Sunday, February 05, 2006

CNY Holidays Ending.

omg. it's the last day of holiday today. i just woke up from a sudden knockout (sleep) 4 hours ago. i have no idea why to that. i just felt really sleepy and hopped on my bed and dozed off. i even skipped lunch. too sleepy to wake up. a very good way to spend your last day of holiday indeed. *sighs*. after this, i'm back to my studies. and this time, it's for real. full time school and tuition. this sucks. this whole week was awesome. i was with my family the whole time. mom, grace and edmund has a full 10days holiday while me and dad has only 9. so i'm planning to skip school again tomorrow. i'm a real pig, i guess.

and speaking about pigs. this festive season has been nothing but a weight gaining season for me. i seriously gained like a 1000pounds!! omg!! i'm never gonna be slim down. the word slim is slowly fading away in my head. i mean, i'm so tired of people telling me, everywhere i go, that i'm fat. for god's sake, i have eyes and i can see myself in the mirror, you know!! i mean they keep telling me that it's really time for me to workout and stuff like that. i'm like, where the hell can i find time to do this shit. and it really has bore me out. everyone i see, everyone i meet. that's all they say. i have seen other fatter me than me and i seriously don't think they come across comments like these from the people they meet. but i just don't know why i get all the attention of being fat. it's like, i'm the president of the FAT club and everybody notices me!! it's making me think that society hates fat people. this shit has bore me out and i'm bored myself which just leads me to think, "oh well, i don't give a shit anymore. the more they say, the more i'll eat. i just wanna get fat and die of fatness!". LOL. not really the dying part but still, that what i think. who cares??

and now, i'm down with a freaking cough. so much phlegm in my lungs. *cough* *cough*. it must be all that can drinks and box drinks i've been drinking the CNY. this happens all the time if i don't stop myself from drinking. this happens when you have asthma. shit. i hate it. and people hate me for who i am. guess what, i don't give a shit about what you think.

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