Thursday, February 23, 2006

I Wouldn't Know...

  1. how to cook, bake, fry, grill, mix, etc etc. (but i'd love to learn.)
  2. how to use the ATM machine.
  3. how to write a poem,
  4. what else a song.
  5. what to do if somebody fainted right in front of me.
  6. how to drive.
  7. how to create a blog template.
  8. where to go if i was in a new place. (i'd totally be lost and i'll start to panick!)
  9. how to mesmerise a girl's heart.
  10. how to use a credit card.
  11. how to repair or fix anything (car, pipes, bicycle, computer, etc etc.)
  12. how to operate the washing machine.
  13. anything that's currently IN or HOT that everyone's talking about. (games, parties, movies, shows, songs etc etc.)
  14. how to be romantic. (but i kinda have an idea of the word "romantic")
  15. how to play SPORTS!! (any form of sports)
  16. how to play games. (computer games, PS games. well, i just suck at games!)
  17. how to calculate quickly if i was in a hurried situation. (when it comes to money and change.)
  18. how to think properly when i'm rushed or when i'm panicking. (exams!)
  19. what to do if i was in a life and death situation. (old folks getting sick and they look like they're about to die. i'll only stand and watch and cry.)
  20. how to console or say comforting words to ppl who are telling me their problems or seeking comfort from me.
i guess, i have quite a number of things that i wouldn't know what to do if i was in a particular situation. and it's kind of weird cause i'm almost 16 (June) and these things are still in my unknown list. this list doesn't end here. there're probably a few other hundred things i wouldn't know how to do but these are the only things i can think of now. i'll update it when i think of something. but the worst things of this list are not being a handyman at home and knowing no knowledge of sports or whatsoever. no wonder mom calls me useless. =P.


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