Friday, February 10, 2006

feeling much better today. just finished watching my all time favourite "Not Another Teen Movie" through the stupid QucikTime player which requires a pro account to view it's video on full screen. so, i spent the last 1hour and 30mins watching a movie in a size of a PDA. of course, i still have the occasional coughs but anything is better than what i had a few days ago. not to mention, horrible. i'm recovering, and things in my head (be it the brains or the juices or whatever you have in there) are getting themself into shape altogether. i'm actually quite stable enough to clear my room today of it's junk like medicine wrappers, empty bottles, t-shirts and etc that have been left there for the past 4days unwashed and unattended. still, both my ears are suffering from the after effects of high fever cause they can't really make out anything now. i've been changing CDs for the whole morning and let's just say everything makes me barf. i can still hear the empty space in my ears. not quite sure how to explain it, but it somehow makes all the songs sound shorter and i can't concentrate on whatever the artist is singing. Avril Lavigne was pure torture for me in the morning.

speaking about CDs i just discovered my retarded CD-ROMs are literally retarded. both of them. one of them, i can't even open it. i don't know what's the matter with it, but it just won't open. regardless of the bangings i give it when it only makes silly click sounds when i press the open button instead of just opening up like a normal CD player would. the other one i noticed won't play CDs properly. it's like, it's purposely doing it to piss me off. it plays the 1st few songs ok but after a while, it stops playing!! and this'll usually lead to my computer crashing due to my endless clicking of the play button in the Windows Media Player. well, i have no money to change them. just gotta live with it. LOL. =P

still, the nose hasn't really recover yet. it's still stuffed with - who knows what. it's like i've lost my sense of smell. i can't smell anything at all. get me a pile of cow poo and put it right in front of my face and i'll probably remain motionless. it's so sick. everything i eat has no taste or smell to it. and you know how much that sucks to me. currently i'm breathing through my mouth and my nose is paralyzed. just feel like thrushing a vacuum into it and vaccuming anything that's blocking it. is that even possible?? and since that smell and taste is so closely coordinated, the plain water i've been drinking for the past three days including today is poison!! it's so damn bitter. i was like, "who the f*** drugged my water??" thirst always manages to make its way around and i can't help but to drink water. it actually tastes worse than all my medicines powdered and eaten. it's really horrible. i even tried brushing my teeth and tounge and the results are still the same.

anyway, things have also been better that i could continue watching The O.C. today while i had breakfast in my room. and things have been better that i started to realise i'm alive in this fucked up real world. gosh, talk about tuition and school. two things that i haven't quite catch up with since a week before the CNY holidays. bite me. i have like a whole bag of homework (how many times have i said that??) still lying under the table. and i can't be bothered to do it. even the though of it wears me out. what else the thought of add maths?? it's almost as bad as knowing how perfect Ryan's relationship with Marissa is and at the same time knowing how bad it's going to end at the end of the day. but then, come to think of it, watching The O.C is definitely much easier for me than to sit myself over the add maths questions. but if i don't finish my work now, imagine what kinda work i'll get next week when i actually get back to school after a whole week of escaping it. what about the work from tuition?? oh shit. i'm in deep deep shit.

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