the throat and with every swallow of the saliva, it burns with a hissing sound. that's what it felt like. but today it's just sore. and dad sent the medicine for kai ma to boil cause we don't have the traditional kettle or pot to do it. she's going to send it over soon. and it's going to taste bad!! if i'm not mistaken, i saw tiny little legs of crickets in the mdicine when i reached the bottom of the bowl. that's is so gross!!

i guess i'm unable to go to school tomorrow. i'm so weak on the inside. standing up makes the leg squirmy and i feel like jelly in me. i get sick all the time. i don't know why. edward doesn't even get sick for the whole year round. i guess i'm just weak and so prone to bacteria and viruses all around me. =(. so sick.

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